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Haik : TPLF attempt to control it foiled, suffered heavy casualties

Haik and its surroundings in the hands of Ethiopian forces despite claims by Getachew Reda, TPLF spokes person. At least 17 intruders tasked with a mission to create confusion and disseminate false information are captured in Kombolcha and Dessie, says the Ethiopian Defense Force. 


The Ethiopian Defense Force on Thursday has released a statement in which it analyzed the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) ‘s new battle plans. 

The group has mobilized forces ranging from children to the elderly, and deployed them in Wollo specifically in Mersa, area and Chifra areas. 

And it is deploying its forces in three categories. The first category, which is said to be numerically superior, is in the front line of combat operations. 

The second layer of the forces is tasked with logistical support. It is also responsible for transporting wounded fighters and looted resources. 

The third category is a  reserve force waiting for deployment. 

The statement further added that the TPLF opened war in the direction of Haik, which is only about thirty kilometers north of Dessie, with the hope of amassing loot from the densely populated and resourceful parts of Wollo. 

A huge force was mobilized for this front. 

On Wednesday, TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda claimed that his forces have controlled Haik and put the towns of Dessie and Kombolcha within an artillery weapon firing range. 

Sources from the area told borkena on the phone that Haik is not under the control of the TPLF, which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization.  In fact, TPLF has suffered heavy casualties from the battle to capture Haik and advance to Dessie. Furthermore, it has retreated back and is attempting a different route via Boru Selassie, according to local sources. 

The statement from the defense force said that TPLF has suffered defeats in the latest battles (which took place in the areas of Wuchale, Haik and Chifra), and that it is not in a position to sustain military combat for a long time. 

Our defense force is heroically foiling their moves to take control of towns in the region, the statement added. 

News of TPLF winning battles near Haik was circulating on social media by TPLF supporters in the diaspora after the TPLF spokesperson wrote in Tigrigna language claiming his forces have controlled Haik. He cited what he called the “Central Command of Tigray Defense Force.” As it turns out, it was just the usual propaganda war. 

The Defense Force recognized that youth from Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia are battling the TPLF in the war front. 

Meanwhile, 17 intruders are captured in Dessie and Kombolcha. They were said to be on a mission to create confusion and misinformation among residents in the two cities. Their identities are undisclosed. 

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  1. With all wrong the predictions, human life lost, war costs and celebrations and victories celebrated the fact today speaks different. The cruelty, e lies and deceits that happened to Afar and Amhara is disgusting and fascism. Until every TPLF terrorist is out of Amhara and Afar regions there is no celebration or relaxation.
    Amharas must only trust and believe in themselves because PM Abiy is not to be trusted at all. The war that is out of Tigray and spreading in Amhara and Afar regions speaks well for the betrayal. When he can order the most powerful, effective and decisive military to destroy TPLF in one week, he is crippling them and making them weak with is hideous orders to accomplish his secretive missions.
    In fact his action must be examined and introduce impeachment amendments in the constitution to impeach PM when id found not doing his main job, protecting his people from enemy that he sworn in to do.
    Protest and demand what is PM Abiy is doing!! He is lying and putting Amhara, Afar, Oromo, Somali, South and all TPLF oppositions lives in danger!!!

  2. Dear Editors,

    I prefer to believe you more than those two top brass over there. I hope and am sure your source is reliable. I just looked at Haik and discovered that it is only about 28 km from Dessie. If Jula and Bacha were right and truthful how come Debre and his troops are still in control of Waldiya? Also, if his troops are now running an assault on Haik that means they are in control of the entire road between that town and Waldiya including(from what I see on the map) Wuchale, Mersa and several towns on the highway. Last time Abiy’s men were telling us that Debre and his troops were badly beaten in the vicinity of the towns Wuchale and Mersa. The way I understand ‘beaten’ is the vanquished army was either killed, captured and the rest was forced to withdraw. A badly beaten army cannot advance. Nothing has come as a surprise to me so far and I will not be shocked if Debre has triumphantly entered the city of Dessie soon. Then it will be smooth sailing for him to proceed in any direction he prefers. Will it be a suicidal move for him? I don’t know. If things turn out to be success upon success, will Debre and his cabals learn from their predecessors leading to and after 1991? I don’t know that either. But I do know that they will not have an easy time to control such a vast and rugged area. I got a feeling that Debre is getting a boat load of insider help all along. There could be Layne and Doula reduxes aplenty for him to scoop up. There is no other way his troops are so comfortable staying in areas where the majority of the population are Amharas and Oromos. Something does not add up for me. When it comes to Abiy’s top brass my dog don’t hunt for me anymore since the unilateral declaration of ceasefire by Abiy. That was not a ‘unilateral ceasefire’ in its true sense of the terms. I such ceasefire, you don’t leave tens of thousands of troops behind at the mercy of a raging mad enemy. Abiy was badly licked then and ran leaving thousands of troops and boatload of military hardware. I am gonna be blunt about it dear editors. Somebody among Abiy top brass was lying to us one after another all along. I sometimes ask how such individuals tell bold face lies then go home and sleep well. That is why I want to believe you more than those story tellers.


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