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Must Watch, Timely speech by Gedu Andargachew


In a meeting with the residents of Dessie on Thursday, Gedu Andargachew, former Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister and president of Amhara region, made a must watch speech about the current situation.

He tells it like it is. Watch

Video : Embedded from Ethio 251 Media Youtube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Prosperity party are all lairs and greedy dictators. Amhara prosperity party do not represent Amhara and Amhara’s interest.
    They are all paid to serve OLF and Prosperity Party that is impoverishing Amhara and allowing the slaughter of Amahras in Amhara land.
    Wellga is washed in Amhara blood yet PM Abiy’s usual speech is nothing more than a mockery of Amharas right to have equal right to live in peace as Oromos or any other citizens.

    Eskinder Nega’s reason for imprisonment without charges and the recent court comedy show is nothing but a mockery of justice.

  2. Good speech guys and must be followed with good supportive action to Fano and the Amhara militia as well. The Fed Army is also exceptionally doing a great job. They are all working and sacrificing their lives for their country and people. Mush respect to all of you guys!!!


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