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Ethiopian Defense regained Wuchale, TPLF aspiration to control Dessie unrealistic

Wuchale _ Ethiopia
Wuchale ( Photo : SM)


Ethiopian Defense Force reportedly cleared Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters from Wuchale town within hours after the latter claimed victory. 

borkena has confirmed the news from multiple sources in the town of Dessie. Wuchale is slowly returning to normalcy, and those who abandoned their homes are returning. 

At least 30 civilians were reportedly killed on Sunday when TPLF forces indiscriminately shelled civilians targets in the town from nearby mountain.

Meanwhile, the digital information war contingent of TPLF supporters based in the Diaspora and “journalists” like Martin Plaut are claiming that the town of Dessie, which is about 60 kilometers south east of Wuchale, is under the control of TPLF. 

The claim is totally false. borkena spoke to sources from Dessie, on the phone, and has confirmed that the TPLF supporters’ claim is baseless. It is  just a propaganda war.

Editor’s note : updated on Monday October 18, at 7:10 P.M. Toronto time to correct typo error about the distance between Wuchale and Dessie.
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  1. I’m certainly hoping this story is true, it’s daunting to me to read at daily bases that TPLF terrorists are still in control of some parts of the Amhara regional lands. To be frankly truthful, I am even surprised and confused how terrorist TPLF has been able to wage a full scale war against the galant Ethiopian army, yes I expected the usual hit and run terroristic acts, but not a full scaled war.

  2. Dear editors,

    I am inclined to believe your story. I take the claim by others including Bacha and Jula with a grain of salt. I have come to a conclusion that all military communiqués by every top brass is a bunch bovine scatology designed for those with tender emotion. Here is what my merchant relatives told me. They have been catching winds of Debre’s forces poised to start a major push to capture the city you mentioned, Dessie, a town close half a million people. They were getting news from their business partners in that area of Debre’s forces ransacking the railway line being built near the Town of Kombolcha. I looked at the Google map and Kombolcha is just south of Dessie. The only area where Debre is taking a licking, they told me, was way up north in Gondar region. As cumbersome as it is the ENDF can be a victim of insiders. I greatly doubt if everyone in the Abiy camp is as determined/resolute as Debre’s. It seems Abiy’s top brass is content churning one fantasy storyline after another. Back in November, 2020 Bacha had told us Debre was beaten so bad that he will never be able to wage even a neighborhood brawl, for crying out loud! May be it was an intentional misrepresentation of the factual reality on the ground. Both Bacha and Jula love to give that stare of death during press briefs. I tell you what. Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Chaz Palminteri scare me to death just looking at them in their movies more than Bacha and Jula’s rolling eyes. They tell us stories of made up victories ad nauseam when demonic bigots are slaughtering innocent poor farmers right there at their front and backyards. When is the last time we heard the arrest and persecution of those demons who butchered innocent bread seeking poor farmers in the Wallagaa region? They are right there near their noses. What their colleagues have been telling us have been make-me-feel-good stories of this and that many ‘bandits’ killed by security forces. They tell us how they eradicated ‘bandits’ then we hear another slaughter of innocent peasants the next day. That country is so fortunate that both Sudan and Egypt are not healthy enough to march on the dam. With such story tellers at the top there could not have been any deterrence for el-Sisi and Abdel Fattah to stop them from reaching the dam. Extremely lucky! Again, I believe you but please always stay on the lookout for those top brass guys in Abiy’s camp. Meanwhile, would somebody tell Bacha to stop make those eyes during press release and military parades. It ain’t scare anybody!

  3. Tplf will never come to major cities, we will burn every tplf with fire and gas they know it. They will never sleep one day. It’s ain’t like it used to be they set the divisions and toxic situations when we were to nice to them. The Ethiopia that pumper them when we thought they were one of us had changed they introduced ethnics federal intentionally to create ungovernable country Tigray sew betameh new trouble makers nacheweh. They were celebrating when Ethiopians were protesting as Ethiopians they never went to supper their fellow Ethiopians. When they protest now they protest as Tigray not Ethiopians lol u can see the big difference they are weak self centered. I wish I was in my country when they were in power I would have made It so hard they would have chased them like out burning them alive. Remember guys Tigray tplf changed their names and religion to live in major cities so you know that? Tplf Tigray said it over and over shame on my people for letting even the melese skinny bold head become tplf leader in Ethiopia me I would have burned his leadership unfortunately I left my country when I was a kid but I also did contributed some things so good can fall and I’m glad to see it fall. I am not sure why the government doesn’t pound the city and the fighters everyday. They need to buy big airplanes covert them to bombers and when u see this evil kimalameh little bugs carpet bomb them. Give the afar people big guns tell Eritrea drones do they can hit them in the back while Ethiopia hit them in front. Ethiopians need to buy big planes ✈️ to start carpet bomb the Tigray cities to ashes period. I don’t sugar coat it I say it because we can win quickly. War is not a joke tplf and Tigray people they think it is like candy lol they the one who were beating the drums. Attacking Ethiopians army rockets sent to Ethiopian airport and Asmara airport and they think nothing is going to happen lol omg their mouth is balega one they say they mothers is f lol they know they can’t fight so they said things that were said but in big ways. Every person that is on social media where Europeans American or Tigray or Ethiopia enemies when they come they must be jailed. It’s time to start to prosecute everyone that is our enemy, America does that why can’t Ethiopia do it?


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