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“I am loosing my job ostensibly for speaking the truth,” UN Whistle blower tells borkena

Anonymous writer who appeared to be UN whistle blower who leaked information about some UN officials bias in connection with the war in Northern Ethiopia says he is losing employment.

UN Whistle blower _ Ethiopia


About a week after an anonymous writer who seemed to be an insider to the United Nations Ethiopia operation leaked information regarding UN staff bias in connection with the war in northern Ethiopia, the UN fired two of its staff including IOM Head in Ethiopia, Maureen Achieng

Now the whistle blower seems to be losing his employment with the UN, based on the information he/she shared with borkena.

His letter to borkena editor reads as follows :

“Dear Borkena,

I have seen your editorial on the protest of UN officials and their friends about the article I shared. I must tell you that I have been asked to go on forced administrative leave from my work. If you haven’t given up my name, I think Ethiopia Insight did. I had sent them the piece, but they wanted to water it down in a way that protects TPLF, saying things like “Abiy has Antonio Guterres, the same way that TPLF has Tedros Adhanom”. I later saw the interviews of the founder – Mr Davidson who in many interviews provided unbalanced opinion – and I decided to withdraw the article. Their response to my withdrawal was not a happy one. I am sad that I am loosing my job ostensibly for speaking the truth. If the officials protesting the mention of their name protest the facts in the piece, they should have presented their version or evidence rather than go after who possibly provided the information.

Now that I am here, I also would like to share with you information related to this audio leak:

In a UN staff Town Hall meeting that took place on 8 October 2021 with the Executive Director of the ECA and the UN Resident Coordinator, there was a clear admission that the audio was authentic. Nobody refuted the authenticity of the leak and the information contained in it. They just referred to it as “the unfortunate leak”. The mess in the UN in Ethiopia is clear to all concerned by now and everybody knows that it is led by Tedros Adhanom and other UN high officials. You must have seen this article written by Mark Lowcock, a close confidant of Tedros, who was the UN Humanitarian Coordinator until very recently:

The  political opinion and positions expressed in the piece can’t be ones he developed after he left office. He was obviously working with the twisted and biased opinion as expressed in this essay that he held about the situation in Ethiopia. 

Unless the UN immediately gets the record straight in Ethiopia, especially by distancing itself from Tedros, things will unravel in a more image-tarnishing ways in going forward. 
You may share/publish the above writing, if you like. But most importantly, I want my situation at work to be known so that my bosses may desist from arbitrarily firing me.”

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  1. “Unfortunate leak”???

    No, the very fortunate leak!

    Thanks to this whistleblower, we’re very fortunate to know what’s REALLY going on behind closed doors.

    There are those within the UN that obviously know what’s going on, but stay silent for fear of losing their highly-paid UN jobs and the status that it gives them.

    The UN has never, and will never, working in the best interests of Africa. It’s not their agenda.

    Their true agenda is to maintain and execute the plans of the New World Order, and the white elites that are behind it.

    • Subject: “I am loosing my job ostensibly for speaking the truth,” UN Whistle blower tells borkena, October 17, 2021

      Honest Opinion
      Perfect, Fantastic. Observation about a perfect Houdini Act by Robi
      FOUTRY – ONE words to describe the shameful treatment upon Africa by the UN & YES, United Nations of the WESTERN WORLD. Indeed, the UN has NEVER been a catalyst to the progress of Black Africa. NEVER.
      On the contrary , Black Africa has always been treated as a beggar continent .
      The true agenda of the UN is only to be subservient of the Western World and to execute their agenda , but NOT to full fill the need of the so-named “UNDER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES . Needless to add the UN is the source of employment (*) with attractive magnificent level of salaries at the expense of the under developed world .

      In Summary, the UN is WESTERN TOOL to CONTROL the WORLD.. FULL STOP
      (*) at the risk of sounding cruel and crude, just contrmplate for a minute about the effect of closing the UN !!!!!

  2. Hats off to the writer! You are very courageous. Thanks a million!

    Let those honest and courageous who challenge the powerful multiply. The world needs them so badly.

    You unfortunately committed an error – trusting Ethiopia Insight / Devilson (some call him Davidson). He is a staunch cadre of TPLF. He is one among those who are described as White TPLFites

  3. Wow! This justifies the notion I have about the UN that it has become a den of activists. It is my way or else the highway kind of demagogues. Their biographies keeps changing from week to week on Wikipedia. I hope this upright person will find another job soon. This makes me wonder when the scandal in the UN will end. Rapes, pedophiles etc, etc, etc.. what’s new with commies, right?

  4. The disgruntled general secretary of the UN, the oxymoron Antonio Guterres is obviously serving the neocolonialists and white supremacies of the world and being kept in his position despite the fact that, he is crapping all over the United Nations rules of laws, international norms fundamental human rights.

  5. So much respect Maureen Achieng and to all whistle blowers!!

    What a shame!!! UN has lost all its respect and value!!! It is a right hand of terroristic group TPLF that ignores real victims of terror. By supporting TPLF it means it is supporting the atrocities and massacres happening to Amhara and Afar innocent people. Truth will prevail and the world learns how the UN is not a real deal but a covert politicians deceiving the world. We thank the scandalous Antonio Guterrez the leader of the UN to introducing the UN to the world as what it is not what it proclaims to be.


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