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Recent EU Resolution on Ethiopia biased, unacceptable says FM Demeke

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen says the recent EU Resolution on Ethiopia biased, unacceptable

Demeke Mekonen (left) Anže Logar (right) ( Photo : MFAE)


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Mr. Demeke Mekonnen had a telephone conversation with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, H.E. Anže Logar.

Mr. Demeke briefed Mr. Logar the current situation in the Northern part of Ethiopia and the efforts being undertaken by the Ethiopian government to deliver humanitarian support to Tigray.

He also explained in detail the attacks carried out by the Tplf in the Amhara and Afar Regions and how it destroyed the livelihood of civilians in the two regions.

Mr. Demeke said the Tplf is diverting the more than 420 trucks that entered Tigray to deliver humanitarian aid for military purposes.

He also briefed the Slovenian Minister on the Ethiopian government’s rationale to expell the seven UN staff from the country.

He told the minister that the recent resolution by the EU Parliament was unacceptable since it is unjustified and biased that overlooked facts on the ground.

Mr. Demeke reiterated that the Tplf should stop its fighting and attacks on civilians.

The foreign minister of Slovenia, on his part, thanked Mr. Demeke for the briefing and said that as the current chair of the EU commission he has concerns on the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia and the ongoing fighting.

He also expressed his concern over the expulsion of the UN staff which will affect humanitarian support activities.


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  1. NO one would accept that you are collecting data to save people’s lives and alleviate COvid19 related loss , but to hand out data to your masters in EU and US . Since they are hell bent on collecting every data from Africa especially health related , intelligence ,and military issues.

    they got everything for free from Africa and becomes a commodity on sale . It is absurd to spend a lot of budget on covid when you are spending billions to kill and starve your own people and causing more victims every day than covid had produced . You wrote an excellent politically and ethnically motivated letter to his excellency UNSG.
    Stop inciting amhara to kill or torture other ethnic members . remove Abiy and his party members peacefulluy to end the current conflict other than trying to exterminate Tigray and Oromia which is unattainable and unrealistic that could spark back to you and compell to pay a huge price.
    leaked info from people close to his excellency told that your letter is sent to the trash. Please accept my condolence weep together and could pass a handkerchief to you all and little katikala to Prof Almariam and Belay Seyoum, Ph.D etc thugs supporting the genocide in Ethiopia

  2. The unnamed commentator surely is either a member or an agent of the much- reviled and inferior breed of men and women in the TPLF.
    No wonder that the venal Tigres who have historicically worked against Ethiopia as hired guns and their alllies, the contemptible OLF will stand trial for the abhoret genocidal wars the two perpetrated against Amaras for years.
    Come rain or sunshine, theese extremely lowly sub-human creatures who are willing instruements of foreign interests will be crushed once and for all. or breathe their last on the gallows for the unspeakeable atrocities they committed to exterminate the noble, innocent, unarmed and unsuspecting Amaras. When the time of reckoning beckons, their handlers will abandon them, as they have always done ,

  3. There should be no positive expectations from neocolonialist fascists, what they are wishing and planning for the great nation of ETHIOPIA is doom and gloom, so therefore, keeping an eye on the devil and protecting our beloved country ETHIOPIA and the populous is the mission of ETHIOPIANS wherever we may be.


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