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Ethiopia spending 11 percent budget for infrastructure, road maintenance

President Sahleword Zewde attending the virtual meeting ( Photo : ENA)


Ethiopia is spending 11 percent of its budget for the 2021/22 fiscal year to road infrastructure and maintenance work. 

It was President Sahlework Zewde who spoke about it in a speech at the United Nations Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference virtual meeting, which will be concluded on Saturday, according to a report by ENA. Chinese president was among other heads of state attending the meeting. 

She highlighted that transportation infrastructure is key for the pillar of Ethiopia’s economy, agriculture. 

Also, she underscored the importance of developing light rail transportation system in small and big urban centers in the effort to facilitate sustainable development – perhaps something that explains that the sector is consuming about 11 percent of Ethiopia’s budget for the current fiscal year. 

Ethiopia’s total budget for the current fiscal is said to be the highest, without adjustment to inflation, apparently. 561.7 billion Ethiopian  birr which is about $12.9 billion is approved by the parliament for the 2021/22 fiscal year. 


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  1. The is so right and the proper thing to do. Without developed infrastructure reaching populated and resource carrying areas development is just impossible. I would say keep going and build more all weather roads and other infrastructures the country desperately needs now even though it would be legitimate for me expect that some of the money and other allocated resources will fall victims of misappropriation and broad daylight pilferage. In huge projects like this pilfering happens everywhere but in countries like Ethiopia the act is so brazen and done in plain sight. If you try to say something about it you wouldn’t know what just hit you. We heard it all during those 29 years. Terrorist, sedition, in servile of hostile foreign forces/groups yada yada yada!!! We had heard it all. I am sure the over qualified President H.E. Sahlework bint Zewde knows about this mutating disease. Otherwise keep up with this critical project.


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