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NaMA blames gov’t over latest massacre against ethnic Amhara in Oromo region of Ethiopia

NaMA says the government has failed to protect the security of citizens  as the Oromo Liberation Front military wing slaughtered dezons of ethnic Amharas in the latest massacre in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

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The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) on Wednesday issued a statement in reaction to the latest massacre of ethnic Amharas in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. It has vehemently condemned the attack.

“As an organization, NaMA has been calling for the government to discharge its responsibility to end horrifying ethnic based massacres. However, the massacre in East Wollega is getting worse,” said the statement from NaMA. 

NaMA pointed out that the latest attack came after residents repeatedly called on government authorities for arrangements to protect them from radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organization gunmen.

The statement said that the government has failed in the duty of protecting the security of citizens, and called on the government to prioritize the duty of protecting the security of citizens above everything else. 

It also called on the government to hold the perpetrators accountable by bringing them to justice. 

Dozens of ethnic Amhara civilians were brutally massacred by OLF gunmen operating in the region. The exact number is unknown yet. A video footage that is purported to be from the attack in East Wollega, which is circulating on social media, shows littered dead bodies and distressed community members. 

Residents in Kiramu district in East Wollega are still pleading for the government to deploy security forces to protect them. The radical ethnic Oromo nationalist party gunmen have been targeting ethnic Amhara civilians and subsistence farmers in the region since Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018. 

They have been appealing to authorities in the region about their security concerns, but they did not get a response, as reported by  Amhara Media Corporation (AMC). 

The residents said that the motive behind the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF- gunmen), which the Ethiopian parliament designated as a terrorist organization, to exterminate ethnic Amharas residing in the area. 


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  1. Amhara have faith in God and only in yourselves. Arm and protect your lives and what you worked for and do not believe otherwise. It is all TPLF and OLF plan plan to diminish your number little by little until you are all poor and dead. The non-stop bloodshed is Genocide and the looting and destroying properties is transferring your wealth to the looters and blood thirsty OLF Oromos and TPLF Tigres .
    The government that is PM Abiy is responsible for Amhara massacre by OLF Oromos in Wellga and every other place in Ethiopia. His government is not providing safety and security to Amhara. In fact his refusal to stop the continuous bloodshed, looting and destroying Amhara lives and livelihoods speak loud for his willing participation. Without his command the Army cannot do anything. Despite the numbing rhetorics PM Abiy with his all the power that Meles Setanawi bestowed upon the PM position PM Abiy has neither spoke out the word “Genocide against Amhara” nor stopped the bloodshed.. In fact more Amharas are massacred in PM Abiy’s watch because of his miserable attitude and close association to OLF that he welcomed to enter from Eritrea as fully armed knowing well the cooked plan to kill Amhara people.. PM Abiy is carrying so much corruptive power that he is not handling well and putting Amhara people lives endanger. There should be constitutional amendments to change the excessive power of the PM and to be shared proportionally according the the population size.

  2. Exterminate the Amhara has been the motive of some misinformed people residing in the present Ethiopia. Read history and do not be a slave of it

  3. When Amharas are being constantly attacked, massacred and looted their wealth by the armed to teeth OLF and TPLF terrorists PM Abiy’s government including the former Selam Minister, Muferiyat was so against arming Amharas. That by itself shows the orchestrated and collaborated effort of letting OLF and TPLF carry out the mission of Genocide against Amhara people. PM Abiy never gave Defense Ministerial position for Amhara despites Amhara constitute the second largest population. The representation of Amhara in ministerial position and in parliament does not go proportionally with the number of the population. He did not correct TPLF’s unfair and abusive ministerial and parliamentary system.

    Amharas have no choice but to organize, arm and protect themselves from the ongoing attacks. Thegovernment protection because it is the government is not to be trusted. PM Abiy’s government is minimizing the horrendous crime by playing with words and mocking at the bloodshed by saying it is not only Amharas that are being killed so on and so forth when there are no Oromos crying out for help. losing wealth and removed from their land.

    When the army is destroying the well armed TPLF criminals how come it becomes so weak to eradicate flimsy OLF barbarians? When everyone knows who in the ODP and Prosperity party are the enablers of OLF yet PM Abiy selected and gave OLF leader a ministerial position. Shimeles Abdissa is doing the same old business as usual. Calling out Ethiopia’s name is not enough!! Woyane had done it before to fool Amharas!!!


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