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borkena response about claims of UN agency employee misrepresentation in leaked information

UN agency _ borkena response


On October 1, 2021, borkena published an OpEd piece by an anonymous writer who claimed to have insider information about how data generation in the UN agencies as it relates to Ethiopia were biased. 

The article, which was published with the title “A UN insider provides evidence of bias of officials of the UN taking sides in Ethiopia’s ten-month old conflict,”  highlighted several anecdotal evidences to demonstrate practices within UN agencies in Ethiopia as it relates to the conflict in northern part of the country, which were flagged as in violation of the UN’s neutrality principle. 

The writer made references, among others, to FAO hosted Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) as part of his effort to demonstrate the bias towards Ethiopia. Particularly, he cited the Ethiopian born Deputy Director of the Emergencies Division of FAO ,Shukri, whom he described as “an outspoken supporter of the TPLF-led regime in Ethiopia before its removal from central power in 2018.”

This week, borkena is getting requests and remarks from left and right  claiming that the “news coverage” tarnished an image of a “patriot Ethiopian.” No direct request yet from the official, which may be due to UN staff policy.  

The latest message on his behalf came from “Yohannes Demissie Wondafrash” who unspecified as to what his relation is with Mr. Shukri, via e-mail. Part of his request reads :

“Dear Borkena, it is time for you to correct the wrong information disseminated against Dr. Shukri as other efforts are underway with other media and social media outlets  to expose the wrong name calling. Just call, verify and mend the damage done against this great Ethiopian. I heard that your source was anomalous, that means you don’t know this person. Hiding his name but exposing innocent individual name is not the correct way in true journalism. Please do something!…” 

borkena would like to make few things clear. It was not news coverage! It was, as indicated above, an OpEd piece , not a news article.

Second, those who expressed concern about the article, including an Ethiopian journalist whose name should remain confidential until he gives permission, are advised to submit an OpEd piece addressing their issue of concern. There is no other way to engage the anonymous writer and the editor at borkena can not manipulate the article as that would constitute unethical practice. 

Needless to say, borkena did not carry out an investigation after receiving the article that was published on October 1. As indicated before in several occasions, including on social media platforms, borkena is short-staffed to undertake such investigations. It is a single handed effort driven by a passion and commitment to defend Ethiopia’s cause.

borkena believes that the article published on October 1 was and is relevant. UN bias as it relates to the conflict in Ethiopia is evident.  As we are writing this editorial piece, we have heard the news that the UN fired Maureen Achieng, IOM Chief of Mission to Ethiopia over an alleged remark in the conflict in northern Ethiopia. 

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  1. Dear Our Over Qualified Editors!

    What we are witnessing these days is barrages of bullying by pushers of destruction who want to see that gem of the colored, that love of our lives called Ethiopia go to smithereens. Either they have to rule and loot or the country goes up in flames. The person who sent you the message apparently is at a loss unable to distinguish between op-ed and news reporting. May be he/she had knocked back too much khamr when he chicken scratched his/her mumbo jumbo. He/she must be one of those underrated commies starving for attention. It would be a great honor even to be mentioned by your esteemed website. Please someone tell him/her to get a life.

  2. Well, the commies at the UN are not done yet. They have suspended a 2nd employee for speaking the truth to the power. Please note that this is the same organization that is supposed to fight for and safeguard freedom of expression. Such action is intended to strike fear in the hearts of everyone working at the UN. What the heck, Guterres and the gang are telling you not even think!!! Even to think you need their permission. You see, that is what ‘classless society’ does it to you at the old age! That is it! I’m not gonna be like Mike but Guterres and telling you dear editors along with your audience that you need my permission if you want to think! That Allah given grey stuff in your skull, that brain thing, is not yours. It’s all mine. Hayilikethat?!!!!!

  3. WHO, when its main job is providing and caring for the health of the worlds population, Tedros Adnabom is running around as a politician exploiting his position to help TPLF the Terrorist dangerous band of criminals who are massacring innocent Amhara and Afar people. TPLF has expanded itself into Amhara and Afar regions by indiscriminatey massacring humans and animals included. It has ransacked properties and destroyed what it can not steal.

    The West always start to threaten Ethiopia’s government whenever Terrorist TPLF calls out for help while invading neighboring Amhara and Afar regions but when TPLF is massacring innocent lives and animals the whole West sit quit and happy. So the Ethiopian government should not slow down the mission of removing TPLF from Afar and Amhara despite the threats and cries of the fake humanity” calls which is part of the method to help TPLF. Obviously TPLF is getting help from WHO under Tedros and his friends at the UN, USAID, Amnesty Int’l and news outlets sitting and spreading fake news out of Nairobi.

  4. Mamo Mihretu, a senior policy advisor to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopia’s chief trade negotiator.

    these days all those elected are chosen to day and the rest to jail . Donot seek power in the current ethiopian government offices who are chansing innocent civiians killing and starving Oromi, Tigray and the rest

    Amhara seems to be in the high spirit, happy.

    Dismantle PP, amharnied ethiopia and remove from AGOA

  5. The bias and partiality of the UN, World Food Program, USAID, Amnesty International officials and the West as a whole in covering up TPLF Terrorist bands abhorring and shocking crimes against Amhara and Afar people and the government of the Sovereign country of Ethiopia has gone beyond anyone’s belief.
    They have lost shame and honor in the face of Ethiopians and the world. They are encouraging and crying when TPLF Terrorist needs their help when knowing the real story of Terrorist TPLF who is murdering and ransacking Amaharas and Afars by expanding the war outside of Tigray territory. Because that is what they want TPLF to do!!!!
    The UN, Antonio Guterez is not showing any concern about the 400 plus huge UN Food Trucks who went into Tigray and never come back to take more food. Antonio Guterez knows well that TPLF is using UN Food Trucks to transport TPLF murderers, arsonists and looters to Amhara and Afar regions to do what TPLF is best known for. Murder, loot and destroy everything that it cannot take to Tigray!!!!
    Ethiopian govermment is left without any option in getting any real help from the bias West and so called Humanitarian Organizations but to do what ever it takes in taking care of its peaceful citizens.

  6. Well done Borkena! We are proud of you! Don’t give in to bullies and imposters.

    The UN Sec., Guterres, has gone out of his mind. We had witnessed misdeeds by previous UN Secretary Generals but never like this man. He is behaving like a mafia boss.

    Here is a radical proposal – It is time to call the UN Security Council to examine the UN and its branches. Rather than dragging Ethiopia time and again for no worthy reason here is a more important concern for the peace and security of the entire world!

  7. I hope Brother President Uhuru will join the effort of others who try to drag Debre and Abiy to a negotiated deal in earnest and bring this senseless bloodshed to an abrupt end. At the end of the day nobody else is losing his/her life but brothers and sisters of the same black families. If these two keep thumbing their noses at the blessed effort of the African Union and other groups for peaceful resolution of the bloody conflict I would like to see the strongest sanctions meted on them only. But the sanction should not include banning Ethiopia from AGOA because that only harms the innocent civilians who eke out a subsistence livelihood working at those factories. There are hundreds of thousand workers whose earning at those factories is the only means to feed their families. Shuttered factories means loss of human lives since there is no such thing as safety net.

  8. The scandal of the UN has been exposed in its messy handling of politics instead of helping the poor, voiceless and hungry people of Ethiopia. Tedros Adnahom, a member of Terrorist TPLF is seen stepping out of the main responsibility of WHO as the director. He is involved in the UN, WFP and other humanitarian organization to help Terrorist TPLF group that is creating disgusting atrocities against Amhara and Afar people .

    His inept knowledge and mishandling of the Covid-19 virus spread has cost huge number of deaths and economical devastation to world population. He lacks knowledge of Virology, medical terminology, preparedness and early signs in how to control unexpected diseases. It is because of him Covid-19 kept on killing and costing millions and millions of people’s lives. He must STEP DOWN!!!!


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