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TPLF has plans to destroy economic pillars of households in Amhara region , says gov’t

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A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, which was published on Tuesday, says the TPLF has intent to destroy economic lives of households in the areas it occupied in the Amhara region of Ethiopia namely North Wollo and Gondar. 

The full statement from the Ministry reads as follows :

Press Release

TPLF’s deliberate destructions of the economic foundations of the people in North Wollo and Gondar of the Amhara region

The TPLF has continued with its dangerous attempt of holding on to political power by subjecting people to fear and want. The sheer number of people still under a safety net program in Tigray, despite its leadership of the country for the last 27 years, is a demonstration of its utter disregard for the welfare of the people of Tigray. In areas of North Gondar and Wollo that the group has invaded by rejecting the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire of the Government, the TPLF has proved, once again, of its enmity to the Amhara people.

Reports from occupied North Wollo and Gondar adjacent areas indicate that the TPLF is intent on devastating the economic lives of many households. As farmers in occupied territories recently reported, the terrorist TPLF soldiers and their co-opted peasant followers are stealing ready harvest. What is worse is that the TPLF soldiers already having consumed the stockpiled food of farmers in occupied areas have destroyed the rest. The terrorist group did not even spare food-aid warehouses and forcibly taking distributed assistance from recipients in these areas. The livelihood of farmers in Ethiopia is highly dependent on livestock for food, farming, and biofuel. Sadly, these also have not been spared from the destructive actions of the TPLF.

The destruction of the lives of people also goes beyond individuals, but communities as a whole. In many places, the group did not spare Day Care centers, schools and colleges, banks, health centers, hotels, and other institutions. The ongoing Awash Woldia / Hara Gebeya railway project has unfortunately been targeted by this irresponsible group.

These deeds of the TPLF will not contribute to the advancement of the people of Tigray but rather foster hostility and resentment between the people of Amhara and Tigray. The atrocities the TPLF has committed and still is committing in Wollo and Gondar could only be explained as a last-ditch attempt to stay politically relevant.

The government of Ethiopia calls upon the international community to give due attention to the plight and needs of the people in north Wollo and Gondar, as part of its repeated request for accelerated provision of humanitarian assistance to those affected by these acts of the TPLF in all the areas currently under occupation.

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  1. What the Terrorist TPLF has done and is doing has had and is going beyond the stages of Genocide against Amhara people. Terrorist TPLF and OLF are working together in this heinous Genocidal crime against Amhara people. In the meantime the silence and unexplainable inaction of the government that is not going after those criminals coupled with the unwillingness to arm Amhara people to defend themselves is exacerbating
    the sufferings and massacre of Amhara people. When the only solution is arming the Amhara people the government has become a spectator of this massacre.
    Never mind the Terrorist TPLF supporters who speak humane but inhumane in action, but Ethiopian government must stand firm and protect its peaceful from known TPLF Terrorist who are dangerous band of criminals and liars.

  2. The government must take the fight where Terrorist TPLF is and out of Amhara and Afar regions. TPLF Terrorists lead by Getachew Reda, Tsadkan and Debretsion must caught and removed out of Amhara region to face justice!!

    Westerners right now are standing in the wrong side of history again!!! They should not interfere in Ethiopia’s sovereignty and internal affairs. Let Ethiopians live in peace and let the government do its main job. Work what is demanded by it people.
    The disgruntled TPLF that returned back to its former Terrorist crime is not what Ethiopians want!!! Respect for Ethiopia!! Respect for Africa!!!
    British Embassy must be kicked out/closed and the massive land it is sitting on must be used for Ethiopians that are suffering from shortage of land, home and place to live.

  3. The notion that Tplf is defeated is ludicrous. We know the government’s hand willl eventually be twisted to accept the mercinary terrorist Tplf. ‘Tple is still holding key positions and ALL of Tigrayans could be staging as pp/pro government but as Tplf emerges, they are waiting to turn their face.

  4. Nothing is new in this press release. The very essence of TPLF is to destabilize, rob and ransack, humiliating and killing Amhara. The TPLF has been perpetrating all these heinous act of evil against ethnic Amharas in a persistent manner while they were guerilla fighters, grabbed the central power and at this stage of their extinction from political scene of Ethiopia. TPLF are proving that they are curse to the nation than blessings. The greedy power mongers are doing what they are created for. Rather, it is the rest of us who are not vigilant enough to learn about this criminal gangs conglomerate.

  5. Subject: “TPLF has plans to destroy economic pillars of households in Amhara region , says gov’t”

    QUOTE: A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, which was published on Tuesday, says the TPLF has intent to destroy economic lives of households in the areas it occupied in the Amhara region of Ethiopia namely North Wollo and Gondar UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 13 Oct 2021
    This commentator did NOT see any statement from TPLF on the above statement. Or, perhaps confused. So, as a Reader, I am just going along with assumption for the current open reality and consequently horror story. Needless to say, this is not the way to build positive relationship for the benefit of all concerned and including neighbours. The responsibility is upon TPLF; having in mind the entire population of Tigray — not just a few ambitious individuals for their own interest. Sadly, it is NOT a new phenomenon, especially in our DEAR AFRICA, where — let us be frank — our self-appointed leaders, open dictators and daring respectable robbers— but with a couple or three descent exceptions.

    Final note:
    Speaking about the people of Tigray, one can not help conjuring the wisdom of the people of Tigray on any subject matter. Will that wisdom save TIGRAY from the current unhealthy situation? Let the people of Tigray— NOT ‘smart-aleck’ individuals — raise their voice on it, freely. Tigray is facing the most crucial time of its history. The SPIRITS of Atse Yohannes and Ras Alula and other gallant Tigrayan of yesteryears, with wisdom, will be looking down at the decision of their grand children and children’s children. So, which one will it be >> modern charlatans?!? or solid giants, full of wisdom, Tigrayan looking from the side. History shall remember. GOOD LUCK, and CHIN-UP with Humble PRIDE. I apologize, if my mini-commentary lacks clarity. THE END

  6. All those and other monstrosities of the TPLF shouldn’t surprise us – we known and we expect of these beasts.

    What should worry us much more is the recent pronouncement of our mad man at the top. This mad man went to the Amhara region and told them they have now to stop arming and organizing themselves to fight the TPLF – instead they should work on modernizing their farming and so on and so forth.

    But the region is still under the occupation of the TPLF who is murdering them and destroying their region economically and more.

    What changed? Didn’t this same, same mad man told them to organize and fight the TPLF only a couple of months or so back?

    Well, there is widespread and frightening ignorance, stupidity and blindness, especially by so called intellectuals – most of them are happily complying with the street swindler, the trick man who bids them to look in his preferred direction.

    Thus, stopping them from finding out what he is doing against them in another direction.

  7. Why tplf never cares how many Tigrayans youth die, it has been killing them since its formation is because it is mercinary, it only answers to its creaters, funders foreigners. That is why for example, Tedros Adanom had the luxury to be appointed at WHO because he is a loyal mercinary and if tplf is with powerful foreigners then they know they can win. They, being Tplf not the poor Tigrayans in order to form their greater Tigray project is a continuation of the NWO, one world government/empire that is going to be formed in that region. In Saudi there is this wasteful city called Neo is already set up.


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