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Hermela Aregawi Manifests Abuna Aregawi’s Spirit

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Hermela Aregawi _ Hermela TV
Graphic : By LJDemissie

By LJDemissie

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.” ― Shannon L. Alder

After making the beast TPLF dysfunctional, Ethiopians should be given an opportunity to vote whether to keep Tigray in the union. And also Tigrayans should be granted their wish, including secession. I reached this conclusion because now I fully understand that the pro-TPLF suffers from, among other things, grandiosity, lack of self-awareness, independent thinking and hatefulness. For instance, they hate the Amhara, Adal, Oromo and white people. 

To illustrate, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has nine saints who came from the Roman Empire, including Abuna Aregawi, who was a Syrian monk. Some defined Syrians as Arab and others as White. Regardless of his race or color Ethiopians, including Tigrayans see him as their saint (Arab/White). Consider watching Debre Damo.

Appearing to not know: Ethiopians are known for respecting all people, including whites/Arabs and Ethiopians are fabled for not bowing down to anyone, the TPLF’s stooges tweeted that I was bowing down to a Portuguese white woman, Ana Gomes who was a Member of the European Parliament, just because I praised her as my ferenji angel, which means white angel, in my tweet.

Some of those who made racist or belittling remark are: Zara, alias @gualasm3ra, francophobe, alias @anticeIery, TAD, alias @TAD_Faato, Franz Kassa, alias @franz_kassa, Eyob, alias @eyob999 and Kass #TigrayFamine, alias @bm_kass. These people appeared to me as those TPLF’s supporters that bray and roll in the streets around the Whitehouse begging the most powerful old white man, President Joe Biden, to rescue the TPLF’s monster warlords hidden in caves around Tigray’s canyons.  

Just so they know 

First, I don’t beg anyone, including Biden, to save Ethiopia from disintegration. I just let him know that he cannot balkanize or bomb Ethiopia; though I know, he is capable of conspiring with the European Union and NATO to A-bomb Ethiopians. 

Second, after I learned Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres was a teacher, I address him as Teacher António when I tweet him. I do that to show him my respect and to let him know that I think he is a good man.

Third, in October 2016, I crowned Sharon Gray, who had as white a skin as one could possibly have, as Ethiopia’s New Guardian Angel in my article titled, Honoring the Life of Sharon Gray, Ethiopia’s New Guardian Angel! I did that for several reasons, including I was heartbroken with her tragic death. And what she was trying to do with her life made me believe she transcended traditional racial boundaries.

I dearly love Ethiopia and America

I’m not Tigrayan. I respect freedom of speech. So I accept everyone’s right to love or hate anyone, including me, my Ethiopia and my USA. But I know no one has the right to touch me, to balkanize Ethiopia or the US. 

Proudly and loudly, I write and speak like this so far in my life because I myself, including my friends, families, neighbors, persists, teachers, colleagues, writers, artists and some I crossed-paths taught me among other things, self-confidence, morality, ethics and courage. Thank you to all who have helped me to own my body, mind and soul because they have enabled me to have the moral strength to publicly acknowledge @HermelaTV’s spirit and to offer her to be my new Tigrayan black angel.

Hermela, my new living Tigrayan black angel, I admire you and see you as a Spiritual Child of saint Abuna Aregawi, Tigrayan people’s most popular saint; please accept this offer. 

The pro-TPLF advocates who wouldn’t fall in love with this article, including Siye Abraha – who fooled me once by appearing a changed man – GO TO HELL!  I have had it!

I dedicated this article to a person who has full ownership and authority of her/his psyche as Hermela Aregawi, alias @HermelaTV, alias Tigrayan black angel.

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  1. Stop the love affair and let us hope it is true. It should be odd that one famous journalist being anti Tplf. She might be controlled opposition to distract Ethiopians.

  2. Thanks for reading it and for your feedback.

    But, being able to love a lovable lady and to hell her is superb . Moreover, loving is better than hate mongering.

    HermelaTV acted genuinely. My opinion about her won’t change even if she is a controlled agent of the TPLF.


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