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Ethiopians in Belgium, Luxembourg protest European Union decision

Ethiopian diaspora community in Belgium and Luxembourg protest EU Parliament Resolution

Ethiopians in Belgium


The Ethiopian diaspora in Belgium and Luxembourg issued a letter protesting the imbalanced resolution issued by the European Parliament.

Lauding the genuine concern and support of the EU in addressing the humanitarian crisis in affected regions, the community called on the parliament to have an objective and impartial assessment of the conflict.

The community called on the parliament to hold the TPLF accountable for attacking Ethiopia’s Northern Command in a preemptive strike that sparked the conflict that we are witnessing today.

As part of its commitment to tarnishing the image of Ethiopia, the group devised a scheme to obstruct aid to the Tigray region at the cost of innocent lives, they said.

The community urged the parliament to give attention to the plight of people in the Afar and Amhara regions who are suffering from deliberate attacks against their lives and properties by the TPLF.

They also urged the European Parliament to take note of the misdeeds of some aid agencies that tampered with data to influence policy decisions against the interest of the people and government of Ethiopia.

Although the parliament issued the resolution yesterday, the community had sent the letter to the parliament urging it to consider pivotal issues regarding the conflict in the northern part of the country.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopians in Belgium, Luxembourg protest European Union decision” October 9, 2021

    1Humble Commentary, 9 Oct 2021
    Don’t be surprised. The history of Europe against Black Africans is timeless.
    The cardinal tactic of Europeans against Black Africans is to meddle in the affairs of Africans and occupy the Richest African Land. They never consider the BLACK AFRICANS as Human Beings, with feelings, and emotions, and desire for the best of LIFE. NEVER.
    Take the current case, i.e. The Internal Problem of Ethiopia. The White “Belgium, Luxembourg” are in favour of one against the other — even though they know they are interfering in the internal affairs of an ancient independent Black Country. It is done purposely.

    Let HISTORY tell the European ‘savagery’ against the BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE. How could Humanity forget the meeting of ‘civilized’ Europeans where the only topic of the meeting was to divide and distribute Africa among themselves!!!!!!!! Imagine if a couple of Africans interfere in the affairs of “Belgium, Luxembourg “ !!!!!!!! Would it be emotional commentary if we declare The justice of the WHITE MAN is a CHARADE.
    It is just a humble question. THE END


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