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Ethiopian parliament approves Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister

Ending, definitively, the war against TPLF and skyrocketing cost of living that affected the entire nation key issues to Abiy Ahmed new government 

Abiy Ahmed Ali _ Sworn in


As expected, the Ethiopian parliament has approved Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister for the next five years after the ruling Prosporty Party proposed him. His party won a landsliding win in the sixth general election, which was held in July this year. 

He was sworn in before the parliament by president of Ethiopian High Court, Meaza Ashenafi. 

The Parliament also elected Tagesse Chago as speaker and the house , and  Lomi Bedo, who used to be speaker of Oromo regional state council, as deputy speaker for the house. 

At this writing, inauguration of Abiy Ahmed’s government is underway at Meskel Square. The Heads of States from South Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti , Somalia, among others, are attending the ceremony. 

Abiy Ahmed was first appointed as Prime Minister in April 2018 following three years of pervasive anti-government protest. The TPLF  ruling circle that ruled the country for nearly three decades retreated to Mekelle, center of Tigray regional government, and has continued to be a problem for his government, and to the country, as many Ethiopians do believe. 

Abiy Ahmed has been able to undertake some recreational development projects in the capital Addis Ababa, and is working on three other projects outside the capital Addis Ababa with the aim to boost the country’s potential as a tourist destination. 

Security and safety of citizens has been at a level of crisis during his three and half years of administration to the point that thousands of civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara, had been massacred in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia. He was widely criticized for it. Some see him as an inefficient leader lacking competence to restore order and security of citizens. Others see him as a man who is plotting with the radical ethnic oromo nationalist group with the aim to Oromize Ethiopia and overseeing Amhara massacre. 

Despite all that, he has managed to get the support of the majority of Ethiopians. External threats and regime change projects by the United States, and its allies, seem to have contributed positively for the support he is getting. 

TPLF as a threat to his power and the existence of Ethiopia 

The Federal government, backed by popular support, is at war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which is believed to be getting different forms of support from the United States and its allies. 

They currently control about four zones from Amhara regional state, and an estimated 4.5 million people are believed to be in a famine like situation, not to mention the situation in Tigray where the TPLF is believed to be undertaking forced conscription with the aim to continue the war. 

Abiy Ahmed’s priority is to decisively deal with the TPLF and restore peace. Ethiopia has been at war for nearly one year now. 

“National reconciliation” is said to be another item in the priority lists of  his new government. There are unconfirmed rumors that he is appointing some opposition leaders to his cabinet. The leader of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) is among those who are expected to be in the cabinet. 

Skyrocketing cost of living that is affecting millions of Ethiopians is also a priority area.  President Shalework Zewde talked about it in her speech at the new parliament. She said that the government will work on resolving skyrocketing cost of living durably by focusing on monetary and fiscal policy inspection.

Ethiopia’s Foreign Relation will continue to be based on principles of mutual benefit and respect for the sovereignty of Ethiopia, as spelled out by the President. 

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  1. Congratulations Sir! Ok the party is over now and let’s go back to work. Find an amicable solution to the current crisis in Tigray peacefully. I will continue to pray for you Allah’s Blessed guidance and wisdom to lead the country that produced Bilal ibn Rabah and Mary Magdalene who went on to save both major religions of the country and the world to lasting peace and stability. At the end of the day two brothers have been senselessly killing each other. That has to stop. Our upright brothers and sisters in Tigray region are reportedly dying from lack of food. That has to stop and stop immediately. Not a single Ethiopian anywhere in that country should die from starvation in this day and age. And watch out for bigots lurking right there in the backyard. They have been working overtime to start bloody conflict with our upright Amhara neighbors and they are being encouraged by their bigot friends camping out at college campuses and missionary canteens here among us in the Diaspora. They have a slogan for you with #AbiyMustGo and ‘Down down Abiy’ which to me it is a coded message that you must be physically eliminated. May The Almighty Our Creator Protect You and Your Family. Insha’Allah!!!!

    • No real congratulations are in order for a man who has presided over the implosion of Ethiopian regionalism and any hope of economic development. Moreover, his jingoistic policies have spread hatred of forgeigners. Also some of his military were captured or ran away in Tigray over the borders unwilling to fight. . I will not be recommending Ethiopia as a tourism destination until this anti foreign propaganda of interference stops. Aby should concentrating on peace iniatives and resolving the famine in Tigray instead of a self -congratulatory expensive coronation inauguration. It demonstrates his vanity and cult of personality. Ethiopia should face the truth of its own self-deluding policies of grandeur. The Ethiopian government is guilty with Debre Tsion and the Oromia gang fan club of killing many people via wars and starvation as a weapon.

  2. I am convinced, Oromia agenda will continue because the parade I saw today for Oromiya is shocking, it is holding on to tri color Egyptian flag that did not exist before1991. I believe the tri color is to continue to threaten Ethiopians and this Egyptian tri color that is trying to stop the true Ethiopian Green Yellow Red to be represented as national flag! There is enbedded and entrenched Oromia agenda and will continue and it will start lurking the 5 years under Aby rule and beyond unless stopped. This flag will continue to be used by domestic and foreign enemies just like article 39 as black mail unless this Oromia region gets what it wants. There is also Egyptian cell within Oromia.

    • Here is the minorities/ Ethiopians are being hoodwinked. Note: l want to have hope for govr/aby, however, l am not at ease that something is setting up for Oromia domination or the making of Oromia as a nation. Here is why, the 3 years of process could be to set up Oromia while still under the banner of Ethiopia. There is no guarantee that a coup or with the agreement of govt/aby, domination of Oromia or Orimia as a nation could slowly take place. We will see the movements and action from Olf. By the way, there is no such thing as Olf Shene, which could be another clue to bury Olf and distract the people from Olf itself.

  3. I am considering Oromia region, just like Tigray region as danger zone to Ethiopians because of the push of this Egyptian flag they are using is not Oromia symbol as it did not exist before 1991. The Oromo extremists are strangling Oromo Ethiopians by pushing this Egyptian flag down their throat and this again is crime against Ethiopians and what took place in Amara by Tplf attack will continue in Oromia by Oneg Shene

  4. To: Honourable Mr. Abiy Ahmed
    You deserve it.
    Needless to say, it is the ultimate toughest job that one had to face with intricacies from inside out.
    Keep going with your chin up and looking forward with FAITH and DETERMINATION.
    Being your second time may make it easier to understand but still remains the most challenging and intricate toughest job on Earth.
    With best wish from a bystander by the name of rezen.

  5. congratulations to Abi, Ethiopians have to fight for the soul of there country, all haters have organized themselves to bring down Ethiopia and balkanize it, TPLF is organized and supported by westerners, we should also organize , every Ethiopian if he /she sends 20$ to the goverment, it will support the upkeep of our troops, Ethiopians have only themselves , sanctions and western sabotages are on the way, are we prepare?

    • Quote: “TPLF is organized and supported by westerners,…” Unquote

      Humble Commentary
      Since when a BLACK MAN is supported by a WHITE MAN for the benefit of the Black Man?!?!??? Since when????

      YES, one is forced to add that an AFRICAN group is being used “by westerners” as an instrument to keep OUR DEAR BLACK AFRICA in the DARK for eternity. What is even more heart breaking is that ambitious African individuals with the so-called doctor of philosophy degree papers ( 9.5 by 11.5 inch size paper), displayed in their living rooms, come forward to prove that they are well educated stooge for the sleek civilized western man! Do you remember the story about the white man with a priesthood gown coming to our Dear Precious Africa and an honest black man attending to his ……………Ahhhhh…. the God fearing, Honest, Noble, Human Being of Black Skin.

      YES, it is very sad to observe, in the 21st Century, that normal human beings are mentally arrested to be instrument for the destruction of thyself and the entire Continent of AFRICA . Ahhhhhhhh .. DEAR AFRICAN: “BEND DOWN YOUR HEAD AND CRY” !!! At least you get a temporary relief. Those individual Africans mentioned above will also (for sure) pay the price for directing humble hard working people into disarray [ read history books and find out the ending of dictatorial individuals and charlatans of the lowest level]
      THE END

  6. mereja.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=274885&sid=f63b31c73970894

    This guy talked good until he said if pp party does not allow us, we will sit at home. Really? People died for years to oust tplf and only anticipate that pp part will be corrupt too? What is the point getting rid if tplf then if it is replaced by another same type? The guy with glasses mentioned parties and also mentioned Olf as party. Are you kidding me? Tplf=Olf. If you are replacing the other side of the coin, meaning tplf what is all this shenanigans of elections, voting, government forming, so on? What in he’ll are parties formally are anti human, anti, people ! Parties themselves are Trojan horses of anti Ethiopia, pro division, they are political weapons against people! I am just laughing all that sacrifice agai st tplf will soon be in vain!. Parties are revolving door, where by exchanging power, fill their pockets and have power with nepotism. It does not do anything for people! Plus, it creates enemies among ethnicities, beliefs, regions, etc! Wake up! The continuing existence of Olf means the slowly elimination other tribes which is anticipated thesis of Ethiopians.

  7. Let me guess correctly why Brother Isaias did not attend the inauguration. That is because two days ago the gold race commander-in-chief Field Marshall Debre had sent his gold race commando unit and captured Asmara taking Brother Isaias and entire cabinet along with his army prisoners. All that inauguration video you saw were fake and those African leaders shown at the ceremony were all fake body doubles. How come anybody else can not think like Debre and his gold race? He put Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Marie Curie and Nicolas Tesla to shame. Done!!!!

  8. Congratulation PM Abiy Ahmed!!!!!!!!!!!
    You made the most memorable and adored history !! you got elected in the first fee and fair election with your people supporting you. Your inauguration is expected ass the beginning of democracy, freedom, unity and prosperity. You are loved!!!
    After Emperor Hilesellasie you are the first one to come out and enjoy the presence of your supporting people. Mengistu Hailemariam and Meles Zenawi’s cruel, divisive and brutal method of ruling made them prisoners of their own governments. Instead of rulers they were behaving like thieves always hiding and disguising when traveling.

    • But Aby is just a plastic replay of Mengistu, Derge Mark II and he is denying his fellow Ethiopians access to aid. He has suceeded already in starting to break up Ethiopia. Tigray is almost lost.

  9. Hey Y’all! My hommie Debre just shot me an email.
    What does he want now, Ittu?
    He has a wager.
    A wager for whom or on what?
    It is not with me but he has a wager for PM Abiy.
    The PM is extremely busy now he does not have time for a wager.
    I’m telling you Debre is serious.
    Ok, what is his wager all about?
    It involves recital.
    Recital of what?
    It is not what you think. It does not have anything to do with the Holy Scriptures of both religions.
    Then what is it?
    My hommie Debre is inviting PM Abiy to a duel reciting his mentor’s chicken scratch.
    Ok. Let’s go Ittu! Tell us to recite what?
    Recital contest of Das Capitol by Karl Marx, from preface to index.
    Hey Ittu, your homeboy is still reading the same book for more than 50 years now. Above all that book is a collection of verses from the devil’s book responsible for the demise of close to half a billion gullible and innocent citizens of the world. Tell your homeboy to try that with these bigots among our Diaspora who have found shelters at college campuses and missionary canteens.

  10. Who are Olf? Most are completely disconnected from Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Since Derg, the nature if Oromo speakers have been mutating more and more increasing and blatantly different alien from what the people who reside in the region. Slowly, those smuggled from Somalia and Kenya on purpose to change the nature of Ethiooians in the region was planned to impose newly made name Oromo instead of G..a ( today considered deragatory), after Derg which never existed this name before, to change Latin writing instead of Geez, to change their traditional faith Waqqa/Orthodox/ Suffi to Protestant, Wahabism and to change flag from Ethiopian to Egyptian.. These changes clearly leading the people in the region forcefully to something alien by also appointing and giving more power to these appointed neighboring immigrants to impose such kind of thinking on the Ethiopians who once share more commonality with the rest of Ethiopians. Their goal is, by changing the region and to declare the region Oromia. So what l see even at the recent election of ministers, you can tell these groups have surrounded Dr. Aby which sends a lot of message where Ethiopua is heading, another Tplf-like ethnic influence if the country. One thing this govt must do if it truly believes in Ethiopuanism, cut off the heaf of the snake. If not,the continuance of Eprdf/ethnic rule is definitely present and not going away and the government is not interested or addicted with the system covered up by Prosperity. For such fanatics, this party means a dollar sign to prosper themselves with. By the way check out people like Angassa video what he said about Ethiopia.

    • The reason I raised the guy Angassa spoke on video is, the insult is not even towards other ethnics, relgions and regions, his threat was directing towards the very same country the country is trying to protect. Most insult eachother with Tplf of hope every ethnic Ethiopians and religious fight eachother. Anyone saying anything against the country becomes a problem and trust issue. We have seen Merara, switching sides at last hour. Most politicians and those obsessed with ethnic rule Tplf and Olf do that all the time. By the way, Ambo is the region where many hero Oromos came out of, it was only Ambo who refused Tplf should be trusted to occupy Addis after Derg and as a result paid the price. To tarnish Ambo name, bad apples Merara, fake Weyane Ambo Werge used Ambos good name which finally showed, these were never from Ambo.


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