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Police brutality victim women speaks


A shocking video footage of two policemen brutalizing a women in Addis Ababa in front of her kids gone viral on social media.

Outraged Ethiopians have been demanding punitive measures on them. Today, Addis Ababa police disclosed that the two police were in custody. Addis Ababa police has apologized. Ethiopians expect more action from the government.

The slap she got from the police was too powerful to the point there was a finger mark on her cheek.

Why was she brutalized? Check out what she has to say.

Video :embedded from Seifu on EBS YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. A nation is on the right direction when justice is reached from justice. If this continues, it will be continuation of Tplf. This Tplf police, if he goes back to work, will repeat it. Justice for victim


    Would they do this to their own mother?

    No, they wouldn’t, but they did this to a mother in front of her child.

  3. The Tplf and Olf elements would continue their crime in order to shame the leadership. This is the reason the apartheid and racist ethnic constitution set by Liberation Fronts must change asap. Did you know that before Italy was formed, it was set as ethnic rule that annihilated at least2 ethnic that used to be part of the people there and via Vatican it is under Germans, France and British


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