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Secretary-General’s statement on Ethiopia

UN Secretary General

I was shocked by the information that the Government of Ethiopia has declared seven UN officials, including senior UN humanitarian officials, as persona non grata.

All UN humanitarian operations are guided by the core principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence.  In Ethiopia, the UN is delivering lifesaving aid – including food, medicine, water, and sanitation supplies – to people in desperate need. I have full confidence in the UN staff who are in Ethiopia doing this work.

The UN is committed to helping Ethiopian people who rely on humanitarian assistance. We are now engaging with the Government of Ethiopia in the expectation that the concerned UN staff will be allowed to continue their important work.
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  1. UN always bid the command of it’s puppet master US. History tells the world that UN and it’s deployees have never been as squeaky clean as US servant Antonio Gutieress wants to demonstrate. Rape, sexual abuse, corruption, favoritism are common place every where UN had a mission under the guise of humanitarian aid. Ethiopia has never been and will never be a play ground of messengers of the mindless US

  2. It is about time!!
    Shame on you Antonio Gutierrez! You were never shocked when 2000 Amharas in Mai Kadra were selected for massacre by Tplf.
    You were not shocked when Tplf terrorists transported it terrorists in truck loads and massacred 400 Afar women, children and civilians.
    You never said “I was shocked..” when TPLF Terrorist Massacred 500 Amharas in Kobo .
    You never said “I was shocked…” when Tplf Terrorist refused to return back 368 UN trucks from Tigray after delivering aid.
    You never said “I was shocked..” when Tplf Terrorist method of fight is sending thousands of child soldiers and trained terrorists in trucks into Amhara and Afar region to indiscriminately massacre, loot, destroy infrastructure, hospitals, schools, residential places, farms, cattle and livestock.
    Suddenly you got shocked when you find Terrorist Tplf enabler, UN workers got expelled after being caught doing illegal and out of the UN mission duties.
    The government of Ethiopia gave you ample opportunity to improve your service and take into account the 368 trucks remained in Tigray. Which is known that those trucks are used by TPLF Terrorists for transporting weapon and fighters to invade Amhara and Afar zones.

    • Humble Reaction
      It is a PERFECT reminder of the HYPOCRISY of the so called Officer of International Organizations, His Excellency, the most Educated Personality in the World, Sir, Mr. Antonio Gutierrez is faithful to those who have a say on the continuation of the post of Secretary Generalship. In lowly expression, it is called begging for crumbs of posts at any expense to humanity nor to personal dignity.

      ETHIOPIA: Keep on going with your natural DIGNITY that has been observed and tried to emulate by many. YES, BLACK AFRICANS can and have DIGNITY. The attempt of colonial powers of YESTERYEAR is vivid and a glaring testimony that they will NEVER let their cherish ambition to destroy the PEOPLE OF BLACK AFRICA — yes, the people of Black Africa — and retain the NATURAL RICHNESS of AFRICA.. THAT VISION WILL NEVER EVAPORATE, by any means available and concocted. Historical crime of the so-called “CIVILIZED” countries. THE END


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