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Roads leading to Meskel Square closing on Friday for security work


Addis Ababa police on Thursday announced that roads leading to Mesqel Square in the capital Addis Ababa will be temporarily closed on Friday for unspecified work that is described as a “security work.” 

They will be closed for vehicles starting 9 a.m. 

Police did not specify as to what time the roads are reopening, but it said the closure will not be day long. 

The kind of security work is unspecified too. Police requested cooperation from the public. “Law enforcement bodies are taking different measures to ensure peace and security in our city, and the result has been encouraging,” said police as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

Bole to Meskel Square, Megenagna to Meskel Square, Arat Kilo to Meskel Square, Churchill Road to Mesqel Square, Lideta to Mesqel Square are some of the roads to be closed on Friday. 

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  1. Note: it is finally revealed, political parties are death sentence to a nation. Who created political parties as best method for democracy? It is now clear that political parties, organized would do the followings:
    1, tplf and Derg are prime example for the ills of Ethiopia. Yhere is no guarantee eventually pp party would not do the same. This is in fact waking time, to realize its danger and rather create all inclusive societies that are based on merit and knowledge of ethiooias history, current situation and global situations, and talent. In the meantime, educate future experts from every region, kind of like Ase, H Selassie and Menilik did way ahead of their time. 2. It creates nepotism that will lead to corruption that would lead the country freeze from advancement 3. Ethnicity preference. We have lived Tplf Era and that should be prime example what the current government not to do. 3. Favoring religions. Ethiopia is dominated by Muslim interest within and outside, that will favor more of them pushing out the indigenous. Hence there was reason why in the past Ethiopia protected the indigenous and Christians as it makes sense because, the over taking of Islam ad it did in Tanzania, Eritrea, Maldives, Egypt are prime examples. Islam is another form of colonization that does not advance societies as we seen in Midde East. Islam had helped colonizers by oppressing societies.
    4. Pol parties would limit anything that is beneficial to the nation because their value is different that what the people and nation needs. Their interest will always be how to continue grabbing the power to rule forever. This is why this cut and paste system from the West is designed to fail societies from the beginning. 5. Pol parties see themselves as leaders of the nation when they keep making mistakes, will be in denial and will not leave leadership to the capable. Hence, they become dictators and gives the west as opportunity to oust them and install their puppet that goes against the people. We are capable nations and can create our own system that works best by studying how to install right system of leadership as well as studying other countries their pros and cons. The nation must be talking one another, healthy debate and vote on good ideas to put in constitution. The constitution must be reformed asap. Without right system and leadership, leaders will fall in the hands of outsiders, no confidence and insecure against its people he will be forced to be dictator ruling by a gun. As our world is becoming too insecure, a good leader must also not trust bandas among the government or people, just like what Ase H Selassie trusted too much of his people and children he educated that turned against him through falsification turning Ethiopia a blood bath until today.


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