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Regional states form new governments as new Federal gov’t is in the making

Dr. Yilkal Kefale is elected as the president of Amhara regional state. The rest of regional states retained their presidents from last term 

Regional states _ Amhara
Yilkal Kefale, the new Amhara region president (photo : FBC)


Ethiopia’s ethnic based regional states have formed their respective governments and named heads of the regional administrations. 

Many of the regional states that announced the establishment of their new government retained their heads of regional governments. 

Amhara regional state is an exception as it is Cheerio for Agegnehu Teshager  who led the region for more than a year now. He is replaced by Dr. Yilkal Kefale, who picked his deputy and all other cabinet and executive members of the region. 

Not much is known why Agegnehu Teshager is replaced, but there have been some complaints regarding issues of competence given the complex nature of challenges the region is facing, including a military attack by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Currently, about four zones in the region are under the control of TPLF. They have an estimated 4.5 million people.  

The rebel group did control more areas in the past few months but lost many of them following major offensives in South Gondar and parts of North Wollo area, where key infrastructures including  hospitals and schools were destroyed by TPLF forces. 

Dr. Yilkal, in his acceptance speech, said it is the priority of his administration to free those areas and rescue the people that are said to be in a famine like situation. 

Apart from the regional president, speaker of the regional parliament, Worqsewu Semu, is replaced by Fantu Tesfaye. 

The Sidama region retained Desta Ledamo as its president. Same for Afar, Gambella and Oromia regional states. The regional parliaments are predominantly filled by Prosperity Party regional candidates.  Afar regional state president, Awol Arba, changed most of his cabinet members. His new cabinet is composed of young intellectuals. 

The Somali and Harari region had their elections on Thursday. They will form their respective regional administrations in the weeks to come. 

The new federal government is expected to be announced sometime next week. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Party has won over 90 percent of the parliamentary seats. The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on Thursday administered elections in Somali and Harari regions, where elections did not take place in July due to logistical or security issues. 

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