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Drone Photography : Ethiopia says permit required to use the technology


NISS warned that drone photography / videography without permits violates law , is punishable by law 

Drone Photography


Ethiopia’s intelligence unit, National Information and Security Services, on Wednesday said drone photography / Videography is restricted to those who obtain legal permission from the relevant department in the country. 

The agency introduced the restriction in the interest of ensuring the safety and security of citizens, as reported by state media Ethiopian News Agency. 

Protection of key infrastructures and projects is also cited as the reason behind the new restriction.  It means that no individual, citizen or otherwise, can not use drone photography without getting legal permissions first. 

“Some individuals are recently using drone photography to record religious, cultural and public events without proper legal permission. They need to know that the practice is illegal and could face charges, and refrain from doing so.” said the statement from the agency that was sent to ENA,as reported by ENA. 

Departments  mandated to issue permits are required by law, said the agency, to inform NISS  the lists of people permitted to have a drone photography within 24 after issuance of the permission. 

A report by Addis Fortune sometime in 2018, cited the Director of Bole Airport Customs Offices, under the Ministry of Revenue, to report that anyone can import drones if they have business license and explanations as to why they are importing them. 

The report by the Ethiopian agency is unspecified as to which government agency is in charge of  issuing the permit to users. The report by Addis Fortune seems to suggest that license issuance falls within the Information Network Security Agency.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) is another relevant government authority that could possibly be linked to drone license issuance. 


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