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Dire Dawa New Mayor pledges tangible changes for residents

Dire Dawa New Mayor _ Kedir Juhar
Dire Dawa New Mayor, Kedir Juhar, being sworn in (Photo : ENA)



Dire Dawa City formed a new administration a day after Addis Ababa introduced its new city government.

While Ethiopia’s administrative structures are based on ethnicity, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa are free from ethnic based regional governance. 

They are autonomous city administrations.  Both cities are multiethnic. In fact, even many other cities in regional states are multiethnic in character, although it seems to be the case that it is weakening as radical ethnic nationalists at regional government level deliberately changed it with a view to alter the demography, as many Ethiopian activists seem to believe.  

Dire Dawa picked, or rather elected, Kedir Juhar. In his acceptance speech, he pledged “to improve the lives of Dire Dawa residents, and work in cooperation to address issues,”  as cited by Ethiopian News Agency.

He will be leading the city for the next five years. High cost of living, food security and job creation for unemployed youth are reported to be priority areas for the new city administration. 

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  1. We should all wish him the best in his effort to make that city true its founding principle where everyone who wants to be productive is welcome to live in peace and harmony with other residents. Hey bigots! Get lost!!! You’re being told by that city ‘out of my sight!’


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