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EHRC says over 29 killed in Easter Wollega, western Ethiopia

The latest attack in Kiramu Wollega, Oromo region of Ethiopia,  happened for two days in a row , and in two different locations. 

Kiramu _ Wollega _ Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Friday disclosed 29 civilians killed in Eastern Wollega zone, Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

The killings happened on September 17 and 18 in Kiramu district of the zone. On September 17, 18 civilians were killed in Boka kebele of the district, and on September 18, 11 civilians were killed in Wulmay kebele, according to the report by EHRC. 

The Commission said  it is concerned for the safety of civilians in Kiramu district after reports of latest killings. 

Furthermore, EHRC said that over 40,000 civilians displaced from areas in the zone due to security reasons and residing in Benole, Beharo and Kiramu are in difficult situations as they are not provided with emergency humanitarian aid and other support. 

Roads linking Kiramu with Bure and Nekemte are closed for vehicles, but the report is unspecified  if the closure is related to the security situation. 

EHRC called on Federal and regional government security forces to take concrete measures and  resolve the security threat in Kiramu permanently and bring perpetrators of attacks on civilians to justice. 

While reminding relevant authorities the task of returning displaced people to their place, the commission also called for the provision of humanitarian assistance for those displaced. 

The statement from the commission did not specify as to who the perpetrators of the latest attack on civilians in Kiramu district. It is, however, public knowledge that the military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) operating in the area had been carrying out  massacres – primarily targeting ethnic Amharas living in  Wollega. 

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  1. It is TerroristsTplf servant Shene. When Tplf gets eliminated Shene will also die. Most of the Oromo families are against the coward Terrorist Shene. All Terrorism is a work of cowards who target women, children and innocent individuals.

  2. The so called liberation fronts , span almost 50 years , still in bondage and no ‘liberation’ in sight. they have come and gone through Menelik’s palace, pillaged ethiopia and massacred millions in those terrible years, the death of which we are still counting. as long as tplf is in existence death is not far off for the wretched people. tplf and olf united by hate and bigotry vow to dismantle this country of ethiopia unless they remain at the helm to brutalise the population and to rob and destroy the country. how many tigre people have been set free ? by tpl’s liberation war. how many oromos have been set free ?

  3. Terrorist TPLF and Shene must be eliminated by arming the victims of those wild terrorist groups. When the government starts to arm Amharas and other Victims of Terrorism in Wollega and Benishangul region Shene and TPLF definitely will be diminished and eliminated.
    Shene and TPLF are coward Terrorists preying and terrorizing unarmed defenseless civilians, women and children while they sleep. They wouldn’t dare fighting with armed groups. Like vampires they use darkness for protection and feel strong when they slain, rape and loot defenseless people.
    They have been claiming as liberation fronts in the 21 century, whining the name of the Galant leader Menelik”s when the whole world knows him for his bravery and wise leadership skill that brought freedom and peace to ALL his people.
    Terrorist TPLF now everyone hates and know as the dumbest but with innate ability to lie have been creating fake history to fit their goal and found Shene to believe them and take orders to carry the notorious terrorist TPLF back in power so that TPLF will turn around and throw them back in jail as before.

  4. Foreigners always choose nations leaders for them that are from minority etnic groups because : 1. they can threaten them easily saying the majority tribes could come after them if foreigners dont help and protect the minority in leadership 2. Through this insecurity of the minority leadership, the goreigners can gain benefit by arm twisting leadership. Exactly like paul kagame of rwanda, like tplf, etc. I hope history doesnt repeat itself in ethiopia now by choosing another minority group leadership, hand picked by the messenger, Shabia which both eritrea and forrigners can gain benefit once again by installing either ethnic fanatics or tplf-style minority . Current ethiopian government will soon be tested if ethnic fanatics, such as olf or another minority is in leadership. In truth, it does not matter the types of leadership, as long as leading is just for all ethiopians under tge right constitution. Howevrr, the likely hood of fair, right leadership that has rule of law, growth of tge country would most likely not happen as vultures are upon Ethiopia both domestically and outside. Current government most lijely is controlled and blind siighted to rule right for all ethiopia while still protecting its history, faith, culture

    • Thus, by not ruling tge right way, history will repeat itself and that is, unjust opression, discrimination that will result in circle of violence. Good leadership should learn from truly past mistakes, take examples of other nations good or bad inorder to improve right leadership. Most of all, listen to the population and bote on it to make it law of what people demand. Copy and padting of other nations governing also mot necessary beneficial gor anothet nation, but with trial and error, making populations participants of their own natiin is the right way

  5. Whatch out of elections in government, do not repeat mistakes like tplf. First, electing officials should be by knowledge and merit! Second, appointing with diversity! However, merit and knowlefge should be #1, then allow diverse ones for training, discopline and knowledge so future can hold office. What l seem to see a hidden pattern of top muslim leadership. This is wrong, nor any one ethnic minority or majority, nor only one kind of faith both top or bottom office appointment must not take place! I also dont believe in copy and pasted parliament, as it will ve eady to buy and corrupt officials unless there should be more parluamentarians.

  6. It is mow very clear that political parties that is marring the world that is copy and padyed from other nations are nothing but scam, corruption, and isolationist!. Political parties create nepotism, corruption, descrimination, division that is killing nations! Governments get taken over by political parties that are creating civil wars and divisions of societies. Givernment ifgices should be filled by societies not by one political party for any # of terms at all! We will see tge writing is on the wall when pp party will start to fill its own member in offices will soon will try to opress!. The whole fake Western parties is exactly the same today, tgey are throwing away constitution! Abolish political parties from being appointed in the government. Appoint people based on merit, equality, respecting true and just constitution. This govenment , as long as it is taking advice from other dictator nations and colonualusts, then nothing will change. Down with political parties in govt!. Parties/ irganizations should be established to address true societies concern, period.


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