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Delanta : Reported Humanitarian crisis in TPLF held areas

Delanta _ Wogel Tega
Wogel Tena, Delanta zone capital (photo : SM )


Several districts surrounding the town of Wogel Tena in Delanta zoneof Amhara region are reportedly experiencing a humanitarian crisis situation.  

Displaced people currently living in Wogel Tena, which is the center of Delanta zone, said, as reported by Voice of America Amharic service, the conditions of those who are still in the areas under the control of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) controlled areas are very concerning. 

No humanitarian assistance has been provided so far. However, the zone’s disaster prevention and food security coordination office said it has not received information, and that it will coordinate the aid as soon as it receives information about it, VOA Amharic report added. 

Amhara regional state president, Agenehu Teshager, recently said the regional administration he is leading does not have information about the circumstances of about 4.5 million people in the region that are residing in the TPLF held areas. 

There is no communication or electricity services in those areas, and there have been reports of famine-like situations. The TPLF has admitted that there are famine-like situations in the areas it controlled. 

Many Ethiopians have been puzzled by the government’s inaction to retake TPLF held areas after mobilizing hundreds of thousands of forces. The government did not provide any explanation to date except saying “you will hear of an astounding victory very soon.”

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