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The United States Donates Nearly One Million Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccines to Ethiopia

United States _ Ethiopia
U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Geeta Pasi handing over 453,600 doses of J&J COVID-19 vaccines donated by the United States to State Minister of Health Mrs. Seharla Abdulahi and Head of Arada Sub-City Health Bureau, Dr. Hanna Yeshinigus, at the Janmeda Health Center on September 23,2021. ( Courtesy of US Embassy Addis Ababa)

US Embassy Addis Ababa 

Addis Ababa, September 23, 2021 – The United States presented 453,600 doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 single-shot vaccine today to the people of Ethiopia and announced the donation of an additional 504,000 doses scheduled to arrive in Addis Ababa today. U.S. Ambassador Geeta Pasi presented the vaccines to State Minister of Health, Seharela Abdullahi, in a handover event at the Janmeda Health Center in Addis Ababa.  Delivered through COVAX, the donations are part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s global efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency will oversee vaccine distribution nationwide.

“I am proud of the United States’ commitment to improving the health of the Ethiopian people. Today’s vaccine donation, in addition to another 504,000 doses arriving today – which brings us to over 2.5 million doses donated – underscores my country’s special relationship with the people of Ethiopia,” said Ambassador Pasi.

The United States has worked closely with Ethiopia since the start of the pandemic and has contributed over $200 million to support the COVID-19 response in Ethiopia.  This is in the larger context of the $4 billion dollar partnership the United States has shared with the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia for over 20 years. This includes years of support for routine childhood vaccination programs, investments the Ministry of Health has been able to build on to quickly deploy COVID-19 vaccines.

These 957,600 COVID-19 vaccine doses donated to Ethiopia by the United States today through COVAX are part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to share the U.S. vaccine supply with the world.  Worldwide, the United States has already donated and delivered more than 160 million doses to more than 100 countries worldwide. As we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at home and work to end the pandemic worldwide, President Biden has promised that the United States will be an arsenal of vaccines for the world.

The United States will continue to support Ethiopia’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, including future donations. The United States will also continue to work with the Ministry of Health to support vaccine preparedness efforts, including transport of vaccines to health facilities, detailed planning, and social and behavior change activities to encourage uptake of WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines.   

 “Planes carrying vaccines from the United States have already landed in 100 countries, bringing people all over the world a little ‘dose of hope,’ direct from the American people — and, importantly, no strings attached.” —President Biden

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  1. This is Good Ole USA always at its best. It once again proved itself to its doubters that it still is a land of endless number of philanthropists. Ask those two despots in Moscow and Beijing to top that. One is busy darting his opponents with deadly poison and the other one is busy expanding his concentration camps where forced labor is enshrined in his ‘constitution’. He calls that ‘re-education’. Our over qualified daughter/sister Dr. Lia would appreciate this generous gesture. Kudos USA!!!

  2. I cannot believe the Ethiopian government accepted this unknown J&J vaccine product from US to inject it to the Ethiopian people. It boggles my mind why in GOD’s name will the Abiy Ahmed government accept any donations from the Biden administration US, which is working hard against the people of Ethiopia, to disintegrate their country and supporting terrorist TPLF ( Tigray people liberation front). Prime minister Abiy Ahmed, you need to get your thoughts together and think deeply and lead your people, your country to prosperity, integrity and the pride that Ethiopians once had and exit fore good the habit of begging. American successive administrations and presidents for no apparent reasons or another have showed their hate and the existence of our beloved country Ethiopia and therefore the United State of America has always been a staunch enemy of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. America stood in support of Benito Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia in the Second World War, America stood in support of Somalian leader Said Barry who declared war on peace loving Ethiopia and invaded Ethiopia until he got clobbered and defeated with his pants down by the galant Ethiopian army. Prime minister Abiy Ahmed, please stop postering to America and become a heroic leader of the people of Ethiopia.


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