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Factions within the TPLF ranks warring each other, 10 casualties reported

TPLF leaders reported to be not on the same page on the question of continuing the war  or not

TPLF faction _ Ethiopia


A warring faction within Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) ranks is reportedly taking shape. Ethiopian News Agency report published on Thursday says rebels fighters supporting different factions had a skirmish. 

The faction groups and the leaders are unspecified in the report. 

However, it is said that at least 10 TPLF combatants are killed which appears to have occurred during a meeting, and fifty others have abandoned the meeting. 

The division within the ranks of TPLF leaders reportedly happened after the group suffered crushing defeats in Afar and some parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

According to the report, the fight was in the Western Front, where the TPLF leaders have tried to reorganize the rebels who survived the battles to relaunch the attack. 

There are voices within the rebel group who no longer see significance in what they call “a war without cause.” 

The source clams to have a credible source about developing crack within the radical ethnic Tigray nationalists who initially aspired to restore to power in Addis Ababa by removing Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

In a related development, the TPLF is reportedly facing shortages of human resources  to carry on with the military operation in Sekota and Woldia areas of North Wollo. It is reportedly forcing youth in the areas under its control to fight for TPLF, according to ENA report. 

Amhara regional state president, Agegnehu Teshager, last week disclosed that an estimated 4.5 million live in the parts of Amhara region that are under the TPLF control, and that the regional government does not have information about their condition. 

On the other hand, there were reports that the people in the TPLF controlled area are facing a famine-like situation. TPLF leaders have  confirmed it. 

Earlier this week, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said that over 500 civilians have been massacred by TPLF forces in the Kobo region of Ethiopia. 

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  1. Here goes the neighborhood!!! If this story is really true I am not that surprised by the deadly incidence. It ought to happen. Gangs are well known for internal deadly squabbles. You name any gangsters. The Blood and the Cribs, MS13, La Cosa Nostra and all other criminal gangs have had internal fissures that turn awfully bloody usually one of the factions winning it all or the enterprise ending up in several deadly splinter gangs. When the originals start dying off, they don’t just disappear empty handed. They leave behind that gang culture of coercion, blackmail and violence. When we talk about gangs we usually think of the mafias and other street gangs from American, European and Asian city streets. But there has been another gang that was founded in 1917 led by the most savage boss that ever lived, Lenin. The gang he founded has been responsible for the death of more than 200 million people and still counting. He named the bloody violence he used to overthrow the legitimate government ‘Popular Uprising’ and ‘October Uprising’, or ‘Bolshevik Revolution’ depending how many bottles of vodka gulped down in a given. But it was nothing but a coup by armed thugs. That culture of grabbing power by no-negotiation violent means has been wreaking havoc on humanity since that fateful day in October, 1917. Our country, that gem of the colored, that love of a lifetime which showed humanity how more 80 ethnic group could exist in a union until the demonic commies showed up in the 1960’s. It has not been the same since then. These commie gangsters don’t know what negotiation means or how it works. In fact they despise any form of negotiation. Reformation is a sin in their set of ‘religion’. That is why they don’t tolerate dissent among their ranks. They call that ‘treason’. So the bloodletting will go on with the youth being the main victim.

  2. Make that: Our country, that gem of the colored, that love of a lifetime which showed humanity how more than 80 ethnic groups could exist in a union was there until the demonic commies showed up in the 1960’s.


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