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TPLF massacred at least 600 civilians in Kobo, North Wollo : Report

TPLF _ Kobo Massacre


In the latest string of massacre, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), an entity the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization, slaughtered at least 600 civilians  in Kobo town, a small town 50 kilometers north East of Wolida – also under the control of terrorists from Tigray region. 

Survivors from the massacre who managed to escape told Voice of America Amharic Service that well over six hundred residents from the town and surrounding villages were massacred. 

They also said that other egregious human rights violations have been committed.  

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Sunday expressed concern about the situation after receiving reports, from eyewitnesses. 

The commission said it is investigating it and called on all, “all parties to the conflict,” to respect the responsibility to protect civilians. 

The Ethiopian government is yet to remark about the Kobo Massacre. 

TPLF ,too,has not yet reacted to the accusation, but has been saying, claiming that its forces do not target civilians. VOA Amharic quoted  Debretison Gebremichael, chairman of the party, as saying that  “Tigray Defense Forces,” as he calls his forces, do not target civilians and called for an independent investigation. 

In early August 2021, the UNICEF issued a statement expressing concern after more than 100 children were massacred by TPLF forces in the Afar region of Ethiopia. In the Afar attack, more than 200 people were massacred after the TPLF targeted school and health centers that were being used as make shift shelter for displaced civilians.  

Earlier this month, TPLF committed another massacre in Chena locality of Dabat District, in North Gondar. Well over 200 civilians , including women and children, were slaughtered. 

An estimated 4.5 million people are believed to be under TPLF held areas in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, according to authorities in the region. They are facing a famine situation – which TPLF has admitted. 


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