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We all are Amhara ELITES! (By Sisay Wagnew)

TPLF Spokesperson, Getachew Reda, during an interview with Tigray TV. It is through him that TPLF disclosed that it will “settle a score with Amhara elites”

By Sisay Wagnew

Seattle, WA 

Let’s go three decades back in time to see how the Amhara people were scapegoated for everything that went ‘wrong’ in pre-1991 Ethiopia. For the last three decades, the use of nefariously concocted words like “Neftegna, Settler, Expansionist” rubrics served as codewords for genocidal calls against Amhara people in Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz, Somali and other parts of Ethiopia.

If you come across a person describing people by the term “Neftegna”, he/she is not making a mere dissension in politics or history. It is rather a dehumanizing and vilifying genocidal tag on Amhara people. It is a call for identifying anyone who is not in their list of “Full-Blooded”. Obviously, these butchers have in their pockets prepared lists of Amhara men, women, and children to be slayed gruesomely. Those genocidal code words were primarily meant to confuse, conceal, and legitimize crimes against the people of Amhara in hostile places like Oromia and Somali regions of Ethiopia.

Fast-forward, present day mass killings, displacements and atrocities against Amhara people in different parts of Ethiopia are a culmination of decades of hate mongering and indoctrination, stigmatization, and dehumanization of the Amhara people. The recent mass massacre of women, children, and elderly in Chena Kebele of Dabat Woreda, North Gondar attests to TPLF’s never-ending despise for the Amhara people.

With the label Neftegna becoming hackneyed over time, TPLF hatemongers have recently coined another tag, “Amhara elites”, attesting to their interminable disdain for the ethnic Amharas. Cognizant of the fact that “Nefetegna” has become an obsolete tag, Amhara disparagers have coined another codename called “Amhara Elite”

It doesn’t require an erudite caliber to scrutinize the political conjecture from Getachew Reda’s pomposity when he described TPLF’s armed incursion into Amhara region as a crusade to settle a score with “Amhara Elites”

Nevertheless, for all of the growing mentions of this all-evil, immensely powerful “Amhara elite” — can anyone even tell…WHO THEY ARE?

With 40% of the total population of a country… and with the “extreme power” that so many have ascribed to them — there should be a long list of names, right? — both alive and recently deceased… of families, individuals with ties to mass wealth, an overwhelming influence on the federal government and military, countless diplomatic posts etc. etc.

Where are these super powerful Amhara Elites Getachew Reda and his rogue comrades are hunting for? Who are they? For all the pain they’ve directly caused Ethiopia, somebody should know who these “Amhara elites” are? Everyone would have some names, right?

Except for the long dead Menelik or Haile Selassie — in a country of 110 million — can we get some major names? Who are the “Amhara elites”?

For Getachew Reda and “Wedi Adwa” robber barons, if you are born Amhara, you are an ELITE. If you are Amhara, you are a menace; a force to be reckoned with. Amharaphobia is still well and alive in the crooked mindset of TPLF leadership and its cronies.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…

When TPLF started its assault on the Amhara region, it wasn’t an ordinary incursion or an extension of the 8 months war. It was rather a naked genocidal call motivated by vengeance to deprive, annihilate, displace and starve the Amahara people. Three months after the unconscionable atrocities were unleashed up on the Amhara people in Wollo and Gondar by TPLF’s ruthless gang, the “Amahara elites” are nowhere to be found.

While the Amhara people have been persecuted for decades, the “settle score” operation unleashed by the TPLF junta three months ago left tens of thousands of Amharas raped and murdered, infrastructure destroyed, and entire villages pillaged and burned to the ground. The TPLF invasion- the culmination of a carefully calculated and long-developing genocidal plan against the Amhara — also triggered a mass exodus of close to one Million internally displaced people, living in sprawling, squalid camps — majority of them children, women and elderly. The scale and severity of the atrocities are not yet fully known as a significant part of Wollo is still under TPLF’s siege.

For TPLF thugs, a poor Amhara mother with a newborn in her arms isn’t worth to live another day- was she an Amahara Elite? Even helpless creatures like livestock weren’t spared because they were found in the land of the elites.

The TPLF’s driving organizational force from the very beginning has been hatred for and advocacy of the total annihilation of the Amharas, a fact meticulously explained by Gebremedhin Araya, the former treasurer and top leader of the TPLF, who left the TPLF and distinguished himself as a fearless and uncompromising patriotic Ethiopian truth-teller.

In an interview with ESAT on 12/31/2011 (move clip on video to 7 minutes 26 seconds), Gebremedhin said that TPLF leaders taught their members, followers, and supporters:

Amhara Elite _ TPLF

The close English translation of the above is as follows:

” … Tigray was a sovereign and independent country. After Emperor Menelik’s invasion, Tigray became an Amhara colony. I have with me a TPLF pamphlet that clearly explains the Amhara hatred. This is the main principle of the Woyane (TPLF) manifesto which says, therefore, we must free Tigray from Amhara colonialism and establish the Government of an independent Tigray Democratic Republic. … The Amhara are the enemy of the Tigray people. Not only that, but Amhara are also the double enemy of the people of Tigray. Therefore, we must hit the Amhara harder. We must annihilate the Amhara. If the Amhara are not destroyed, if the Amhara are not beaten up and uprooted from the earth, the people of Tigray cannot live in freedom. Amhara is an impediment of the Government that we envisage to establish.”

TPLF’s rampage in Wollo and Gondar is a protraction of three decades of Amhara annihilation, massacre, displacement, and deprivation conceived and hatched by TPLF hatemongers. The moment TPLF grabbed power in 1991, largely through the scarification of Amhara youth and farmers, it kindled fires of hatred, enmity, and prejudice against ethnic Amharas. Using maliciously coded dehumanizing nicknames like “Neftegna”, Amharas had been vilified, massacred, and displaced for the last three decades.

The recently coined epithetic nickname, “Amhara elites”, doesn’t epitomize ethnic Amharas in political or economic power alone; the same way “Nefetegna” didn’t embody the gun bearers alone. Under the emblem of another alias, the Amahara people are being set up for another round of methodical genocidal campaigns.

Nevertheless, the last three decades of institutionalized betrayal and detestation for Amhara people have given birth to a new breed of young and old Amharas resolutely shouldering the Amhara struggle to survive and thrive. The Amhara nationalists vividly and unequivocally claim their “Amharaness” as their source of pride and identity. There is an urgency for the Amhara people to recognize the clear and present danger they face as a people and the need to organize under the umbrella of one Amhara, standing together as an elite.

The Amhara People should realize that they can’t survive and thrive under the Unionist Block, since the ‘unionists’ are infected with a malignant Anti-Amhara ideology. It is high time for Amhara people to establish strong Amhara-centric political movements. Every Amhara should know that the ever-growing Amharophobia can eventually result in the holocaust-like calamity unless Amhara people build their own citadel and stay in command to write their glorious history in their own hands.

Every Amhara elite is a precious soul to spare. Every Amhara is a precious soul to spare. Because, for enemies of Amhara, every Amhara is indeed an ELITE.


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  1. That explains to me why the tplf goons were wildly killing almost anything in their sight – women, children, cows, chicken, crops, etc. I was wondering to myself why anyone in his right mind would kill poor farmers, torch their mud-huts (not the villa in California where tplf elites live), rape young girls and even older women (what bestial evil spirit resides in these devils), looting clinics, schools, destroying office furniture, carrying away bajajs, peoples’ infrastructure..why? why? why? Did these poor peasants in Agamsa, Maikadra, or Kobo have anything to do with the ‘Amhara elites” that these satanic morons talk about? What type of propaganda have these people been drenched in? It is time Amhara intellectuals (if that is what the goons refer to when they say Amhara elites) start proactive response to this tplf threat. We shouldn’t be silent when they are slaughtering our people like cattle.. The battle should come to their court now. The tplf elites that are wallowing in the money stolen from the peasants that it is killing should be brought to justice., even from the distant western holes they are hiding in..

  2. When I read yesterday’s response to Biden’s threats from TPLF land (happily accepting the threat assuming the target was Ethiopia and not them), and tweets from the purported spokesperson on the same subject (Getachew Redda), I noticed the style and language of the writings point to sources outside of Tigrai, possibly prepared and managed by TPLF surrogates living English speaking countries of North America and Europe. There are not literate Tigrians left in Mekelle who can articulate briefings in such fashion, be in English or Amharic. Tigrai is desolate with people clamoring for life due to lack of basic survival necessities, and with fear of drone attacks, as well as fear of being dragged and killed by TPLF at any time. There may already be a government in exile called the ‘government of tigrai or TPLF’.

    I believe there are two camps that purportedly manage the affairs of Tigri, but in coordinated manner. The first camp is Tigrians who live abroad as professionals, service sector employees, or simply living on welfare. Those are the forces of propaganda, managers of lobby contractors, keepers of the long standing myth about ‘greater tigrai’ as cheer leaders, fund raisers, protest organizers and leaders, and the like. The second camp consists of basically the armed gangs who are terrorizing the people from within calling themselves ‘tigri defense forces’. What both camps may be thinking now is for the local terrorists to keep fighting until they are defeated, but after that for the external group to keep up the propaganda warfare going and to keep alive the dream of ‘greter tigrai’. The government of Ethiopia should stay ahead of them, plan to work with friendly government to bring those external ones to justice after all is done with the remnants of TPLF.

    • Very well said!!!!!!!!
      TPLF savages’ looted money have escaped to Europe and America with their rich children to live peaceful and luxurious lives while the rest of poor Tigrians are loaded on UN Food Delivery Trucks and sent to Amhara region to savagely massacre and loot innocent Amhara and children.

      Kudos to those who speak out about the evil TPLF that should be the last evil in Ethiopia and that must go EXTINCT!!

  3. Somebody, I said somebody, tried to cal William Davison from the white supremacist Crisis Group a ‘white TPLF’. Who you calling ‘White TPLF’? How many times did I tell you that Debre and his cabals are not black race but they are the gold race. I told you a million times they are the Gold Race, nothing but pure gold 24 carat of it! That is who Davison wants to join in.

    Now on a serious note. Some people may ask why is this Davison thing so obsessed about the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia in particular. That is because he is able to do in that part of Africa that he failed to do in his own country. He wants to see those ‘niggers’ kill each other to extinction and he seems to have found a fertile place for that. That place is called Ethiopia with more than 80 different ethnic groups who are being besieged by bigot scabs among them. News of deaths of innocent civilians unleashed by these scabs is soothing music to his ears. Boy, he hates those boogie men Amharas and their collaborating Oromos with passion! Any news of violent human deaths from that country is like a bouquet of roses from his husband. And he is not alone in that one. He has the monetary backing of those white supremacists with deep pockets. He will be going nowhere. He will continue pouring gasoline on the fire that refuses to go out. He is like ‘Go niggers go! Keep going for the jugular at each other’s throat you niggers!’ You just watch! One of these days he is gonna win one of those awards in journalism if he hasn’t already! You just watch!

  4. Like there is dumb Amhara that listens to a TPLF Terrorist Tigrea!!!!!
    Amhara elites, educated people, all Orthodox Christians and Muslims are hated threats of TPLF Terrorist Godless looter 4th and 3rd graders.

    The way they see it is if they get between Amhara elites and common people they can control and conquer. According to TPLF Terrorist greedy plan, destroying the huge population of Amhara elits and people will lead them to accomplish their plan of controlling all other Ethiopiansr. Of course no one doubts the ineptitude, greed filled brain and stupidity of TPLF Terrorists that never learns the smart, faithful and noble people of Amharas and great people of Ethiopia.

  5. I just read news in which the State Department blasted a hateful speech by en Ethiopian clergy against the people of the innocent people of Tigray. I also found out that this deacon was elected to be part of the body that regulates the media in the country. Whose stupid idea is to bring religion into the government of that country? To go after the behavior of Debre and his cabals in the leadership of the TPLF is one thing which should be protected by the universal freedom of speech but to say something that condemns a group of people is totally reckless. This is the time where that country desperately needs guarded speech by individuals in power because everything they say or write is closely watched by the citizens of the country and this person should have known better. What is the purpose of bringing a religious clerk into the leadership of the country? What was Abiy thinking? Was it in his plan to take to the bushes with another Lord’s Resistance Army?
    I also heard that there one or two clones of this reckless clerk here among us having their own streaming sites where they mumble and jumble thru their diatribes. Religion and politics are the wrong mix that country does not need at this trying time. That country has been victimized by the vestige of the demonic verses of Marxism/Leninism and its consequences since the 1960’s and religious fanaticism is the last thing it needs now. Get this loose mouth out of there, back to his madrasa. I hope his church will defrock this loose cannon. Out of my sight!!!

  6. This is Ittu talking! I’m telling you I’m not returning!
    Hey Ittu! First time a year or so ago you we telling us you were not eating ad you were not going. What is it now?
    Yeah! When I told you I was not eating I did so for 35 straight days without solid food or water. I showed you I could live without food.
    Whoa! So what is it now you are not returning?
    It not me but I’m talking on behalf of my homeboys Debre and Getachew.
    So what is it that they are not returning?
    500 heavy trucks sent by the UN Relief Agency.
    So why you are not returning them?
    For two reasons. First they had entered the Republic of Tigray before they were given written permission to do so. Secondly, they are the property of the republic since they were bought using the membership fee paid by the government when we were in Addis. So they will never be sent back. They are out of fuel anyway.
    Hey Ittu, that will not fly! It’s a lame excuse.
    What did you just call me? Who you calling lame?
    Hey Ittu, easy!!! I said the excuse not to return the truck is lame, not you!
    If they need the trucks back they need to send 10 million liters of gasoline so we can fire up the engines and another 15 million liters for their trips back to where they came from. Ok bye!!!

  7. I gotta have a little talk with you holmes! It is about my homeboy Getachew. Just look at his photo above. Does he look like someone of a warmonger? Look at that face. It shows the real Getachew, Getachew who never killed an insect let alone human beings. Just look at that face, a face of nonviolence, meek and utterly innocence. You guys are just picking on my baby brother.
    Hey Ittu! What do mean a face of innocence? He is part of the leadership who ordered an army to invade the Afar and Amhara regions.
    No he never ordered such cruel war. In fact, he and his army never left his crib. Afars were the ones who invaded Afar and Amharas were the ones who invaded Amhara. Not a single soldier from the Gold Race was seen in those regions.
    Hey Ittu! That does not hold water.
    Who you calling water?
    No, by water I meant to say that your story is not true. Take it easy Ittu!!! Sheesh!!!!
    Walaa Haagaa!! I don’t care if you believe it or not because I am a gold certified story teller. What you mean by Sheesh? I told you I don’t do drugs.
    No I did not say Hashish.
    Ok just be careful. And stop picking on my homeboy Getachew. He has a face of nonviolence. He is almost an angel.


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