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President Biden Should rescind its Executive Order Regarding the Crisis in Ethiopia

Executive Order _ Biden _ Ethiopia

Ethiopian American Civic Council
Press Release

The Ethiopian American Civic Council strongly objects to President Joe Biden’s executive order authorizing sanctions against officials in Ethiopia for simply taking part in defense of the territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the rule of law. It negates the fact that the TPLF is the main hindrance to the peace process.

The Executive Order issued by President Biden regarding the conflict in the Tigray region establishes the following conditions: 1) Respect for human rights; 2) Full access to humanitarian aid to those impacted by the conflict; 3) Requirement that the parties in the conflict come to the negotiating table without preconditions.

Ethiopia is a sovereign nation with full rights as a member of the United Nations to manage its internal affairs in compliance with international law. We believe the Biden Administration’s Executive Order violates Ethiopia’s sovereign power to govern its internal affairs by compelling the Abiy Administration to negotiate with the Tigray People’s Liberation Party
(TPLF) without any preconditions. This blatant violation of Ethiopia’s sovereignty by the Biden Administration has also shown complete disregard for Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representatives, which designate TPLF as a “terrorist” entity.

To set the record straight, soon after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed state power, he worked diligently to negotiate political settlements with the TPLF leadership, but to no avail. In fact, TPLF initiated the current conflict by attacking the federal base on November 3, 2020. The TPLF-initiated war devastated the Tigray region instantly, and their forces were no match for the federal force. However, eight months into the fighting, to save lives and give humanitarian access, the Abiy Administration declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Tigray region in June 2021.

The TPLF used the ceasefire to regroup and attack civilians and civilian infrastructures in the Amhara and Afar regions. It has been widely reported that TPLF guerrilla fighters are indiscriminately attacking historical churches, hospitals, and schools throughout these regions.

The TPLF-led war has resulted in the massacre of thousands of civilians including in Maikadra, Chena, Galicoma, and Agamsa; internal displacement; and severe food shortages.

Despite the catastrophic humanitarian crisis created by the TPLF, the Abiy Administration has taken measured actions against TPLF to avert bloodshed. The Biden Administration should commend Prime Minister Abiy for his ongoing effort to deescalate the conflict initiated and perpetuated by the TPLF.

Currently, there are no Eritrean troops in Ethiopia outside of Bademe. The only hindrance to peace remains the TPLF. Thus, the Biden Administration is wrong to issue the Executive Order compelling Ethiopia to negotiate with an outlawed TPLF that is directly responsible for the current humanitarian catastrophe.

We urge the Biden Administration to stop cajoling the terrorist TPLF. We believe it is in the best interests of the United States to work with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who is duly elected by the vast majority of Ethiopians. The Biden Administration should understand that Prime Minister Abiy does not have the authority to negotiate with the TPLF, which has been deemed a terrorist organization by Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representatives.

The Biden Administration should rescind its Executive Order to establish sanctions targeting officials in Ethiopia. It is a wrong approach and will further fracture the two nations’ bilateral relationship. The Executive Order will only harm the already strained Ethio-Us relations and will not contribute to peace in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopian American Civic Council
Email: Web:
16890 E Alameda Pkwy #472795 , Aurora, Colorado 80017-2795

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  1. If you would have known who Joe Biden is, you would have never asked him to rescind his despicable and unwarranted decision sanctioning the great people of ETHIOPIA. Joe Biden spent his whole adult life in Washington DC, as a bureaucrat, as a corrupt individual, a lawmaker, stubborn, highly an egomaniac and therefore don’t expect anything to change with his arrogance and decision, he is a racist and a white supremacist, period end of the story.

  2. In his long stay in Washington DC, as member and chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as VP, Joe Biden prided himself to have been known and to have known world leaders. He claimed that knowledge to be a plus to work with ease with the world leaders. What Biden did in his long services as mentioned above were at times stick and carrot approach or use his slang ” sob” ( sanction or bomb) approach. Example Biden’s such approaches are the case of Biden’s demand for the firing of a prosecutor in Ukraine under the threat of holding aid fund allocated for that country. And just recently Biden blind sided an allied country France by selling submarine nuclear technology to Australia which had prior agreement with that technology with France. France as a result recalled its ambassador to the US. If Biden doesn’t give a damn to an European ally , would he care about Ethiopia’s plight to which he has been a party to?

  3. Tibebu Molla,
    Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn for anyone, he is gutless at best, he wants to rule the world in a rule of thumb, and replicate the Roman Empire and make a name for himself. Remember Joe Biden is a very racist, neocolonial, white supremacist, remember just recently he called or referred his FEMA adviser who happens to be African American “boy”. Joe Biden doesn’t won’t be known in public as a racist, because he knows racism in American politics has no future, otherwise he is blatantly racist and a white supremacist as well as a neocolonialist advocate.

  4. Although some people get credit to Terrorist TPLF group as being wise in using and spreading propaganda and misinformation, the truth is totally different.. The fact is TPLF Terrorist are dumb as a sitting stone in a a middle of desert because if they were smart e enough they would have stayed quiet when PM Abiy left them free in Tigray.
    When Britain and the US crowned TPLF Terrorists as leaders of Ethiopia back in 1991 Ethiopians never entertained the idea of such plan, cruelty, barbarity, hate for Ethiopians Unity, Genocide, and absence of religion and faith was coming face them. The truth regarding TPLF Terroristic nature is not new to Democrats but Joe Biden and Democrats wanted TPLF Terrorist to come back as a noble people and second government power that does not exist. That is why Ethiopians are upset about this unfair and partial stand of the West that gave comfort to TPLF Terrorists to get away with their numerous crimes against Amharas, Afars and Ethiopians.


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