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Revelation of Fake News and Misinformation: The Need for Counter Investigation on Investigative Reports

Photo credit : The New York Times

Taye Berhanu (PhD.) 

One can hardly deny the vital roles prominent international media networks and human rights  organizations play in fostering democracy, respect for human rights and in creating global  awareness on major issues of mankind’s concern. The raison d’etre for the establishment of the  Amnesty International, for instance, and the principles and tenets it upholds are truly humane and  historic. Likewise, media outlets like the CNN, BBC and Aljazeera are sources of news,  information and knowledge. 

Unfortunately, though, these corporations are also engaged in adverse roles menacing democracy,  peace and security. They have influenced and led governments astray to take irresponsible actions  which resulted in destabilizing various countries with ignominious catastrophes on millions of  peoples the world over. To the dismay of the helpless victims, they have continued with impunity  working against the objectives and ideals they ought to promote. Major powers and their respective  management bodies seem to heed little. 

Their ulterior motives reflected in Ethiopia for so many years is a case in point. The recent so called investigative reports of Amnesty International and CNN are so disgusting and disturbing.  They do not reflect, by any standard, the works of such esteemed organizations. In fact, the world  is used to getting such malicious fake news and fictitious reports. They employ two diametrically  opposite instruments of support and denial – silence and vociferation. The silence arms are used  not to expose criminals of their sides. They are outspoken and vociferous to unmask their dislikes.  

Ethiopia has traversed through immense trials and tribulations in its age-long history. Apparently,  the untold miseries the Ethiopian people have encountered for the last three decades epitomizes as  part and parcel of the worst inhumane world record. Regrettably, some international humanitarian  organizations and the international media network, including AI and CNN have a share to the  blame. They have immensely contributed to the seizing of government power of the Tigray  Liberation Front (TPLF). The Cold War situation could be a valid excuse for their roles in view of  the existence of antagonistic ideological positions. The end of the Cold War has done away with  the ideological rifts and the TPLF had accordingly subdued to the winning ideology throwing away  its Albania’s model of socialism.  

But, as promoters of democracy and defenders of human rights, their support to a backward,  undemocratic and inhumane political system – a brutal ethnic federal system- is incomprehensible. Surprisingly, they have kept silent for more than two decades witnessing TPLF’s obnoxious and  tragic atrocities. The silence was broken after the TPLF’s demise. The TPLF that was told by the  Ethiopian people “Enough is Enough” has arisen as a wounded hyena to destroy its own  Motherland.  

The TPLF has escalated its ill-devised and sordid conspiracies to destroy the lives of many  thousands. It organized, abetted and encouraged under its leadership ethnic based grotesque  attacks, destructions and looting of property, abduction, raping and all sorts of disgusting crimes  – eventually culminating in genocidal activities. It is no wonder the Ethiopian parliament  designated it as a terrorist organization that threatens to destabilize the nation and the region. The  genocidal crimes committed against the Federal Northern Command members and innocent civilians – children, women and men – in Maikadra, numbering more than 1561, according to  Gondar University Study Report, are the true manifestations of the nature of TPLF. Following this,  it frantically used the nation’s looted money to hire lobbyists to hoodwink the international  community. It has made use of its tentacles already entrenched in various international  organizations, including the UN bodies, international and local non-governmental organizations  as well as embassies. 

Deplorably, few international media networks and pseudo humanitarian organizations clamored  with the terrorists fanning fictitious and dangerous news and reports. Amnesty International has  made a report entitled “Ethiopia: Troops and militia rape, abduct women and girls in Tigray  conflict” – new report 10 August 2021. 

The contents of the report are simply sensational, full of biases, irrational, unjustifiable and  unfounded. The report never mentioned TPLF, as it is or as a terrorist organization. The naming  Tigray conflict is an attempt to portray that the conflict is between Ethiopia and Tigray. It loathes  to mention that the conflict is between the renegade terrorist organization, TPLF, and the Ethiopian  people, including Tigray language speaking people in Tigray region. Concomitantly, its phrasing  of the situation in Ethiopia and Tigray is a deliberate coined poison. Abduction is inserted in the  title; but no details are presented. It is mere addition to its unsubstantiated phrase mongering. 

The identity of the sex violence offenders was based on the language they spoke and the uniforms  they wore. This is sheer ignorance. Amharic is spoken by many who speak Tigray and Tigray is  spoken by many Amharic speakers also. The TPLF forces had also camouflaged themselves by  wearing Ethiopian and Eritrean military uniforms they prepared in advance. The witnesses are  drawn from TPLF members and/or supporters from prisons in the Sudan and Sudanese officials, a  country that has connived with TPLF since its inception and that has occupied Ethiopia’s territory. 

Amnesty International’s narration about rape depicts its ignorance of the Ethiopians’ moral, belief  and culture. Sex in Ethiopia is very sacred. Rape or sex violence is legally, morally, religiously  and culturally taboo or unacceptable. It would be discrediting the discipline of Ethiopian soldiers  that have served the international community for global peace and security without such  allegations. It has rapaciously and grossly imagined as if the civil war was on sex violence. The  language of its Secretary General, Agnès Callamard, alleging the Ethiopian government using rape  as a weapon of war is disgusting. It is a mockery to stand more concerned than the Ethiopian  Government and its people.  

Further, Amnesty International seem to be authoritative as having the mandate to instruct the  Ethiopian government, the UN and the AU. This is unexpected from such an organization that tries  to defend human rights. What makes the report more unprofessional is its utter bias and unreliable sources. The report had to scrutinize the warring factions, which it failed to do so. It did not use  reliable sources. 

As the old adage goes, birds of the same feather flock together. The respected international media  network, CNN, has followed the footprints of Amnesty International. It has a half-baked report with a title “Men are marched out of prison camps. Then corpses float down the river.” Its biases  are clearly and vividly witnessed by its own witnesses. Witnesses of the Sudanese local authorities,  that of the occupant force, and TPLF fighters, including the so-called Gebretensae, mirrored as  community leader wearing a cap with TPLF insignia, and refugees that are conscripted to fight the Ethiopian government. It is a pity to see CNN turn around the Ethiopian government’s previous  report on TPLF’s crime to its own false story. 

Both have used the term ethnic profiling or ethnic cleansing by pretending not knowing the culprit.  The intention is to add fuel to the problem that was initiated, escalated and perpetrated by the  TPLF. Both have tried to promote the concerns of the so-called human rights campaigners and  US-based Tigrayan advocates. They attempt to revive the unnecessary statements of the UN and  USA officials made by their misguided acts of fabrications.  

It is high time that the organizations that have major roles be investigated for fake news,  disinforming and misinforming the international community. It is a stark fact that the world is  being gravely infested with corruption of all sorts, including some journalists and employees of  human rights organizations serving as lobbyists and activists. It is, therefore, the responsibility of  all to have a close examination at the works of giant organizations in the interest of mankind by  having counter investigation on the investigative reports.


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  1. This shows the success of the propaganda onslaught by Debre and his operatives in the West. Debre’s operatives have been relentless from day one in bombarding policy makers of the West with exaggerated crimes present and in the past. They were able to shake up the nerves of the West with Rwanda 1994, Rwanda 1994. They were very successful in presenting our dear neighbors Amhara as some demonic Anti-Semi’s that ever existed in the Horn of Africa. I am calling on the well read countrymen/women with Amhara heritage to start a well planned approach of the Jewish organizations here in the West and present their true and harmonious values. What does Jake Tapper know about the origin of the current conflict let alone the people of Ethiopia? He must have spent his weekends with those who were spoon fed by Debre’s operatives. You will cool headed intellectuals in this effort and you will need to be relentless also convincing. CNN’s coverage was reckless in putting out news of ‘horrible’ incidences before independently verifying them. It was now Tapper and tomorrow it will be one of his ‘colleagues’ at NBC in Meet the Press. You have to clear up the demonization of your upright people with no further delay. You cannot stop them from ‘reporting’ because they are protected by the 1st Amendment but you can bring them back to their senses. Again, confrontation and name calling will not further the accord in this effort. You need to throw away that ‘critical theory’ outlook that poisoned our generations since the 1960’s and you need to work in teams. God Speed!!!

  2. This article should hit international media and websites. Al Mariam used to post his articles on Huffpost on Tplf. Others too must hit all of international media, even other nations site. As U.S citizen you have a right to talk about human righ violations on Ethiopians against terrorist Tplf. More evident is now showing, in Tplf there are Sudanese, dark Egyptians, lsraelies (convert ethiopians) joinig within Tplf. All this against themselves to empower Arabs and Israelies ( whites)

    • HI LUlu great personality

      Graham Peebles is a paid servant of amhara agency in the USA, just as Eritrean troops are paid by Prosperity party gangsters dominated by amhara based in ethiopia . Ittu Abba Farda is also an Oromo banda (traitor) like Tolosa ibsa, zehagere UK, working for amhara . Down down to the hell to Amhara mass media , yosef yitna and abel the zewoyne youtubers genociders

  3. Here is true revelation: Ethiopia will pay heavy price for not being neutral when big elephants fight, such as china and U.S, in the past, prior to the coward Derg, Ethiopia has always been neutral and remained friendly and created win-win with powerful nations. Since the rise of communism, Derg, Ehapa, Shabia, Tplf who are secretly in alliance with China and calling U.S imperialists and accusing H/Sellassie pro West and imperialistas well and became the darlings of china forcing Ethiopians towards China instead of neitrality. It was then since Ethiopuas’ bliod spilling since then! Under Shabia and Tplf, the current ethiopuan governmt publicly now it is against West and embracing china. Who is going to benefit? Definitely not ethiopua by getting ethiopia attacked by West, china and those groups l mentiioned above getting more and more power. Suppirting china doesn’t have to be revenge against past colinization, nor you have to worship china. Nothing is cutting slate. Ethiopias safety is by remaining neutral. These groips think china will be the superpower to replace West, that is lame thinking even it maybe true because,ethiopia has had beneficial relatiins with the U.S during Kennedy. Note: just like ethiopia has been affected by U.S foreign relatiins since Kennedy, Americans have been enslaved slowly after Kennedy as well although, it might not seem so. Especially, currently, U.S is clearly in danger than ever before. What is shocking is the Ethiopia’s belief system is now fully the belief of Tplf and Shabia who are staunch pro China

  4. Ittu Aba Farda , poltical advisor of Prosperity party based in California.

    The political advisor at home, Dinku hisret, locally called daniel kiseret, is playing terribly and scoring against his own team and waging a total war on the respectiful and loving Tegarus.
    Mark my words, daniel kibret and all those who waged war will be punished; I don’t support those who kill innocent civilians of all ethnicities and tribe.
    not out of fear or justice, but for the sake of humanity and 10 commandments. Killers should be punished for eternity in jails.

    You are doing great in grooming those donkeys and dogs , amhara elites of all colors, burabura, tikur aheya and amedama.

    TDF is winning both in the war front and diplomatic arena- no doubt about it .

    • Shameless woyane!! You guys are curse for Ethiopia and since October 2020, I do not consider these mercenary fascists as fellow Ethiopians.

    • O My Goodness! Where or how did you come up with such conclusion about me? You are wrong, man! Dead wrong!!! The language you used was just uncalled for. You can criticize it to maintain a civil discourse but to use such vile words is not right, man! That is the language those eyal-al-soups, those who grew up at bazaars in the Middle East, use because they grow up unattended. They are rude(balegas)!!! In other words, ill-bred and impudent. That is not our culture that I know.

  5. Now I started to believe former President Donald when he called CNN journalists as fake news journalists. The Diaspora has to do rigorous job in exposing CNN false reporting about the dead TPLF Terrorists preserved bodies found floating on Tekeze River to blame on Ethiopia and Amhara people.

    TPLF Terrorist on Amhara Ethnic cleansing and genocide started before they came to power in 1991, during and until now. The destruction of properties and slaughtering of cattle are all parts of the ethnic cleansing strategy that the west do not want to mention.
    That is why TPLF Terrorists with their evil strategies must be eliminated from the face of the earth. They should only exist as the worst kind of walking evil and the darkest period of time lesson in Ethiopia’s history. Well done the Ethiopian Force and People!!! No Samantha, UN, Amnesty International or anybody else should bully Ethiopia!!!


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