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General Abebaw Tadesse in North Wollo Front : Army standing reliable

Preparation for the next step of military operation said to be finalized. General Abebaw says the Army is in good standing

General Abebaw Tadesse ( Photo : Defense Force)


Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Abebaw Tadesse, on Thursday was in the North Wollo Front where he met with military commanders deployed in the area, as disclosed by the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

He is cited as saying that the army standing is reliable for the next step of the military operation in the region. 

His discussion with the military commanders focused on execution of military missions. He is said to have hailed the army for the successful operations so far.  

However, General Abebaw encouraged for continuation of support and readiness to further strengthen the army and for excellence in achieving military missions. 

The military commanders in the region have expressed optimism that the areas that are under the control of TPLF terrorists will soon be freed and those displaced will return. 

Furthermore, the Defense Force disclosed that the preparation for the next operation is finalized. 

A big portion of the North Wollo area of the Amhara region of Ethiopia has been under the control of TPLF terrorists for more than a month now. 

Amhara regional authorities said an estimated 4.5 million people are in the TPLF controlled areas and that the administration has no information about them.

There have been reports of famine and starvation in those areas. The TPLF spokesperson, Getachew Reda, earlier this week admitted that people in the area TPLF forces controlled are facing starvation

The Tigray rebels, and they are believed to be backed by the US government and European Union, have looted public and private properties, and destroyed infrastructure including schools and hospitals. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led government and Amhara regional have been criticized by some activists for not taking, as the critics say, decisive action to rescue over four million people under the control of TPLF facing famine and starvation in addition to rights violations.

General Abebaw returned to serve in the army from retirement after the TPLF forces attacked the northern command in November 2020.
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  1. Did I hear the general saying the next battle plan is being finalized? Yes sir! That is overdue. It better be something that will isolate Debre and his cabals and deal them lethal blows they will not be able to recover from. Not a single innocent civilian should be victimized. By the way dear general, how come you need a new battle plan after 19 divisions of Debre’s army were presumed dead in recent engagements? Right? Or was it just a breeze of hot air to make listeners feel good? Close to 228,000 soldiers decimated according to your other colleagues! Just curious. In any case, I wish you and the soldiers under your command the best of luck!!!

    Meanwhile the honorable general and his superiors should keep in mind that the final and lasting solution to the current conflict will only be materialized politically. Once the bigoted leaders are neutralized/made irrelevant the rest of the masses should be peacefully weaned away from the toxic ideology they have been fed for more than 45 years. An atmosphere of contrition and forgiveness should be allowed to dominate the inter-ethnic engagements and landscape. Honest contrition, both Holy Books tell us, is a virtue and not to be seen as an embarrassment and forgiveness in return is something that should be expected. God Speed!!!


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