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Tigray youth : why are you paying a sacrifice for a war that TPLF will never win, says EDF

The Ethiopian Defense Force asks youth in Tigray, “Why do you pay in life for TPLF’s war, which it will never win?.” In an ultimatum statement, it urged the youth in Tigray not to cooperate with TPLF, and pay sacrifices. 


The war that started out as a law enforcement operation against TPLF leaders following an unexpected attack on the northern commands of the Ethiopian Defense Force  has morphed into something that looks like a protracted war. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force seems to be optimistic about the war of TPLF terrorists. In a statement it issued on Wednesday, in which it called upon youth in the Tigray region of Ethiopia not to cooperate with TPLF leaders’ war to disintegrate Ethiopia, the Defense Force said TPLF could not win the war.

The spirit of the statement sounds more like an ultimatum. Similar ultimatum was issued when the Ethiopian Defense Force was marching towards Mekelle from different directions in December 2020. 

What is different this time is that the TPLF forces have been pillaging parts of Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from the Tigray region at the end of June of grounds of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire amid increasing pressure from the United States and the European Union over alleged blockade of routes to Tigray to deliver humanitarian  assistance. 

A considerable part of what is called the North Wollo in the Amhara region of Ethiopia is still in the hands of TPLF forces. According to Amhara regional state president, Agegnehu Teshager, about 4 million people are believed to be in the areas under the control of TPLF.  He said this week that his administration does not have information about their situation. 

However, it has been reported by state affiliated media that the TPLF terrorist forces have suffered multiples of crushing military defeats in South Gondar, North Gondar and parts of North Wollo. 

Last weekend, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed paid a visit to the Maytemri front in North Gondar where he spent hours with the Ethiopian Defense Force on the occasion of the Ethiopian New Year. 

Ethiopian Defense Force statement, on Wednesday, claimed that the TPLF is undertaking a compulsory conscription in the Tigray region after a significant portion of forces it deployed in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia were routed. 

“The Tigray youth is being a tool for the TPLF war whose goal is to disintegrate Ethiopia,” it said. Furthermore, the statement said that the youth and people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are paying in vain sacrifices for the sake of what it called TPLF leaders with greed for power and their intent to get away with impunity for the crimes they committed during their 27 years of rule. 

It also accused TPLF of mobilizing the youth with false propaganda and sending them to war against the rest of their Ethiopian brothers. 

Also, the statement emphasized that the inevitability of TPLF’s defeat as the Ethiopian People is providing all forms of support to the Ethiopian Defense Force, regional special forces and militia. 

One of the reasons why the Ethiopian Defense Force sees inevitability of TPLF defeat is that the Ethiopian people from border to border in all directions “hate”, in the words of the Defense Force, the TPLF. 
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  1. Hot Shots! Part Deux Redux!!!!

    That is what I was saying all along. Every claim of victory by ENDF should be taken with a grain of salt. I am hearing news that Debre and his hooligans have secured local following/allies from this very region and among certain Afar clans. Debre’s operatives are said to have successfully presented the Amhara people and their Oromo collaborators as oppressors of other ethnic groups with Semitic origin and one of the worst
    Anti-Semi’s in the region. That was when I said to myself ‘I was wondering why. Now I know’. CNN, NY Times and others are on the bullhorn ‘exposing’ atrocities in Tigray by those boogiemen Anti-Semi’s Oromaras. What are these two big fools, Amharas and Oromos are in the meantime doing, you may ask. These two fools are still calling each other names. They have lost control of the most despicable eyal-alsouqs in their midst who use disgusting profanity in their utterances like candies. They demean those they hate with word that denigrate our women and they are applauded with ‘Bravo! Bravo!’ They prefer to organize colorful demonstrations in the streets of Addis/Finfine, Dessie, Gondar and other towns. Boy, they look good and fearless warriors with all that khamr laced zerraafs and gerersas in those parades. They get so pumped up when Abiy, Bacha and other generals feed them with victories upon victories news from the battle fronts in the morning just to feel so down at the news of Debre taking another town nearby villages in the afternoon. Hey you Amharas!!! I am calling you Anti-Semi’s! Hey you Oromos including this Itu! You are Anti-Semi’s!!! Tapper and Company are coming for you! You are done! You better stoop down and welcome Debre and his Gold Race army. You need to be liberated anyway, you two fools!!!
    In fact, it just got a buzz from Debre.
    Ring, ring!! Who is this?
    Hey Ittu, it’s me and you know who, Debre
    Hi there! What it is, man! Whattabee like, bud?
    Can’t be any better, holmes! I just called to recite a new song for you that I learned from some notable in DC.
    Ok Let me hear it,
    Come out ye the Gold Race, and come out and fight like lions and tigers!
    You make coward Amharas and Oromos run like the hell away!!!
    From the green and lovely lanes of Mekele, Sekota and Waldiya!
    And you will run away from Gondar and Bahir Dar like the rest of the Anti-Semi!
    Hey Debre! I am familiar with the original version of this patriotic song. I know who taught you. I know her!
    Whatever, Ittu!!! Come out ye the Gold Race and come out to chase the Anti-Semi’s Oromaras from The Horn!!
    Ok, ok, ok, Debre! I have heard enough!!
    That’s it, Ittu for today. Gute Nacht!
    You speak German now?
    What can I say? Besides being the Gold Race, I’m also a polyglot!!
    Laylah Tov! That’s Hebrew for Good Night, just in case you don’t know. I learned that from my main man at CNN.


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