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Ethiopia: A Nation of Gambling Elites

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By Yimer Muhe

Once the paragons of selflessness, steadfastness, and resiliency, today most educated Ethiopians, especially the ones in Diaspora have become spineless, timid and sometimes directionless. They are so vulnerable they effortlessly succumb to manipulation by cadre activists, co-opted opposition party leaders, perennial and obsessed fundraisers and subservient demagogues. We are watching some of our role models with horror losing their luster, lacking stability and clarity. Most of them seem to be on an emotional roller coaster. They seem to subscribe to a wide variety of ideas and political views which they passionately hang on to momentarily and then discard them shifting to a totally different ones without regard to the principles that they individually claim to adhere to. As a result, most of them appear to be simultaneously clueless and opportunists.

It seems some of them have also convinced themselves that they have sacrificed enough for their country and people, and now is the time to be self-serving. As a result, some of them are using the guise of prioritizing some issues over others as a cover for their personal gain. Defending the Mother Land is one of the excuses they are using to side with current Ethiopian   government that has yet to admit the slaughter of its citizens in the killing fields of Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz Killils. Obviously, the gambling elites have chosen to park this ongoing tragedy on the backburner for now. For God’s sake, who wouldn’t know defending the motherland takes precedence over everything else all the time? Trying to preach this subject to Ethiopians is not only comical, it is also absolutely redundant.

In the last two months, “Sovereignty” has been a darling subject among the gambling elites. We hear them argue over and over again that the visa restrictions on some Prosperity Party leaders and the limited economic sanctions US imposed on Ethiopia violate Ethiopia’s Sovereignty. This begs the questions which sovereignty are they talking about? Weren’t they the ones fighting all this time to get rid of the TPLF Constitution that compromised Ethiopia’s Sovereignty as a nation by creating nine Sovereign Ethnic “Killils”? Isn’t this the height of naivety and confusion on their part?  

In response to the US economic sanctions and visa restrictions, some of them wrote lengthy articles that mercilessly castigated USA using unnecessary languages that should have been reserved to a sworn enemy. It was even suggested to burn its flag. Is it really in the best interest of Ethiopia to antagonize US in such a fashion? As if this was not a big strategic blunder and embarrassing enough, they were also simultaneously begging Congress not to go along with the Biden Administration’s decisions to punish Ethiopia by withholding economic aid. Could one imagine of another undertaking in gambling with the motherland worse than this? The gambling elites seem to forget they were the ones leading the effort to convince the US Congress to pass HR128 and SR168 to impose economic sanctions against the TPLF dictatorship in addition to heading the so-called “Lets Starve the Beast” effort to deprive TPLF of foreign hard currency. This is indeed the time to cry “Cry, the Beloved Country!”

As luck has it, a significant number among the gambling elites who have chosen to ignore the horrible facts on the ground are Amharas. It is said about 500 of them recently flew to Ethiopia not on a fact finding mission but to attend the inauguration of the newly “elected” government of the country. Whatever happened to the inner voice of their conscience and their once unwavering stand on issues that are dear to their heart is anybody’s guess. Do they really see any rosy future for the country under the current leadership looking at its track record? Regardless, how could they ignore how an assured victory was deliberately let go resulting in the devastation of North Wollo, South Gondar, and the Afar Killil by the Terrorist TPLF and the ensuing starvation? Rallying around a leader who deliberately keeps avoiding to mention the massacre of Amharas let alone admitting genocide will definitely make them not only hypocrites and opportunists bordering on treason, but also partners in crime. 

Talking about opportunists, Prof. Al Mariam and Prof. Dagnachew Asefa are in a league of their own. Don’t get me wrong, I used to admire both professors for their great contributions to the downfall of TPLF. Unfortunately today, they both are at the top of the compromised educators – the gambling elites. Supporting the Ethiopian government is one thing, but time and again avoiding the subject of the Amhara genocide by these two professors in their public engagement in any form is not something history will take it lightly. In fact, due to their closeness to the Prime Minister, their role as enablers is more than enough to hold them accountable when the time is ripe. 

Prof. Al Mariam who used to shine as the voice of reason and the down-trodden has certainly morphed into something bizarre. Few months ago, in an interview with ESAT, the whole world heard him threatening America with some bombastic words. We all know that he has made a career out of lambasting Susan Rice, but who would imagine he would go to the extent of   ridiculing USA as a nation? I could not help laughing when I heard him say Ethiopia could teach America about Democracy. At that moment it downed on me that sometimes the “Law of Diminishing Returns” does really work in unexpected ways. When reason gives way to emotion, forget about defending your country, you could end up becoming a liability to its interests. For a person of his stature who tirelessly wrote lengthy articles for 15 years non-stop exposing the crimes of TPLF only to wind up as an opportunist and a hypocrite is really a great loss to the country. 

Would you believe that Dr. Dagnachew Asefa, the beloved and witty Professor of Philosophy recently equated the Prime Minster to Napoleon Bonaparte? Would you believe he said that the spirit of Bonaparte is manifesting in the Prime Minister? Yes, he did! Who would believe that the affable professor would sound like one of the false prophets such as Eyu Chufa or Ihite-Mariam (Sinidu)? Could his behavior be explained away as a sibling rivalry knowing that his younger brother Genenew Asefa and his sister Genet Zewde were once docilely serving TPLF while he was being harassed and jailed by the latter? For now, I might have to leave this issue to psychologists. Be that as it may, one thing we can be absolutely sure of is that Pro. Dagnachew Asefa has become to the current Ethiopian government what Dr. Endrias Eshete had been to the TPLF dictatorship for 27 years long, and we know what happened.

No one can argue against the fact that TPLF takes the lion’s share for the moral degeneration and the resultant chaos in Ethiopia. However, we cannot deny the truth that for the most part, in the case of Ethiopia, scholarship has been a curse in disguise that is bleeding it to death! Our country has become a nation of reckless, immoral, and conniving gambling elites. This is indeed the time to cry “Cry, the Beloved Country!”


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  1. Oh my my …!
    Right now, when enemies of Ethiopia are scrambling to break Ethiopia apart, this article is yet another attempt to divide us to fulfill Woyyanes Mission from Egypt and Sudan. Readers, just listen to Getachew Reda’s today’s interview on Egyptian media. If not at least read Suleiman Abdella’s today’s piece. What is the author’s point? To see the dismemberment of Ethiopia?

  2. Dear Yimer ,
    I liked your writing skill and language knowledge,not the content though.
    Your analysis and understanding of the real situation on the ground seems to be too academic ,most importantly with no clue of what is required to save Ethiopia in the real sense which we genuine Ethiopans,
    specially those of us who are still living in the country want to see to live peacefully.
    So please tell us the way forward how we can see a stable Ethiopia. Otherwise your write-up remains too theoretical leaving us in a confusion .Your debate style is just like the old time hostility between EPRP and Maeson parties.


  3. There is some truth in this and that is, demonizing the most powerful country in the world only tighten the rope that is strangling Ethiopia today. Ethiopians unless they unite, especially in Ethiopia, they cantcwin the war, what they must do , the people not to isolate the government, who maybe its arms being twisted by foreigners, liberation ftonts. When massacare happened in Amara, it shows the government and people are not in power, considering the government is working truly for people and not for some foreign interest, l am afraid that is happening right now. The diaspora’s mouth strike is faster than their lobbying, or targetting ethiopias’ enrmies in the diaspora that is what protects ethiopia. The diasoora must unite and lobby against ethiopuas enemies, not only that their education should allow the to defend ethiopia internationally. Getvto lmow, network with foreign people that will help then on issues of ethiopia. The Orthodox os continuing to weaken, the Mimenans must do the job to protect it get rid of non believers, protestants, fake folliwers in the church

  4. Subject: “Ethiopia: A Nation of Gambling Elites”, By Yimer Muhe, September 15, 2021

    Humble Comment, 16 September 2021
    “YIMER” Fantastic Diplomatic Civilized Expression — credit for the ancient ETHIOPIA. One is tempted to say, at the risk of sounding emotional YES, WISDOM can also flourish In OUR ENTIRE DEAR CONTINENT of BLACK AFRICA. One of the ugly tools of colonialism, in handling Africa, is to break and destroy the image of Black Africa from its roots. Though failed, colonialism succeeded in hypnotizing the entire Black Race to emulate the White Race and instill the cruel criminal act of inferiority complex upon an entire race. It is the crime of all crimes.
    The history of the so-called ‘civilized colonialism’ by Europe, America and others, to DESTROY Black Africa can never be forgotten.

    Going back to the current problem of Ethiopia, it goes without saying that Ethiopian action, at this point in time, must be focused to the absolute essential urgent matter to save Ethiopia from disintegration into pieces. It will be monumental crime to do so. It is not an exaggeration. And so — in the eternal diplomatic Ethiopian expression — let the urgent action to save Ethiopia YIMER.


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