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20 Kilograms of Cannabis seized in Negele town, police disclosed

Cannabis _ Ethiopia
Cannabis seized by Police in Negele Borena (Photo : ENA)


Police on Tuesday said that they have seized 20 kilograms of  Cannabis in Negele Borena town. 

The Ethiopian News Agency cited  Guji Zone police crime prevention department deputy director, Gutema Safay, to report that it was seized on Sunday during a search in a residential home in the town. 

Three suspects linked to the Cannabis are in custody and investigation is underway, it was said. 

Police claims that it was prepared to be delivered to Shane ( Oromo Liberation Front – Military wing). However, the report unspecified the spatial destination specifically. 

From security related incident reports by state media, the Oromo Liberation Front – Shane mostly operates in Wollega and Guji zones of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia. 

Police said the Cannabis originated from the Kuyera Shashamane area. 

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