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How TPLF made school impossible in parts of Amhara region

Over one million students are out of school in the parts of Amhara region where the TPLF destroyed schools. It means that education is not possible for them until after reconstruction in a way to support the teaching learning process. 

Among damaged school


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has entirely destroyed about 260 schools in the parts of the Amhara region  that came under its control following the declaration of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in late June this year. 

The Amhara region Education office has confirmed it,as reported by EBC. 

Furthermore, the Ministry said another 2,511 schools are partially damaged.  Getachew Biyazin , head of the region’s education office, reportedly said that educational institutions entirely destroyed by what he called TPLF invasion has affected all forms of schools ranging from pre-school to post secondary educational facilities including colleges. 

They used to support well over one million students. What makes school impossible for them? The region’s education office says that the TPLF looted resources vital for the teaching-learning process. In a situation where it understood that it can not loot them, it has destroyed them completely – according to a report by EBC. 

The radical ethnic Tigray rebel forces have lost control of some of the towns that it controlled for over a month. The loss came after a rigorous counter-offensive military operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force,  Amhara region special forces and militia deployed to the region from different parts of Ethiopia. 

The region’s education office is planning to send a task force to the areas affected by TPLF with the aim to assess the level of damage. 

Once that is completed, the regional education office plans to launch a reconstruction work. However, it is unspecified as to when it will be completed and if school is still possible, in the parts of Amhara region affected by the situation, during this academic year. 

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