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Joe Biden’s Message for the Ethiopian New Year

Joe Biden had the audacity to express Ethiopian New Year best wishes


The Biden Administration has been issuing statement after statement condemning Ethiopia over alleged human rights violations and the “use of hunger as weapons of war” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

All the allegations were never verified with an independent body. Rather, aid agencies, including USAID, were involved in unethical practices by way of supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). TPLF fighters that are captured in battles were caught with high energy aid biscuits. The USAID denied that it did not distribute to the TPLF fighters.  It made claims that its warehouses were looted by the TPLF forces. 

After the Ethiopian government withdrew from the Tigray region on condition of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the TPLF moved its forces out of Tigray and controlled parts of Afar and Amhara region where it carried out massacres against innocent civilians. Mr. Joe Biden’s administration did not say a word condemning the atrocities by TPLF. 

But Mr. Biden has the audacity to convey a message for Ethiopian New Year. The reaction is not just indifference but distaste. 

His messages reads as follows :

Statement by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on the Celebration of Enkutatash

Jill and I send our best wishes for a happy new year to all the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and all those around the world celebrating Enkutatash tomorrow, including hundreds of thousands of Americans with Ethiopian or Eritrean heritage.

Ethiopian-Americans and Eritrean-Americans are vital to every aspect of the life of our nation—enriching communities all across the United States—and I know the past year has been difficult for many of you. In addition to the pain and loss caused by COVID-19, the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia may be directly affecting your families and loved ones. We are all deeply concerned by the reports of violence against civilian populations in Ethiopia, and my Administration is engaging in robust diplomacy with our partners throughout the region to peacefully resolve conflicts in the Horn of Africa. I also recognize and appreciate the direct contributions many of you make to strengthen peace and prosperity in the region as members of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Diaspora.

The United States has a deep and long-lasting commitment to the people of the Horn of Africa. We will continue to speak out against violence and the inhumane treatment of any group of people, and we will continue our support for addressing humanitarian needs in the region. We believe Ethiopia, a great and diverse nation, can overcome its current divisions and resolve the ongoing conflict, beginning with a negotiated ceasefire. Building peace will not be easy, but it can and must begin now with dialogue and by seeking unity in our common humanity.

Melkam Addis Amet to all those celebrating. And I pray this New Year may usher forth peace, reconciliation, and healing for families and communities across Ethiopia, Eritrea, and worldwide.


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  1. Typical double talk. Ethiopians should never be swayed by such kind of foreign policy talk, purposely prepared to confuse. and distract attention.
    History shows the US had never been on the side of Ethiopia, be it with Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Said Barre’s war against Ethiopia, and now TPLF’s atrocities. On the other hand, Ethiopia had been consistent friend of USA, such as by joining the Korean War.

    The Ethiopian government, ably led by PM Abiye Ahmed, is on the right track to chart Ethiopia’s future, be it in management of domestic affairs and foreign policy, vision to uproot poverty and promote economic prosperity for all and across all sectors, building very strong defense and security forces to prevent future aggression from within and without, build home grown democracy, etc. No interference by any foreign powers in any form, usually under the guise of ‘foreign aid’, should be accepted or tolerated.

  2. The snake, the vindictive slick Willy, the double talker, we are suppose to believe him! He is faking it big time, everyone knows he doesn’t mean it. In one hand he is openly supporting a designated terrorist organization TPLF which has been terrorizing and looting ETHIOPIA for over a quarter of a century and to this very day, as well as conspiring with Ethiopia’s enemies to disintegrate the ancient land of ETHIOPIA.
    Joe Biden wishing Ethiopians a happy new year? He is gutless.

  3. Subject: “Joe Biden’s Message for the Ethiopian New Year,, September 10, 2021

    Harsh Comment, 1 Sept 2014 (EC)
    I am disappointed by His Exelency President Joe Biden of USA.
    I never expected from him a 180 Degree out of phase posture against Ethiopia.

    Needless to say, it is his prerogative to express his emotion in any form. It is called Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.
    Nothing else to add other than to hope that OUR DEAR WORLD KEEPS ON ROTATING.
    I wish good luck to the American People with President Biden at the Helm of Administration & which also affects the WORLD.
    I also wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to the PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA., and to those who are scattered around the GLOBE.

    There is no doubt that ETHIOPIA will retain its ancient admirable history as the only, and only, one longest BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY around the GLOBE. to retain its INDEPENDENCE, with PRIDE (regardless of internal matters) . THAT IS A FACT that NOBODY CAN DENY.
    Amen – Inshallah [in alphabetical order, that is)
    EC = Ethiopian Calendar &; YES! “ETHIOPIA” one of the BLACK African States to have ITS OWN CALENDAR, & ;UNIMAGINABLE phenomenon to RACIST quarters.

  4. Dear Mr. President and First Lady,

    Thank you very much for having us all in your thoughts and prayers on this New Year occasion. It is all my hope and prayers that when you wish us another Happy New Year exactly a year from today, peace and stability has arrived in that country of Ethiopia which is besieged by its own very cruel children who chose to pull the triggers of death instead of listening to each other and the wise. They have lost their reason and chosen the entrapment of mutual destruction. Dialogue and peace are merits have become things to be despised. They prefer to sling insults and pejoratives to their opponents and even to their well wishers. ‘Thank you’ has become a foreign phrase to them that does not exist in their set of value. Let’s hope and pray that long before the next Ethiopian New Year mothers there are no more wailing for their children who perished in the current senseless conflict. I wish you and Good Ole USA the nation that took many of us under her wings protecting us from despots who chased us out of our country of birth giving us the 2nd chance in life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness. Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. The usual insincere and deceitful message. The usual politicking on the lives and future of peoples and countries of Africa.

    How can they think we will forget what they have done for months / doing right now – helping the terrorist TPLF in every way possible? They have marshaled their allies (Europeans),some Arab countries, the Western world’s media empire, the so called NGOs, even the UN bodies to support TPLF’s satanic war to destroy our country?

    When terrorists kill Americans (remember the latest, 13 soldiers in Afghanistan), Biden would, “hunt them and bring them to book”. When TPLF terrorists kill in thousands, destroy property, here comes the peace-maker Biden, “stop fighting and negotiate!”.

    The writing on the wall is clear, and Biden and Co. have read it. I guess few Ethio-, Erit-Americans might fall to the deceitful gesture, but the majority knows much better, and will speak at the coming elections. That seems the main purpose of Biden’s message. This is their routine tactic, divide and conquer.


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