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UN refugee agency says the number of Ethiopian refugees in Sudan decrease, whereabouts “unknown”

More than 40,000 Ethiopians , mostly TPLF rebel forces who lost war in November last year, who crossed the Sudan border were in refugee camps in Sudan

UN refugee agency


The United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR) confirmed on Tuesday that the number of registered Ethiopian refugees in Sudan is decreasing. 

However, it called the decrease in number “modest.”  It was unspecified as to where those registered asylum seekers moved to after they left the refugee camps. 

In a statement issued on September 7, UNHCR said “While there has been a modest decrease in the number of Ethiopian refugees in the refugee camps in recent months, UNHCR is not able to verify the whereabouts of those who have left.” 

However, the agency speculated that they “may have returned to their country of origin.” 

Furthermore, UNHCR remarked on the situation, saying “Refugee status is incompatible with active participation in armed conflict. Any registered refugees who may have returned to Ethiopia and joined the conflict are no longer considered refugees.” 

Last week, top Ethiopian military general, Bacha Debelle, confirmed that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attempt to open up a corridor between Sudan and Tigray region failed after more than 10,000 TPLF rebels soldiers were annihilated by the Ethiopian Defense Force and Amhara region security forces. 

There was also a report from state media about a week ago that forces who attempted to infiltrate Ethiopia from Sudan with the intention to create disability in the area where Ethiopia’s mega project, GERD, is located were neutralized by the Ethiopian Defense Force. However, it was not confirmed if they were linked to those who fled from the refugee camps in Sudan. 

An estimated 40,000 TPLF forces were believed to have crossed the Ethio-Sudan border in November 2020 after they lost the war they triggered against the Ethiopian Defense Force and Eritrea too. 

Before the vanquished TPLF forces crossed to Sudan, where they were treated as asylum seekers, they unleashed a horrifying massacre in Maikadra. Human rights organizations and Ethiopian government bodies  have confirmed that the rebel forces undertook the massacre. Well over 1000 civilians (including children, women and elders) were brutally massacred in Maikadra and several mass graves were uncovered. An investigation into the massacre by  Ethiopian Human Rights Commission revealed that the massacre was premeditated and politically motivated one. 


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  1. The agent of colonialists, Nazis and Fascists UNHCR very well knows where about refugees from Ethiopia, specifically from the regional state of Tigray, UNHCR is helping, supporting terrorism on ETHIOPIA and supporting terrorist TPLF by providing them needed supplies and logistically to recruit the Tigrayan refugees as terrorists and smuggle them back into ETHIOPIA via Sudan’s border by UNHCR, so they can commit terrorism and atrocities on the people of ETHIOPIA, that’s why terrorist TPLF terrorists are able to survive and sustain in committing their crimes, terrorism and atrocities against ETHIOPIA.

  2. Subject: UN refugee agency says the number of Ethiopian refugees in Sudan decrease, where about “unknown”“, borkena, September 8, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 8 September 2021
    QUOTE: “More than 40,000 Ethiopians , mostly TPLF rebel forces who lost war in November last year, who crossed the Sudan border were in refugee camps in Sudan” UNQUOTE

    It is sad to say it but we Africans brought it ourselves. We can’t blame others — after all their obligation is to themselves — not to the backward BLACK AFRICANS. Simply put, we are not capable to protect ourselves, let alone the physical African rich land ; the attractive feature of our natural rich Continent to everlasting hungry colonial powers for seemingly time immemorial. They don’t give “a damn” about the BLACK people of Africa. NEVER!

    Will the honourable United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR) help the battered Africa from inside-out poverty and backwardness?!?!? The answer is obvious. The UN is NOT a solution to Africa and was NEVER meant to help develop Black Africa. NEVER.

    How about our top notch Western/Eastern Educated African Scholars of the Most Highest Order? An Ethiopian proverb answered it elegantly, in a question form. Here it is. I am obliged to use the enemy language for translation,: Quote. DON’T YOU HAVE A DEAD RELATIVE?” Unquote
    Indeed, we are all Quasi- Dead when it comes to LIVING. We — BLACK AFRICANS —just exist and being used by “colonial masters of years gone bye” . The FIELD is wide open to prove it wrong. THE END

  3. This is when it is the perfect moment to use the term the young generation of our time uses to express its disdain at the obvious, duh!!!
    Hey UN! Did you say you don’t know where the refugees go? Duhhhhhhhhh!!!! You should have asked Hamdok or even better Al-Fattah before you made a fool out of yourself. Those two know where exactly the missing ‘refugees’ have gone. Duhhhhhhhhh!!! Were many of them ‘refugees’ or ‘fugitives’? Duhhhhhhhhh!!!

  4. Shouldn’t the sudden drop of asylum seeker Tigres confirm Ethiopia’s main concern that Sudan is harboring TPLF Terrorists? Shouldn’t that also be the main job of UNCHR that has ample experience in differentiating asylum seekers from Mai Kadra Amhara genocidists.

    All along Sudan government is harboring, feeding, training and sending Terrorist TPLF savage murderers to Ethiopia. In the meantime UNCHR kept on keeping quiet until TPLF savage murderers got caught in battle carrying UNCHR and TPLF Terrorist id cards with Protein bar donated by WFP. Where is the so called donors are going???? Hmmmmmmm

  5. Dear My Countrymen/Women:

    I just want to post this comment wishing you and your entire families a Happy New Year. Let’s also have those innocent civilians who lost their blessed lives at the hands of the terrorists in our thoughts and prayers. Since I sent you the same new year wishes this time last year we have gone through tumultuous moments due to the pandemic. It shows that I have continued to be so blessed to wish you Happy New Year a full year later. All Glory To Him! Alhamdulillah!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  6. What most dont understand: huge global restructure is underway esgf especially as global currency changes to digital currency and now more foreign currency, as supposed to dollar will be intriduced. Be ware, while you may be excited against U.S, it is controlled by some powerful and not fault of americans. The so called puppets of minirity like rices, obamas, think better future coming with these groups cobtrolling america, no, in fact great divide, dett population, etc will affect further african anericans and africans, those christian faiths, etc black or white. One can tell the alliance of tge groupsin U.S and china as we can tell tge future of the world will now be in the hands of china in alliance of communist groups controlling nations, esp Western leaders who are now communist. So there is no good future in case you are excited by being against U.S. it doesnot matter. Why did ethiopia was controlled by communists and still is, is because tplf and shania leaders are communists for tge global new order. U.S leaders as well are now communists.

  7. Meanwhile, let’s all have those citizens who perished at the hands of savage mobs incited by bigots there and here among us in our thoughts. Let’s have all those young people who had the whole world waiting for them but were untimely cut down in senseless conflicts instigated by despots and hideous individuals. Let’s all pray for and console those mothers wailing for their baby boys and daughters who did not make it back home. Let’s tell those angry and grieving fathers that they are not alone and we are here in spirit and there in person for them. Those perished young people are victims whose right and opportunity to live was taken away by conniving so-called politicians. They were just like my and your children who should have had the same chance, who were expected to make their parents proud at excelling in schools and careers. They were brutally denied that opportunity and they were led into awaiting infernos. At the end of the day nothing good will come out of this carnage but the disappearance of young people from every small rural village and urban centers. Men have lost their Allah Bestowed reasons over there!!! Those of you who feed the raging fire with from your comfy homes here among us in the Diaspora, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Nobody should be proud of this bloodletting. Nobody!!!

  8. Be wary, Orthox maybe going another type of infiltration suspivious of dr Wedajeneh the messenger of foreigners, and weakening it since Derg. Tplf and now both Wahabi and Protestant, it is matter if power. If Ethiopia is on right direction, the Sinod must appoint Merkorios whom Aby brought him back from U.S, he is the real one, and the memenans must cleanse the church from tplf, communists, protestants and wahabi, if there is true change it is upto Memenans to start the true original Orthodix faith, not hybrid. Many tactics and foreign messengers like dr wedajeneh may like ethiopia but possibly agenda to hybridize Orthodox. It looks like Memenans seem to have too much locomotion around Orthodox but seems it is all about presentation, miney as supposed to its true teaching, faith, living as devout. We will see.Aba Matewos is Cadre and not real Papal, including showing priests to make money and not serving people. After all, you have to follow the footsteps of christ. The quality if the faith and dogma had decreased tremendously with mo accountanility ever since esp under tplf.

    • Lulu sounds mahibre erkusan . You will be a history like eritre and eritreans . We will destroy you all. dogs in the church, socalled mahibre kidusan must be dissolved. Eritrea will no more be a country from 2014 on ward

      conservative Amhara


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