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Pagume : Ethiopians pray for peace as they are poised to receive new year

Lastweek, Inter Religious Council of Ethiopia passed a decision for Ethiopians to pray for peace in their country in the month of Pagume

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Pagume is the shortest and last month in the Ethiopian Calendar. The 13th month has only five days except when it is a Leap Year; during which the number of days in the month are six. 

Today is Pagume one in the Ethiopian Calendar. In five days, Ethiopians will usher to the new year. It is called Enkutatash. The new year is 2014. 

Last week, the Inter Religious Council of Ethiopia called upon all Ethiopians, in the country or abroad, to spend Ethiopia’s 13th month in prayer and fasting in accordance with their respective religious traditions. 

Ethiopia was drawn to a civil war when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020. 

The war has already caused immense damage to life and material. The Ethiopian government has not yet disclosed the number of people killed and wounded. 

What is known is that civilians had been targeted, including in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.  Thousands killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. 

Religious leaders in the Inter Religious Council of Ethiopia emphasized the importance of the prayer and fasting. 

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Day is celebrated in a panel discussion. Dignitaries, including President Sahlework Zewde, attended it. 

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