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Food preparation for TPLF forces in Tigray raise question about “hunger in Tigray”

A story  released this week by Tigray Media reveals that the claim about food shortage in the Tigray region of Ethiopia may actually be baseless

Tigray TV video footage screenshot shows residents of Mekelle preparing food for TPLF fighters ( Source : SM)


The United States, the European Union and partnering non-state actors in the west have been accusing Ethiopia of using “hunger” as a weapon of war. 

The Ethiopian government has been rejecting the allegation is baseless. 

Recently, it was established that the World Food Program (WFP) highly nutritious food that was supposed to be distributed to those in need in the Tigray region was distributed to TPLF fighters.  How was it established? Captured TPLF fighters in the North Wollo Front were caught with USAID labelled biscuits. 

Days after they were caught, the USAID in Ethiopia claimed that the TPLF forces looted USAID warehouses in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

New evidence that emerged in social media indicates that the claim about food shortage and possible hunger in Tigray region does not reflect the reality in the region. 

A Tigary TV production that was meant to be for a propaganda stunt demonstrates there is no indication of food shortage in the region. 

The program shows people in the region preparing for TPLF fighters, in Mekelle and other parts of Tigray region. Screenshots from the video footage of the transmission show people preparing dry ration for the TPLF forces.    

Ethiopian activists have been relentlessly opposing what they considered as “Weaponized aid” from the western world. 

The United States State department has issued several statements about the alleged “use of hunger as a weapon of war.” 

A great majority of politicized Ethiopians do believe that the United States and its allies  are pursuing regime change agenda in Ethiopia and support the Tigray People’s Liberation Front – which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization.

As the balance of power shifts in favour of the Ethiopian Defense Force,  the U.S. and European Union swing to the “humanitarian crisis in Tigray” rhetoric  and negotiation as a solution to end  war – which the TPLF triggered in November 2020. 

The Ethiopian government claimed that it spent over 100 billion birr in humanitarian aid in Tigray in a span of eight months and that the warehouse in Tigray were full of aid food when defence force withdrew from the region following a unilateral ceasefire in late June. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that TPLF suffered a devastating defeat in the Afar region of Ethiopia. They are said to have lost control of Uwa town. 

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