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TPLF sent a letter to 52 countries appealing for peace after losing several battles

TPLF claims military advances in Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, but says it is ready for peace, and wants state and non-state actors to push Prime Minister Abiy’s Administration to accept negotiation to resolve the problem.  

TPLF _ Ethiopian government _ negotiation
TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael supporters cheering after they learned that he is alive ( Photo : Social Media)


When the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire at the end of June 2021 with the objective to let farmer take advantage of planting season and facilitate unfettered access for the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the Tigray region, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders called the ceasefire” a joke.” 

In the ensuing weeks, the terrorist organization resorted to military adventure in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, where it massacred thousands of civilians, including children and women.  Over  five hundred thousand people were displaced from both regions. 

Destruction of public and private properties in the areas that came under TPLF is said to be unprecedented in the history of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has not yet disclosed an official estimate of the level of destruction. Activists who have been following the development closely seem to believe that property damage in many towns and cities in the Afar and Amhara region is worth several hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions. 

When Meaza Giday, an ardent TPLF supporter and activist, appeared on AlJazeera, one of the questions she asked was as to why the TPLF is in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. Her answer turned out to be a laughing matter for millions of Ethiopia. Thousands have ridiculed her for it. She said, “The TPLF forces are in the Afar and Amhara regions to find a political solution to the conflict.” Aljazeera Stream host’s, Femi Oke, reaction was “that does not make sense!” 

The TPLF on Saturday sent a letter to 52 states and international organizations accusing Eritrean and Ethiopian government forces as well as special forces from Amhara region of Ethiopia of “unprecedented war crimes and inhuman atrocities.”  It further accused them of committing all kinds of crimes against the people of Tigray. 

In the statement, as disclosed by Tigray Television, the TPLF made claims that it is making military advances in the Afar and Amhara regions, but it believes, TPLF claims, in a peaceful resolution to the problem. It called upon the countries and international organizations, for whom the letter is written, to pressure Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government to accept the peaceful negotiation.

The TPLF appeal for peace came at a time when the Ethiopian government announced major battle victories in multiple fronts in the Gondar and Wollo fronts. From the presentation by General Bacha Debelle, who on Saturday had a press conference in the capital Addis Ababa, the victories were achieved by the Ethiopian forces (including militia and Amhara region special forces). 

The battle that TPLF fought in Gondar was intended to take control of Humera which would have enabled it to open a corridor with Sudan for logistical and arms supply to continue the war. General Bacha Debelle said on Saturday that the TPLF plan to open the corridor has failed. Over 10,000 TPLF forces are said to have been killed in the Gondar and Wollo battle fronts. 

Ethiopian activists and opposition party politicians who are also active on social media do not seem to support negotiation with the TPLF – which may mean that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government could find it risky to entertain the negotiation idea. Rather, there have been Twitter campaigns with hashtags like #NoNegotiationWithTPLF and #DisarmTPLF, among others. 

At this writing, the Ethiopian government has not reacted to TPLF’s call for peace. There were unconfirmed reports that the government of South Sudan seeks to mediate Ethiopian government and TPLF, which the Ethiopian parliament declared as a terrorist organization. 

Before the TPLF started the war when it attacked several bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020, there have been initiatives by religious leaders and elders to convince the TPLF leadership not to resort to convince to resort to negotiation with the Federal government rather than confrontation. If failed because TPLF bluffed it. After it caused multiples of massacres and claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people ( it is not formally disclosed by the government yet), TPLF sees advantage in negotiation as it starts to see no hope of winning the war even with the support of external actors that are hostile to Ethiopia.

Video : embedded from Tigray Television
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. How come this article on the Borkena website I am familiar with? I found it posted on Mereja forum posted by Revelations under ‘TPLF sent a letter to 52 countries appealing for peace after losing several battles [BORKENA]’. What is going on here?
    Btw, Borkena is one of two only sites that kindly provide forums for us to express our opinion. The other one is Mereja Forum. All the others are either folded forever or do not provide platforms anymore. Abugidainfo, Nazret, Ethiopianege, Satenaw and several others do not provide a stage for readers anymore or they have closed down completely. I hope our dear waterhole Borkena will hang around for us for years to come. But in these days of the economy badly bruised by the pandemic it is hard to tell. May Almighty’s Blessings be upon them and their families.

  2. Terrorist TPLF does not have in it’s vocabulary a word called “PEACE “ and therefore the people of ETHIOPIA and PM. ABIY AHMED’s government must keep pursuing hunting and destroying the American, England, European Union supported terrorist TPLF, which has been trying to destroy and fracture motherland ETHIOPIA.
    It’s not a surprise that terrorist TPLF is sending letters to it’s supporting countries, in order to recover and get supplies that it needs to reignite it’s terrorism against the people of ETHIOPIA and try to accomplish the orders of it’s masters. Destroy terrorist TPLF once and for all, never to be heard of in the land of ETHIOPIA again.

  3. It is reported that the Abiy administration and Eritrean government have reliable information about the size of Debre’s army/militia. Debre was able to train close to 200,000 young men as fighting men and women beginning 2014. As smart despots they are, have sensed something is afoot for them that they could not control. They had a pretty good idea that they will lose the mantle of ruling the country as they wish and have been pilfering assets of the military for more than 2 years before the tsunami exploded on them in Oromia and Amhara regions in 2016. They are despots but what makes them different from other despots is they are smart. They were making things insurmountable by making militia training very hard both in Oromia and Amhara regions while they were building their own well armed and trained militia. Their lackeys both in Oromia and Amhara regions were partners-in-crime in this decades’ long policy. Eritrea was an excuse for them. Now both Oromia and Amhara regions have to start from scratch. Even the ENDF had to regroup itself. That is why both Amhara and Afar regions needed the help from the ENDF to stop Debre’s rampaging army. It is just upsetting to know that while Oromia and Amhara were bust enjoying inciting gerersas and battle cries just telling somewhat folkloric heroic spoils that took place more than a century ago, Debre and his goons were laughing at those two fools building a well equipped army. Those Amhara were driven into a frenzy listening to their Zarraaf licks and their Oromo neighbors were jumping up and down gripped with similar frenzy listening to some gerersas about a made up victory their ancestors achieved on that boogie man Menelik at Chelenqo(Calanqoo). At one such concerts where the victory at Chelenqo was told in an intoxicating gerersa a friend told me an entire audience in Chicago was almost about to start a riot. But at the same time, Debre and his goons were laughing at these two fools and sharpening their tools of war. Now it is like feast of famine where every official in both Oromia and Amhara is running around like a chicken its head suddenly chopped off. Debre has heavy guns and every type shoulder carried arms. He has close to 200,000-men trained army. Even what Bacha told us recently about the demise of 5,600 fighters is factual, Debre will still have more than 190,000 soldiers. It is also reported that Debre did not send Tigrayans alone into Afar and Waldiya but he has a few tour guides who are Amharas and Afars. This is a mirror reflection of 1980. Déjà vu, so to say!!!! Please don’t quote me wrong. I’m not saying Debre is invincible. What I am saying is the ENDF, Amhara and Oromia have to go to work. It is said that parents in Tigray do not cry at the news of their children’s death but they sing and dance. Oromos and Amhara should learn to do the same. Their very existence is predicated on the outcome of this conflict and the outcome should/must/ought to be to their advantage. Period!

  4. No matter which way you look at it, a terrorist is always a terrorist. TPLF is a terrorist organization which is hired and supported by fascists, neocolonialists and white supremacist US, England the European Union. The current president of the United state of America Joe Biden is a neocolonialist supporter and a revisionist to bring back colonialism on Africa, in order for Joe Biden to accomplish that, Joe Biden knows it’s not possible without destroying Ethiopia, and that’s by hiring and supporting a terrorist organization TPLF to keep Ethiopia on a war footing and in shambles.
    We will see for how long the fascists, Nazis, white supremacists and the neocolonialists will be able to terrorize ETHIOPIA and AFRICA.

    • I am truly and shockingly amazed about the 180 degree turn about of Joe Biden!!!
      Yes, Joe Biden, the Vice President during the Obama Presidential two-term era.
      What did the ‘sharp-minded’ RABBIT say when confronted with the treachery of humans ??? The Ethiopian saying said it sharply: “lesew mot annesew” & literal translation: ‘death is not enough to human cruelty’

  5. I may add one more concern I have for that country. The first one is Debre and his vagabonds overrunning the country all the way to Addis/Finfine. The other one even more concerning is the possibility of a takeover by the military. That would follow when and if the war fronts turn utter chaotic and are in utter disarray. Such scenario is possible today and most likely after the new parliament takes its seats in the next few weeks. If the new parliament does not come up with a doable plan to bring peace and stability making the current war an on-going bleeder then war fatigue will ultimately begin to set in. If the parliament turns out to be just some collection of smart talkers and zero achievers then that will open the door wide open for the only cohesive group to intervene. That is called coup d’état. Look at what just happened in Guinea. After decades of being the den of brutal despots it finally started tasting the blessings of democracy a few years ago. First national election certified democratic and open to all by foreign and domestic underwriters was conducted a decade ago. But the parliament there turned out to be a podium where smart alecks can show off their skills of making speech. There was no improvement in the citizens’ livelihood except for those in the government, the well connected and parliament. Then prosecuting those who complain and protest at the state of things in the country followed. Many fled the country including those who returned after the 2010 election. The decision by the sitting president to run for the 3rd time was just the last straw. Now a colonel is in charge and has sent the smart alecks back to where they came from. I am not that very concerned about Jula or Bacha but someone away from the limelight waiting for the opportune moment. Who heard about this colonel in Guinea before? For that matter who knew about Abiy Ahmed before he was catapulted to the top? Remember he started his career in the military. He kept his mouth shut like Boris Yeltsin had done for decades. Abiy watched his language from 1993 until 2018 with ‘yes sir, yes sir’. But I still have my lot with him. As I said during numerous occasions in the past I want him to succeed in bringing peace and stability to that conflict riddled/tired country and in the process paving the way for the citizens to pull themselves out of abject poverty. I’m concerned and therefore saying after looking at the experience of other African countries including Ethiopia that there is one or a few ‘low-abiding’ individuals waiting for the opportune time when that country feels it needs another savior one more time. Please note I did not say ‘law-abiding’ but ‘low-abiding’. Merry go round and round and round!!! It will be the all familiar cyclical!!!!

    Just another food for thought!!!

  6. Ethiopia is dysfunctional and unitary state which should be dismantled so that nations and nationals can get freedom to use their own language, elect their own people without the intervention of the blood thirsty Amhara chauvinists and expansionists.

  7. TPLF Terrorists crime is mounting by days. Those Terrorist TPLF are not fighters but coward serial murderers of innocents humans, envy of Ethiopian success, anarchists, and thieves and looters. Now after the bitter test of the mighty power of Ethiopians from the south, north, west and east including Afars, Amharas, Ormos they started to cry for the west to save their criminal asses. The choice is between surrender and face justice or get destroyed!!!!! That’s it!!!

    TPLF Terrorist has been given ample chance to save itself and Tigryans lives but has chosen to go to war on Ethiopia!! Now it is tooooooo late to cry when your are waking dead!!!!

    Other countries should not interfere in Ethiopians internal affair.

  8. tsegay:

    You’re nothing but, an intimidated and badly defeated bloody terrorist. ETHIOPIA is not a dysfunctional country but rather intact, deeply intrenched by it’s well documented history, and living up to
    It’s credible historical facts as the cradle of humanity, and it’s vibrant society. As for you and your dysfunctional terrorist family upbringing and inferiority complexes, you can simply find a tree or two and ropes and hang yourselves, the word will be much better off without you the terrorists.


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