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Neamin Zeleke : “I have information TPLF Terrorists trained 200,000 new forces”

Neamin Zeleke remarked on TPLF-Oromo Liberation Front Alliance too ; OLF shane fighters are Oromo language speaking TPLF affiliated Tigreans who were settled in Wollega during previous governments

Neamin Zeleke _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea
Neamin Zeleke ( Photo : courtesy of Neamin )


Neamin Zeleke, former member and leader of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7, is prominent for his relentless struggle against TPLF in the cyber world. Recently, he  travelled to Ethiopia for two weeks. He also travelled to Eritrea where he spent four days reconnecting with Eritrean friends who supported the struggle against TPLF. 

During his stay in Ethiopia, he sat with Ghion, one of the prominent Amharic magazines in Ethiopia, for an interview. 

Neamin revealed that he had the opportunity to meet with authorities in Eritrea. TPLF latest incursions into Afar and Amhara regions, among others, and their implications to regional peace were discussed. He said he was discussing those issues in his capacity as Ethiopian activists and as a former member of the Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 movement. 

From the discussion, he has  the impression that there is  an understanding on the part of Eritrean leadership that the TPLF will continue to pose danger to the entire region unless the terrorist group’s capability to launch incursions, like the ones observed in the Afar and Amhara region, are ruined. 

In Ethiopia, Neamin travelled to war fronts in the Amhara region and managed to meet with regional authorities. He said he discussed ways of supporting the mobilization effort for the campaign to reverse TPLF incursion and determination to disintegrate Ethiopia.  Specifically, he mentioned that there is common understanding with the leadership about existing gaps that needs to be filled. 

Remarking on the withdrawal of Ethiopian Defense Force from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, “looking in retrospect, there was no situation at that time that was conducive for the Ethiopian troops to stay in Tigray.” 

On foreign pressure on the Ethiopian government, Neamin made references to several reasons ranging from TPLF propaganda campaign to the U.S distaste towards new partnership in the horn between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. The U.S. interest to exploit the TPLF as a tool to weaken Russia and China’s influence in the region was another reason, says Neamin. 

Asked about the state of twitter campaign and its relevance to advance the cause of Ethiopia, Neamin said that TPLF supporters had dominance of social media campaigns right after the start of the war. But now the trend is reversed. He also cited lobby and diplomatic works by Ethiopians in the U.S. and Canada aimed at providing policymakers a better understanding of the conflict in Ethiopia and its causes. He stressed on the importance of the Twitter platform as a tool for the campaign and encouraged Ethiopians to have a Twitter account. 

The military move of TPLF is far from over. Nemain said that he has information that the TPLF terrorists have trained 200,000 new forces and deploying them to expand attacks beyond Afar and Amhara regions. The Ethiopian people need to understand that the issue is an existential question and need to be determined. 

On the TPLF and Oromo Liberation Front (Shane) alliance, he said it is not something new. They have been working together for a long time now. In addition, TPLF has created a clique group from Kimant, Agaw and Afar regions too. Regarding OLF-  many of the soldiers are Oromo languages speaking ethnic Tigreans who were settled in the Wollega region in a settlement program of previous governments. 

Neamin Zeleke ‘s full Amharic interview is available HERE 

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  1. Subject: Neamin Zeleke : “I have information TPLF Terrorists trained 200,000 new forces” by Neamin Zeleke
    September 2, 2021

    Humble Comment, 2 Sept 2021

    Poor Ethiopia, one of the few Original, Ancient, Proud, Black African Country, in the World.
    Obviously, Dear Ethiopia is ‘TIRED’ of itself !!!

    It is fighting, day in and day out, for its own disintegration into pieces
    It is not a surprise!!!
    We are in an era where individuals are hungry, for their own benefit and glory, at the risk of LIFE of the unfortunate two-hundred-thousand (200, 000) commoners who are forced to sacrifice their peanut of existence not living . You will face a blank expression, if there is a scooping ear around. In private, you will find recitation of the honest truth that ‘eats’ your heart out. .

    How about those individuals who created the upheaval!!!. Asking the question, as I am writing now, is a crime. Those well secured leaders are there for themselves, and themselves alone. In a crises, they hide!!! They do not have an iota of feeling for others. They are born as self-centered and nothing will change their inherent nature. We don’t need an example as a proof. The World is infested by that disease. Dear Reader: You be the judge. By the way, “insulting” as an answer — is acceptable ! YES, YES acceptable! as it is a PERFECT answer of the TRUTH !!! THE END

  2. TPLF’s war strategy: (a) it had prepared itself for exactly this event over the last 30 years by buying, hiding, and stealing armaments and hiding them in the mountains across Tigrai, (b) when the EDF started the law enforcement operation about a year ago, TPLF quickly withdrew from urban areas in the make belief appearance of losing the war, calculating the EDF would waste away its armaments while TPLF conserved its reserves deep in the mountains, (c) TPLF would then start its offensive against what it calculated would have been much weakened EDF to take over the country, including by utilizing ‘human wave’, (d) at all times TPLF used as cannon fodders the least prepared young and old recruits, while keeping the trained soldiers in the back as killers when the opportunity arose but also giving opportunity to escape when their attack failed; the front wave was used in essence as shield to the professional soldiers. This partially may explain whey TPLF’s war supplies have so far not been totally exhausted.

  3. Tplf is getting message from ots foreign masters that ethiopia war woild be endless just like the plan in Afhanistan, Iraq, etc these wars have been waged since 20 years and not over, the war will npt stop for ethiopia as well until she concedes allowing colonialism a la Nile, resources and lands. Sometimes it is better to say spade is spade so that its true children not the converts, can weigh their option. Most ethiopians are drinking the kool aid. The weakeness of ethiooians in the diaspora is very evident, ethiopian communities and churches throughout West have ceased to work for the needy Ethiopians or work on uniting the diaspora. Diadpora should by itself also work together to strenghten the communiity itself and not wait for the protection of ethiopian doaspora


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