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Bullen Benishangul : Gunmen killed five civilians in the district

Bullen district of Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia continues to be a place of carnage where innocent civilians are massacred like nothing. 

Google map , bulled indicated in the map


Residents of Bullen district in Benishangul Gumuz region said Gunmen operating in the region killed five civilians on Tuesday.  Two other individuals are wounded and one of them is said to be in life threatening condition. 

According to residents who spoke to VOA Amharic service , the victims were traveling to Bullen in a bajaja when gunmen opened fire in Dobe locality and killed five of them at the scene. 

It happened around 10 a.m. according to Alemayehu Chinkaro who spoke to a VOA Amharic reporter.   He also recalled that gunmen operating in the region had been carrying out recurring attacks on civilians. 

The gunmen behind the attack, according to residents, are Gumuz rebels, and that the group is known to government authorities. 

Victims from the latest attack are said to be ethnic Amahra and Shinasha. 

Based on the report, the number of people being displaced from the region is increasing as the security threat remains unresolved despite deployment of security forces and special administrative arrangement. 

The government has disarmed residents in the area, and that seemed to have made them vulnerable to armed groups operating in the region. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration established a Command Post, a military lead administration with a focus to resolve the security challenges in the region, about a year ago. But it did not seem to have made a difference. 

Yohannes Tessema is head of political affairs for Boro Democratic Party, an opposition group that is operating in the region. He told VOA Amharic, “the problem in the region is structural.” The attacks that never seem to end are proxy wars with facilitators from within the regional administration. 

Those behind it, according to him, are disenfranchised officials who are antagonists to what he called the reform measure introduced by PM Abiy Ahmed. 

Thousands of civilians had been killed in the region since  Abiy Ahmed took office as Prime Minister in April 2018. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. 

From the trends in the past three years, the killings in the region mostly target ethnic Amhara, ethnic Agaw and Shinasha. 

About two weeks ago, Ethiopian authorities said they arrested about 32 TPLF operatives in Benishangul Gumuz region.

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  1. Subject: “Bullen Benishangul : Gunmen killed five civilians in the district” September 1, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 1 September 2021
    Poor Ethiopia, the African Country, admired by the World, was turned to a savage jungle since the inception of the lord of the Jungles named DERG — a group of very low ranking military soldiers. The shock of that era was so intense that Ethiopians, and the world at large, could not find words to define it. In short, Ethiopians were paralyzed into numbness by ONE ABSOLUTE –VERY LOW RANKING — MILITARY DICTATOR by the amazing meaningful name of Mengistu, which means “THE GOVERNOR”, Indeed, he was the absolute governor, cruel, dictator that was ever mushroomed in the history of Ethiopia. He is still alive in Africa– and smiling too (1)

    The Ethiopia of 2021 — over 52 year older than the Mengistu era is again in turmoil. This time, the turmoil is over friction between Tigray Province and The Government of Ethiopia. The development (root cause) of that friction is very interesting. Without going into details, it has — fundamentally — to do with friction between two personalities. Certain Readers Denial is understandable. In any case, let us not forget that we are talking about our beloved dear Naturally Rich Africa, attractive for influential forces around the Globe.
    AMEN – INSHALLAH, in alphabetical order, please. To those of various beliefs, please take your choice..
    (1) It is said that there was an attempt to capture him during Mr. Meles Zenawi’s ( Tigrayan) Prime Minster of oEthiopia. As the rumour goes (i.e. the hobby of Ethiopian society) apparently Mengistu reacted to the rumour with these immortal words ; “he will not even get my corsp’ He won. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Died shortly ; feeding the legendary hobby of Ethiopians & gossipings.


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