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USAID now says the TPLF looted warehouse

USAID Ethiopia Director, Sean Jones, during an interview with Ethiopian News Agency (Photo : ENA)


Just weeks after the Ethiopian Defense Force captured TPLF forces with high energy nutritious biscuits, which was supposed to be distributed in Tigray, the  USAID said on Tuesday that the TPLF forces looted warehouses. 

In an interview with Ethiopian State media, USAID director, Sean Jones, said that the TPLF is exploiting the situation inappropriately.  

We feel that aid is being forcefully taken away from those who need it, he said, as reported by EBA.  He added, “What I can say with certainty is that the TPLF looted warehouses in areas where they entered.”  

He also made references to TPLF loots in the Amhara region (in North Wollo and South Gondar) where the TPLF forces controlled several towns. Recent reports indicate that the TPLF forces lost several towns. 

They employed scorched earth policies. They have destroyed schools and health facilities, including hospitals, among other things. 



  1. Subject: ” USAID now says the TPLF looted warehouse” borkena.com, August 31, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 1st Sept 2021
    ‘looting warehouse by TPLF’ !?!?!??! ?!?!
    What would the past famous Heroes of Tigray e.g. Emperor Yohannes, Ras Alula and other Heroes of Tigray would say in their Graves
    Looting essential materials from the unfortunate Tigrayans !?!?!?!?

    Very hard to believe, coming from the world famous Tigray People’s Liberation Front.— unless the USAID is lying in broad day light.!!!!!
    Somehow, the Readers may be lucky to know the TRUTH. & if the TRUTH continue to be respected in our Beloved Africa.
    I wouldn’t hold my breathe, unless I am ready to leave this world.

    Thanks borkena.com for doing your task in defense of the TRUTH and enlightenment to Your Readers.

  2. USAID is never to be trusted under any circumstances, this report of looting by TPLF terrorists should not be taken seriously, USAID itself must have left the doors to the storage open deliberately, so TPLF terrorists can help themselves with their needs. However USAID’s statement should be reexamined why USAID all of a sudden decided to turn it’s back on TPLF terrorists, in which it was supporting overtly and covertly, accusing it of looting USAID’s storage. Not that TPLF terrorists wouldn’t do it, but the reversal of USAID’s mindset is what’s precarious and mind boggling, therefore USAID’s statement should be carefully reexamined.


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