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TPLF suffered defeats in multiple fronts in Gondar and Wollo

TPLF _ battle loss
Artillery operation during a battle against TPLF terrorists in North Gondar (Photo : Ethiopian Defense Force)


The Tigray People’s Liberation  Front (TPLF) forces reportedly suffered defeats in Wollo and Gondar(northern part).  Ethiopian Defense Force sources said the rebel force that sneaked into China and Chanq localities is routed. It is said to have severe losses in terms of  casualties. It has also lost the artillery and Zu 23 anti-aircraft weapon. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara region special forces and forces from Oromo regions were deployed in that front. 

Fighting in the region has been going on for four days in a row, according to an Ethiopian State media report. 

Another TPLF force that attempted to play a military trick in Dabat , also in north Gondar, received a blow , and was forced to retreat back. 

The battle was in Ajire Janora locality. Amhara region special forces, Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano fought and carried out the operation in coordination. 

In Wollo, the Ethiopian Defense Force has cleared Wurgessa, Libso, Mehal Amba, Mersa and Sirinka from TPLF fighters. Regarding Woldia, there are reports the city is currently under the Ethiopian Defense but the Defense Department has not confirmed it. 

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  1. I don’t know about this report. I am not even sure if what we are told in the article did really happen. So far every time we see reports by the government that Debre’s forces are licked beyond repair, the next story we hear is the new siege laid by his army. We were recently told that forces that devastated a town in Amhara region were completely surrounded with no chance of escaping. Then we were given a revised status on the surrounded hoodlums. They are fled to the top of one of the highest mountains in the area and the ENDF and their allied militia know about it. What I have been getting from these feel-good stories is the fact that somebody is using tools from the texts of guerrilla warfare. Something is not holding water for me here. If Debre’s and his goons are dealt telling blows they will never be able to recover from, I’m for it and I’ll invite the Valkyrie to come out and serenade all of us with the highest pitch/note she can belch. It all started in earnest when the prime minister declared a unilateral declaration of a cease fire and an organized withdrawal of his forces from Tigray. In the same week we were treated with videos of thousands of ENDF soldiers being paraded as POWs in the streets Mekele. Then lights with bigots among us and their western sellouts just went up blinding us bragging about their achievements on the battlefield worthy of being included in the text books of military warfare. Tsadkan, we were told, is at par with Erwin Rommel, Hannibal, Patton and other legendary military strategists. So I say this to Jerry one more time: Show me the money!!!


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