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Ethiopia issued Akobo Minerals with temporary gold mining permit


Ethiopia’s state media, Ethiopian News Agency, on Monday reported that Ethiopia issued Akobo Minerals with a temporary gold mining license. 

Information  available on the company website indicates that it was first granted a license to explore gold in the Akobo region in 2010. The  company, headquartered in Sweden, has been doing exploration work since then. 

  With the license it is issued to extract gold, it will be launching its gold mining in partnership with two  Zimbabwe based companies, Peacock and Simpsons. 

The company said it is currently working on laboratory experiments and preparation of efficient extracting machinery for the extraction and other preliminary works.  Test results are expected to be available within a week, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

The report added that the company has so far extracted 200 kilograms of gold, which is said to be shipped to Peacock and Simpsons for experimentation. 

Jørgen Evjen, the CEO, reportedly said that it is sent to them because they have proven experience in the industry. 

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