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Ethiopian FM spoke with External Affairs Minister of India, S. JAISHANKAR

Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen exchanges a phone call with External Affairs Minister of India S. JAISHANKAR

Demeke Mekonen (left) and S.  Jaishankar (right) (Photo : MFAE)


H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has exchanged a phone call today (August 27) with H.E. Dr. S.  Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister of India.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the government of India for supporting Ethiopia’s cause during the UN Security Council meeting on Ethiopia by refusing pressures to intervene in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

Lauding India’s support to the African Union-led negotiation over the GERD, Mr.Demeke called on India to reject Tunisia’s draft resolution that is submitted to the UN Security Council contrary to the tripartite agreement to solve matters according to the provisions of the Declaration of Principles (DOP).

The Deputy Prime Minister also called on India to condemn the terrorist TPLF following his briefing on the TPLF’s criminal activities, its invasion of neighboring regions, and employment of child soldiers with absolute disregard to the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire that was announced by the government.

Dr. S.  Jaishankar said India supported Ethiopia during the Security Council meeting yesterday being confident that Ethiopia is capable of handling its internal affairs without external interference.

Regarding the GERD issue, he said it is appropriate for the tripartite to address their differences through dialogue and the principle of African solutions to African problems.

The two sides concluded their discussion underscoring the importance of strengthening the relationship between Ethiopia and India through expanded engagements.


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