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Ethiopia : gov’t says 40 Oromo Liberation Front gunmen killed

Oromo Liberation Front _ Ethiopian Defense Force
OLF and TPLF fan waves the flags of the two organizations.. The two organizations have formed military alliance ( Photo: SM)


The Ethiopian Defense Force says it has killed 40 Oromo Liberation Front gunmen (OLF -Shane) in Southern parts of the country,  neighboring the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

30 others are reportedly wounded, according to the Southern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The Voice of America Amharic service cited Colonel Girma Ayele as saying, “The law enforcement operation is under way after the group announced that it has started an alliance with Tigray people’s Liberation Front [TPLF] and launched inhuman attacks against civilians.” 

Last week, the Oromo Liberation Front massacred well over 300 ethnic Amhara in East Wollega, Oromia region, in a locality known as Kiramu. 

The regional government has confirmed the massacre of innocent civilians. It was not until a day after the attack that the regional government deployed regional law enforcement units to the region. 

In a related development, a citizen report shared on social media, on Friday, indicates that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which the Ethiopian parliament designated as a terrorist force, has intensified its attacks on civilian ethnic Amharas in Wollega region. 

The Oromo Liberation Front has not yet reacted about the alleged killings of 40 of its gunmen. 

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  1. This is why it is suspicious embracing groups like jawar and especially Dawd Ibsa who did not change decimating ethiopia while in eritrea, which males the trustworthiness of shabia suspicious

  2. በሎምኤ በሎም 360 yiferarisal habtamu wusha debtera lij will be sent to ICC

    በሎምኤ በሎም የማራን ተልካሻ በገዛ ሜዳቸው ድል አርገን ቀበርናቸው ውሾቹን ሕፃናትና መነኮሳትን ደፋሪዎቹን የውሻ ዘር ሁላላ
    Breaking News: Amhara and ENDF are dead in the mountains of Amhara , at home,

  3. Hasn’t been almost a routine we hear from government sources about lethal retaliatory measure it took on those who massacred innocent civilians? It always happens instantly. If it really is true, it shows government security forces knew where the perpetrators were well before the massacre took place. It almost sounds like we are being told retaliatory news like this intended for just public consumption. We heard a story a few days ago how Debre and his marauders wrecked towns and villages in Amhara region. Now we are being told that those we laid complete siege in those places are all surrounded with no chance of escaping. You watch! We will never hear anymore about it. It is really getting more and more complicated for the fact that it has become harder and harder to know who is telling the truth and who is telling us stories from its wish list. But there are others among us who are very clear to tell us who is who in this tragic story. These bigoted lawyers and ‘activists’ are telling us now that those massacred peasants were all enemy combatant of the ‘ethnic Amhara fascist elites’. Hey, don’t kill the messenger here. I’m just telling you what they told me.

  4. Subject: ” Ethiopia : gov’t says 40 Oromo Liberation Front gunmen killed”, www, , August 27, 2021
    Humble Comment, 28 Aug 2021

    Humble Commentary, 28 Aug 2021
    Here are the list of liberation forces, replacement for the ancient — world known — ETHIOPIA of Yester-Years.
    The Oromo Liberation Force (OLF)
    The Tigray Liberation Force (TL:F)
    The Amara Liberation Force (AL:F)
    The Gurage Free Business Force (GFBF)
    The Rest Five Liberation Forces

    And all of them will NOT be happy because they really do not know where they are heading– having enjoyed life without being conscious for time immemorial. Poor ETHIOPIA, challenged by itself, for itself that no longer knows about its direction. And the instigators of the bizarre situation are all enjoying Life in foreign countries, having nothing to do with their old ancient country. For them, it is enjoyment of keeping their free idle time like I am doing now !!!! To be honest, there is absolutely NOTHING that they can do to liberate their ancient free country around the Globe: NOTHING!!!!

    Anyway, we can not deny the fact that Ethiopians are now experimenting on something they have little clue about..
    Charlatans who know what they are looking about are very sure of the “BUTTERED SIDE of LIFE” for their own happiness. NEVER for the unfortunate battered (flogged) BLACK AFRICAN CITIZENS for ever, for ever and ever. WE BLACK AFRICANS are mysteriously created to be subservient to any smart-alack that comes along. Do you remember the historical formal meeting of WHITE SMART – ALACK EUROPEANS allocating pieces of AFRICAN LANDS to themselves!?!? It is the ONLY historical meeting in the annals of human history where the white man openly stole the land that does not belong to himself !!!!! In normal expression: IT IS FREE ROBBERY. Take it or leave it.

    And the HONEST Black Man had absolutely no power to do anything to protect himself as he was already SOLD with the divided Land. But the freedom of writing pieces and pieces – as I am doing now — is our precious delightful free-time occupation. As to our beloved AFRICA it is in good hands with marauders from America, Asia , Australia Europe etc and even an Arab country — with deep hatred for the Black People — challenges the NILE.

    DEAR RESPECTABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE ETHIOPIANS, You may wish to admit, from the above narration, that the ancient ETHIOPIA — historical pride and admiration of ALL around the Globe — is also “SOLD” into pieces, with its current meaningless entitlement as an ancient pride and all. Keep Your Idle TIME as pass time occupation of dreaming for the long past. The Ethiopia that WE ALL know is — in the parlance of Hollywood — “GONE WITH THE WIND”. THE END

  5. Rezen,

    Slowly but surely you are blowing your cover. You seem to be one of those from Eritrea who are declared losers but still hanging on their old fantasy of getting rid of President Isaias and his regime. Unfortunately for you he seems to have your number. You must be one of those that have grouped around a house on sand called Eritrea Hub. You are having the time of your life making fun about what is going on in Ethiopia and you wish that country disappear in a way your description ‘GONE WITH THE WIND’. Why don’t you stay picking on your arch nemesis? You got your hands full. But it shows that our Ethiopian website has opened its doors wide open even for you. But I can assure you that Ethiopia is not going anywhere and it will never be ‘GONE WITH THE WIND’. Keep dreaming and that is your privilege. I assume.


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