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“If we think that enemy force is in Somalia, we will go” says TPLF spokesperson


In what seems to be an effort to justify military adventures in Afar and Amhara region, where thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson Getachew Reda says “If we think that enemy force is in Somalia, we will go”

Watch his interview with Tigray Media House.

Video : embedded from Tigray Media House
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Hello there! I had another lively chat with my hommie Getachew this after. Here is how it went down.

    Phone ringing with caller ID flashing!!!
    Ring! Ring! Hello! What’s up holmes!!!
    Couldn’t be any better! I’m chilln’ here with cousin Debre
    So, what are you up to these days?
    O well, we just surrounded Gondar and Bahir Dar. These two must fall by tomorrow at sundown. You know Dessie in the bag, right?
    No, I did not know that. Kombolcha has fallen too. We are heading unopposed all the way to Addis.
    Whoa! Things are going for you like clockwork. Did you get any tour guides from my Oromos?
    Yes, by truckloads. Some of them are highly educated lawyers from Minnesota, Virginia, Michigan, UK, Oslo and Down Under. Two of them were my hommies before 2018, before Amharas and Neo-Gobenas drove me and my home boys out of Addis. They were hand reared by Grandpa Sebhat Nega. They became opponents just to brush up their political asylum applications. They used to shine mine and my hommies shoes like a mirror.
    Whoa!! Things are really going very well for you.
    Yep! We just bid farewell to a battalion with a mission to Djibouti and Somalia.
    To do what?
    To arrest Guelleh and Formajo. And we just issue an order to Paul Kagame of Rwanda.
    To do What?
    To arrest the outlaw Abiy and hold him there until we enter Addis. Then they will hand him over to us.
    Hey hommie, you can’t give an order to a leader of a sovereign nation.
    Yes we can. You know why?
    Cuz we are the gold race. Don’t forget that!!!
    Then what are you gonna do with Abiy after Kagame handed him over to you?
    We will deport him to his motherland.
    Where is that?
    The Philippines.
    That’s all she wrote for today. I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow.
    Well, I don’t do drugs.
    I meant will call you. You got learn the latest jargons. You’re so behind, Ittu!!
    Ok you take care.
    Don’t worry Ittu. I will liberate Oromia for you very soon!!!


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