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Ethiopia calls on members of the UN Security Council to reject Tunisia’s biased resolution on GERD

Deputy PM Demeke Mekonen and Seleshi Bekele, Minister for Water, Irrigation and Energy (Photo :MFAE)


H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia met today (August 26) with Ambassadors of the member states of the United Nations Security Council.

Mr. Demeke called on the ambassadors to reject the draft resolution submitted by Tunisia on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Present at the meeting, Dr. Sileshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy of Ethiopia, briefed the ambassadors on the status of the construction of the Renaissance Dam and the content of the draft resolution submitted to the Security Council by Tunisia.

He said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a development project and should not be considered by the Security Council.

Recalling that the case was referred to the Security Council in July 2021, he said a direction was set for the three countries to continue the tripartite talks held by the African Union and reach a solution.

He said that it is inappropriate for Tunisia to refer back the resolution to the Council since it violates Ethiopia’s right to use its natural resources and maliciously tries to advance the unjust interests of the downstream countries.

He called on Sudan and Egypt to abandon the status quo and the so-called “historical right” over the Nile River basin and refrain from unnecessarily politicizing and internationalizing the matter.

The Minister urged the international community to influence the downstream states to continue participating in the AU-led negotiation and sign and ratify the Comprehensive Framework Agreement.

He added that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is preparing to incorporate the ideas of the three countries and reach an agreement that will benefit all parties.

Finally, Mr. Demeke said Ethiopia is committed to reaching an agreement in the trilateral talks to be held under the auspices of the African Union and called on the member states to reject the draft resolution submitted to the Council by Tunisia.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia calls on members of the UN Security Council to reject Tunisia’s biased resolution on GERD”, MFAE
    August 26, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 27 Aug 2021
    Tunisia on behalf of Egypt!?!? It is NOT surprising at all..
    The answer is simply to REJECT, as the Ethiopian Delegation put it solemnly or as the Ethiopian saying goes “TCHEWANET”
    This is NOT the first time that ARAB Nations trying to degrade the entire Black African People on any occasion. Arabs never miss the opportunity to degrade The Black Race under any circumstance.
    Keep on Going, ETHIOPIA — the ANCIENT NATION on EARTH — with your Chin Up and Your usual glaring DIGNITY shining, an example to charlatans, if they ever rich to that level. Indeed, we have seen them all
    It is sad — but fact — that charlatans are members of the United Nations Organization THE END .


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