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Redwan Hussien held talks with Ambassadors from Nile upper riparian states

Ambassador Redwan Hussein confers with Ambassadors of Upstream Riparian States of Nile Basin

Upper nile riparian states _ Ethiopia
Redwan Hussien meeting with Ambassadors from Upper Nile riparian states (Photo : MFAE)


State Minister H.E. Ambassador Redwan Hussein had a conversation today (August 24) with Ambassadors of the Upstream Riparian States of the Nile Basin in Ethiopia.

On the occasion, the State Minister reiterated Ethiopia’s longstanding and unwavering commitment to having a fair and equitable utilization of the waters of the Nile River with close consultations with riparian countries.

In this regard, he appreciated the riparian countries that have signed and ratified the Comprehensive Framework Agreement (CFA) and called on others to follow suit.

The ambassadors, on their part, said that cooperation is needed to jointly invest in cross-border resources and solve African problems through African initiatives.

Ambassador Redwan also recalled Tunisia’s proposal which was submitted to the Security Council in support of Egypt and that was rightly rejected by the Council.

In this regard, the meeting noted that Tunisia’s ongoing preparation to submit its inappropriate request again to the Security Council would put all riparian countries in a difficult position that necessitates cooperation to reverse it.

Such an unhelpful move by an African state would only undermine the tripartite negotiation over the GERD and the upper riparian states should never accept it, the Ambassador concluded.

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