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Statement on the Criticality of Decisive Leadership to Resolve the Current Crises in Ethiopia

Vision Ethiopia _ Decisive Leadership

Vision Ethiopia Statement

Today, Ethiopia has continued to face existential threats, with multipronged affront to its  sovereignty, security and integrity. 

Internally, terrorist groups, such as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the  Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and other Oromumma extremists, have declared an open  aggression on the people of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian state. 

Clandestinely, agents of these terrorist organizations, strategically embedded in major  governmental and non-governmental institutions, defense and security establishments,  international organizations and humanitarian agencies, are playing, with impunity,  devastating roles to thwart any credible countermeasures against the terrorist attacks,  genocidal violence and destruction of properties. 

Externally, thanks in part to the mobilization of the massive amounts of money  embezzled by the TPLF while in power, Western governments, prominent policymakers,  major media outlets and international organizations are waging relentless attacks  against Ethiopia and in support of the terrorist groups. 

Vision Ethiopia firmly believes that the enemies of Ethiopia can be defeated only  through the united resistance of its people and their time-honored resolve to fight against the aggressors with inimitable heroism, unmatched patriotism and selfless  discipline, bound by a shared history, heritage and destiny.

Indubitably, these are also grave times that call for decisive, credible and genuine  leadership to rally the peace-loving people of Ethiopia in unity, to sway world  opinion, and to deal a lethal blow against the terrorist forces. 

It is with unfathomable dismay that Vision Ethiopia witnessed the ill-conceived, abrupt,  catastrophic and disastrous unilateral ceasefire the central government declared on  June 28, 2021. 

We continue to watch with immeasurable disbelief the apathy of the central government  to take resolute measures against internal enemies that are conspicuously implanted in  major institutions and are stubbornly impeding any credible measures against the  terrorist groups. We share with the people of Ethiopia their deep sense of consternation  and bewilderment as ignominious agents of the terrorist groups are rewarded with  diplomatic and other appointments that enable them to continue even more nefarious  activities while on government payroll. 

We cannot help but be appalled by the transfer of the war from Tigray to the Amhara  and Afar regions, thereby wreaking incalculable havoc on the economic, cultural and  social wellbeing of the people of these regions. The regionalization of the war, belying  the real implication of the terrorist aggression for national security, has irreparably  eroded confidence in the commitment of the central government to genuinely bring the  war to a successful conclusion. 

Most remarkably, we find immensely perplexing the hesitancy of the ruling party, which  supposedly has just garnered an overwhelming mandate from the people, to tackle  head-on the root-cause of the crises, namely, the pathologically aberrant constitution that nurtures inter-ethnic animosity at the expense of the protection of individual freedom.

Vision Ethiopia strongly believes that it is high time that the ruling party unambiguously  and unequivocally demonstrated its ability to lead and its commitment to solve the  crises with credible and visible measures, including: 

1. Nationalizing, rather than regionalizing, the war against the terrorist groups. For  example, while the OLA has officially declared its alliance with the TPLF, and has  been waging genocidal violence against Amharas and other Orthodox Christians, we  have yet to see tangible measures in the Oromia region against OLA, corresponding  to the campaigns that are waged in the Amhara and Afar regions. 

2. Purging internal enemies that are embedded in key governmental and non governmental institutions, and draining the terrorists’ source of income by  confiscating the properties, bank accounts and other assets still owned by members  of the terrorist organizations. It is widely known that high-profile members of the  terrorist groups still hold sensitive government positions, are appointed to important  diplomatic offices or own highly lucrative financial enterprises.  

3. Fostering a national dialogue to address the root-cause of the current crises, namely  the ethnic-based constitution that is tearing asunder the fabric of the country, and  paving the way towards a fully democratic constitutional system of governance. 

Vision Ethiopia salutes the brave men and women of the National Defense Forces, the  regional militias and other valiant patriots, who are gallantly fighting against the evils of  terrorism, despite all the odds stacked against them. 

We applaud all members of the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora for their continued  engagement to provide succor to their compatriots against the terrorist groups, and call  upon them to urge the central government to earn their support with the execution of the above incontestable actions.

Lastly, Vision Ethiopia strongly condemns the coordinated assault by external groups on  the sovereignty and integrity of the country and calls upon them to immediately desist  from their subversive actions aimed at the destruction and destabilization of that ancient  land.

The Board of Vision Ethiopia
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  1. Subject: “Statement on the Criticality of Decisive Leadership to Resolve the Current Crises in Ethiopia” By Vision Ethiopia Statement, August 24, 2021

    Humble Opinion, 24 Aug 2021
    Take it or leave it, the problem of Ethiopia is INTERNAL. Blaming outside forces is a perfect hiding and denial of self weakness.

    The agenda of foreign colonial powers is not new. It has been upon Africa for time immemorial — and it will continue so as long as our Africa is naturally RICH in every aspect of the word. Let me digress: Recently, a country [X] was contemplating on taking an entire African Land Area for its own excessive population !!! Why not!?!? WE BLACK AFRICANS have come down the ladder of LIFE to the very bottom. We did it ourselves. WE have countless population from the lowest strata to the “modern educated, with doctor of philosophy degrees, and well off in their tranquil LIFE, scattered around the Globe — like me (scattered, that is). But this is what we are — completely confused and distablized by western educated system that tuned us to develop inferiority complex &; the more we learn the more we go down under the ladder. OH! LORD, WAY UP IN HEAVEN, have mercy upon us. I wrote the following in my note book: We Black Africans have proved it to the world, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we Africans are fundamentally docile to the very bottom. Sad, sad, sad ………and mystery.

    I should stop here but I cannot resist to point out one example. So Dear Readers, I beg you to forgive me. With that hope, here I go pointing a PEFECT example of what I am struggling to point out. Here it is &; The war between Ethiopia and one of its longest part of valoour, history studded part of Ethiopia, is TIGRAY,. It is the country of Emperor Yohannes and Great Warrior Alula, who gave their LIFE for ETHIOPIA. It was monumental historical sacrifice that TIME cannot erase. NEVER.

    QUESTION: What is the RATIONAL of Ethiopians being eradicated by Ethiopians?!?!? The answer is bright as day light. Warning: To use foreign entities as an excuse is SELF-INSULTING of historical proportion. But, it has, however, everything to do with foreign entities to be so delighted that their vision is clear on the way for their adventure i.e. to colonize a rich ’ Black African Country. It is the hallmark of the White Man’s Adventure, over the rich Continent of Black Africa. Now, be honest: is that the dream of Yohannes and Alula and the oeverall good people of the entire population of Ethiopia?!?!?

    Each Ethiopian must answer the above QUESTION. Let the hidden problem , within Ethiopia, be reviewed and retain the integrity of Ethiopia (soul and body ) as it was for centuries and hope to be for centuries to come. Amen – Inshallah [in alphabetical order, please ] The alternative is a disaster that should never happen to a mature, history studied country. Like ETHIOPIA.

  2. Correction with embarrassment :
    “distablized” & “destablized”
    “valoour” & “valour”
    “oeverall” ;. “overall”


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