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Ethiopia Attorney General Gedion Timothewos with Stephen Sucker- Hard Talk


Stephen Sackur speaks to Ethiopia’s attorney general Gedion Timothewos. The conflict between government forces and Tigrayan rebels has cost thousands of lives and revived the spectre of famine – is there a way to avert catastrophe?

Check out audio below

Audio Source : BBC
Cover photo : Ethiopia’s attorney general , Gedion Timothewos (Photo credit : BBC)


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  1. Excellent interview. Officials of both sides should have their feet put to the fire during questions and answers like this. It was Getachew before and it’s Gedion’s turn this time. The question that major media outlets like BBC should ask themselves but has been what seems to be deliberately shoved aside is ‘Who started the current war?’ It is not who started the conflict but who carried out the first armed assault? The conflict was for all intents and purposes limited to vernacular jabs between these two parties until November 2020. It was full of stinging verbal accusations. Who started the first gun fight? It is the right thing to do for BBC, AP in all to report any accounts of human rights violations but as news organizations who also conduct investigations of any human rights violation should also, in my opinion, talk about not only how victims were violated but also how the war began. That is because listeners and readers of the news of atrocities also ask the same question. Mr. Stephen did very good job for putting both Getacher and Gedion on the spot but his organization, BBC, has been in dereliction of its duty by not mentioning who started the current war and who fired the first shot. Somebody did but who? It is not our audience job to find out nor the two antagonists in the conflict. Getachew has said it was not his front who attacked first. Every government official has sworn by his/her mother that it ain’t them! That is where independent media comes handy. Wars are always ugly. In all past wars atrocities were committed be it against defenseless POW’s or innocent civilians but those were when mankind should have known better. Mankind has come a long way since then and many courageous leaders have come out expressing their sincere.genuine apology for descendants of those victimized.during war or aggressions. So BBC, AP, Reuters, AFP and company! Who started the current battle filled conflict? I am still waiting for you opinion.

  2. Lulu , Amhara elites supported by modern day colonialists, Russia, UAE and Turkey

    These countries should stop supporting genocide. When they support Amhara and PP oromo cadres they are supporting the killings of amhara indirectly. Since Oromos and Tegaru who are directly affected by the ongoing genocide will engage in counter-attack and eliminate the perpetrators by hook or by crook.

    The more you kill and destroy our public and private infrastructure, the more Oromos and TDF get emboldened and destroy you. Hence, Russia, India, Turkey and all who support are enemies of Amhara and Ethiopians. You will notice this once you are in hell, An irreversible situation.


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