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Confirmed : Tsadkan Gebretensae lost significant portion of his forces

Tsadkan Gebretensae’s forces in the North Wollo region have lost several battles, and his whereabouts is unknown yet. 

Tsadkan _ TPLF _ Ethiopian Defense
Members of Ethiopian Defense Force celebrate battle victory ( Photo : Ethiopian Defense Force)


Former Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff who reduced himself to a guerrilla life again,Tsakdan Gebretensae, made headlines early last month as part of the propaganda war for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

It was none other than the BBC that covered a story that rather painted Tsadkan as a hero. 

“The commander of Tigrayan rebel forces, Gen Tsadkan Gebretensae, is regarded by international security analysts as one of the finest military strategists of his generation in Africa,” said the story by Alex de Waal whom many Ethiopians activists portray as having a clientele relationship with the TPLF. 

A story about his military strategist skill is being tested , and it does not seem to be the case. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday said the forces that he was leading in the North Wollo region were routed. According to the EDF report, there were three other generals under his command (Major General Yohannes, Brigadier General Measho Beyene, General Kebede Fekadu and commander of the mechanized division, Colonel Gebreselassie.  The scale of the damage is near annihilation. 

Tsadkan _
Tsadkan Gebretensae during TPLF guerilla war time (Photo source : BBC )

The defense force made Gashena town the center of the operation, but stretched the Ethiopian Defense Force from Wadla Delanta to Lalibela ( apparently the town is still under the control of the TPLF forces).  And it is the TPLF force that was deployed in those areas that was routed. An unspecified number of TPLF forces are captured. 

The remaining forces are, said the defense report, surrounded by the Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara region special forces, militia forces and farmers in the region. 

Gashena, Meket, Muja and Nifas Mewusha are among the areas where the Tsadkan Gebretensae’s forces are dispersed.  Authorities in the region see no or little chance for the forces to get out from the area.  

Two heavy artillery and a ZU-23 were among the weapons that TPLF lost in the battle. 

What happened to the “finest military strategist”, Tsadkan, is unclear at this point. Rumors are circulating on social media, but they do not seem to be reliable. 

There was a similar instance when the TPLF lost battles after battles in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in November and December 2020. Most Ethiopians almost reached the point of believing that the TPLF leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, was killed in action. Stories like that, in most cases, have something to do with some YouTubers who tend to lean on clickbait as a means to generate lucrative revenue. The magnitude of the matter and its importance to Ethiopia is secondary for them, if at all. 

However, in some instances, stories like that do have something to do with the clandestine TPLF propaganda machine. They produce content that could distract the attention of Ethiopians. 

Yet, General Tsadkan himself is a stellar propagandist. Before the TPLF started the war in November 2020, he was acting as if he was neutral between the Federal government and the TPLF led regional government in Tigray region. 

In an interview with a local channel, he said negotiation is the only best option, as the TPLF is “too strong even for the Federal Defense Force.” By that time, TPLF raised over 300,000 forces and military parades in the streets of Mekelle were very common.

When the TPLF started the war in November 2020 by attacking the Ethiopian Defense Force military bases in the region, the “neutral” Tsadkan did not waste time to join the TPLF forces.  He is charged with treason.

In fact, he is indicted with corruption. He is a big shareholder of companies like Raya Brewery, apart from several other investments and assets – hard to imagine for someone whose income was salary as a member of Ethiopian Defense Force. 

He was recently interviewed by the BBC, and he was talking with a tone that his forces, he called it Tigray Defense Force, are winning , and that it is in the interest of the Ethiopian government to accept the preconditions by the TPLF and negotiate.  

However, the story from this week, based on Amhara region government and federal government claims, indicate that the balance of power has shifted in favor of the Ethiopian Defense Force before even a major offensive. 

And the international community, including the United Nations, is once again calling for negotiation as the TPLF starts to lose military ground to achieve its political goals, which is unclear at this time. 

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  1. Subject: “Confirmed : Tsadkan Gebretensae lost significant portion of his forces” August 20, 2021 ”

    Humble Commentary, 21 Aug 2021
    That is how Life goes from time to time. Who ever thought that Tsadkan [translated: “The Angel]” will come down to earth and kiss the dust with its taste. and all. Watch for the next hero to kiss the dust. Yes, LIFE has its own court of justice — and other ‘Angels’ are not exempted.

  2. I always thought that this general looked more like a successful baker – and now it proves that he is not even up to this title. Forget what the mercenary alex de waal says “the dog barks to whoever feeds it” . greatest militarystrategist? Trying to enter into Amhara territory and go scot-free? He is no better that other idiotic ilks who tried it in earlier times – mikael sehul, sabagadis…

  3. A nasty thugs and rapists’ general who leads his thug army to certain death we celebrate and breath a sing now let the BBC( Bullshit Broadcasting corporation) Alex de Wall the kenjit mourn his demise and we the horn people celebrate and peace is being realised every minute.

  4. The crying General is on of the finest what? He should have been charged Court marshaled for his failures in the 98-200 war. This is from a a book written by his comrade .

  5. Heard because of years of tplf expertese, the captured ethiopian forces by tplf were beingn used
    As cannon fodor, tplf would put guns inntheir hands and force then to march in frint if ethiopian forces, then ethiopian forces would soot them thinking it is tplf forces pretending to be ethiopuan forces. Sonthe smart ine is tplf and killing ethiopians in mass this way.

  6. The so called international crisis group led by Martin plaut, Alex Dewaal, and many more are being the war commentator of Terroriest groupTPLF.


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