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Ethiopia, Tigray and the Truth ( By Jeff Pearce)


“You are not getting a real story , real background as to why Ethiopia is at war with the TPLF – The Tigray People’s Liberation Front,” says Jeff Pearce, a Canadian Journalist and writer who traveled to Ethiopia recently.

He had more to say about the propaganda war against Ethiopia. Check out the video below ( he shared in on his YouTube channel)

Video : Embedded from Jeff Pearce YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. It is hard to trust. It is concern, the foreigners coming to talk might be dividing the government within. For in stance U.S Feltman is getting too close to Demeke Mekonen? Division means danger for ethiopians. Demeke mekinen must not ruin years of his giid work and must put aside differences if there is one. There are many deception ways foreigner will convince ethiopians by promising them the stars. Besides, just like they are using Tigrayans, ethiopians must becareful, sudan’s drug that is numbing and destrouing tigrayans. They could put voodoo medicibe on Demeke Mekonen, to act against ethiopia and the government.

    Delusional ethiopuans think they can only focus on tplf. Sudan is getting ready to invade ethiopia. The leader al burhan has years of experience freating terrorizm in his country creating janjaweed in sudan for foreigners. It is piece of cake against ethiopia. Better focusnon neighboring countries especially sudanese and egyptians posing as ethiopians and as Weyane will invade ethiopua to steal nile


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